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  1. I found a review that stated the Z506 sounded very good for the price. Personally, if you don't need too much power, go with either the Z506 or the X540 that was also mentioned in the review I supplied. But as always, I will throw this out there: my Z-2300s have been more than sufficient and provide excellent sound quality
  2. What video editing software are you using? Some programs can utilize the GPU very well and all the extra vram is needed when you start editing multiple videos and pictures. Just something to consider. I am not happy that my 470 only has 1.28 gb of ram because my system slows way down when I run out of vram.
  3. Welcome to OCC Mick! 4.5 ghz is a good target just like Owenisbad stated, but you want to make sure to monitor your temperatures constantly. Your system should be able to go higher than this but for what you are using it there is no need to overwork the CPU. Try bumping it up slowly and then put stress on it with Prime95 after each adjustment to see how hot it gets (use CoreTemp to check temps). I would not let it rise above 70-75C in Prime95. Good luck, and happy overclocking!
  4. I can't believe how fast smartphone resolutions have increased. Two years ago, my iPhone 3GS rocked the house with a 480 x 320 display and now the qHD and AMOLED screens are upwards of 900 x 600...I'm not sure, but the trends have been shifting to put more resources and capital into improving our handhelds than the things we gamers stare at for hours on end every day. Of course, that's mainstream in motion for you... As for how monitors will pan out, I hope cheaper, higher resolution displays will hit the market soon. It might also be feasible for a new pixel sub-structure to become available like the Sharp Quattron TVs. I also just read about "Nanolighting" that may become the next best thing since LEDs. Who knows where the market will take us?
  5. You don't want to show up so early that you are standing around in the lobby sweating and getting nervous. Just a few minutes early is all you want. Also, what xPETEZx said about researching the employer is some of the best advice you can get for an interview. Know random little facts about the company, know who the head honchos are, know what kinds of work they do. Be prepared to ask a question about the company. Lastly, have one or two questions in mind for the very end of the interview. And do not forget them. Good questions: "How can I use my knowledge of carburetors (or skills or whatever) to help me get familiar with this job?" "How much training can I expect to receive before I begin?" Not-so-good questions: "How much will I be making?" "How many people applied for this position?" "What kind of work do you do here?" <--That last one should have been researched before you arrived for the interview. Overall, just be yourself because if you're not, they won't hire you (they might hire the person you are pretending to be).
  6. Three 24 inch monitors @ 1080p resolution each would be 5760x1080 (your height doesn't change so 1080 stays the same, but the 1920 pixels gets multiplied by three like you did). I would say stick with the GTX 580 since Nvidia cards tend to run games less erratically than the ATI cards. Nvidia seems to perform better across the board, but ATI tends to perform great in some games and not-so-great in others. I always go for Nvidia though due to the extra eye candy and things that you can do with them (certain video editing software only uses Nvidia CUDA cores, Just Cause 2, Physx, etc). Get one 580 now and SLI it when you want more monitors, or sell it when the new ones come out like Nyt said.
  7. I own the Logitech Z-2300 and let me tell you, the thunderous bass these bad boys produce is pretty incredible. The high-end is very crisp and clear as well. Although they are slightly lacking in the mid-range, a decent sound card like your Soundblaster can be used to adjust the output to your liking. If you want to go a little less expensive, the Logitech Z623 should also make for a good 2.1 system.
  8. Just remember the two most important words: "Yes dear" (or so my girlfriend says) Congratulations!
  9. You should never ignore temperatures because they are usually the first indicators of an improper overclock or a bad chip. I understand where you are going and I have pondered the same issue myself. When you stress-test an overclock you are looking for the absolute maximum temperature the chip will ever reach. Even though you may not reach this temperature daily, it is good to have a little bit of headroom just as Krazyxazn mentioned. I do not like to run my i7-930 above 70C but when stress-testing it will reach 75C and I am comfortable that it will not burn up until it runs at 90C for a while. Folding, gaming, and video rendering do not push it above 70C and this lets me know I have a comfortable overclock. Boinker made a good point in that you need to allow room for external and internal failures. What happens if a case fan stops working, if you get too much dust on the heatsink, if your A/C breaks in your house? You should allow some headroom so that you have ample opportunity to fix the issue before the chip burns itself. In short, the stress-test temperature matters but it is a personal preference as to whether you take this number into consideration. If you are confident that your 80C stress-tested system will not break 70C under normal gaming/folding conditions and have monitored your system long enough to be familiar with its ins and outs then keep the overclock but monitor closely. It is always a good idea to keep a temperature monitor open. Since there are Win 7 gadgets that utilize Core Temp it is not much of a hassle. Hope this helps!
  10. Shurman292


    Having my funds depleted from college helped But in all seriousness I usually do not buy a game (this mainly goes for multiplayer games) unless a few of my friends are playing it already. I bought Supreme Commander 2 + expansion pack for <$10 but only after my friends confirmed that it was indeed a decent game. I do not suffer from SIMBA (btw, love the name Deathmineral ) as I only have 7ish Steam games but it certainly helps me to either filter out the genres that I normally don't touch (MMORPG, racing, puzzle etc) or only peruse genres in which I am interested (FPS, RPG). But the best way I know to stop SIMBA is to keep your credit card information from being stored in Steam. This way, every time you want to buy something, you have to physically take something out of your wallet so that you realize you are spending money.
  11. Getting rid of anything Vista related is the best way to go. There is no need to format with a special utility, just use Windows' built-in formatting tool.
  12. I would go with the 570 because of its DX11 performance and all the random eye-candy that game developers seem to give to Nvidia gfx card owners (Just Cause 2 water effects and Bokeh filter, Physx, Adobe's Mercury Playback Engine, etc.). I like to think of AMD cards as raw horsepower while Nvidia boards are more refined luxury.
  13. I didn't think it was, that's why I was surprised I've never seen it before. Unless you are overclocking like crazy, I can't imagine the need for it other than awesome aesthetics lol
  14. I have never even heard of RAM on water, this is going to be an awesome build! Good luck!
  15. I am also a Logitech fan, anything in the G5/500 series is great!
  16. Haha yea sorry. I'm trying 1.2v right now because it starts at 1.1v. 1.3v is the maximum.
  17. I have never RMA'd anything before so this would be the first time, and sadly my computer would be out of commission since I don't have a spare GPU. My CPU usually comes close to 70C under extreme load and my GPU tops out at 82C under intense load.
  18. Thanks boinker, I'll try that tonight and see what happens. What temperatures should I monitor to make sure it does not over-heat? I always monitor CPU temps and GPU and my GPU's PCB temps. I only have the one video card (just built my first desktop last year) so I am unable to tell if it is just the card of if my system is jacked up haha
  19. My system rarely BSODs, it just does weird things haha. If you look at that other thread I provided, my GPU actually reverts to the "2D" clocks (aka 405 mhz) while playing games or folding and will not ramp up to the "3D" clocks when needed (at 770 mhz). Even when the RAM decreases to 8gb, the system doesn't crash unless it is trying to use more than 8 (like when I am editing HD videos). Using both prime 95 and occt show that I'm stable, so I don't think it's a CPU issue at all. My MB says that the minimum value for IOH is 1.2v, so should I just go ahead and try 2.4 or 2.6? And would you recommend doing this to both IOH and IOH PCI-E settings or just the PCI-E one? Thanks boinker!
  20. Hey OCC, In a previous thread, I was having issues with my GPU downclocking itself. All was fine and dandy after I reverted back to older Geforce drivers. That is, until a couple days ago when it downclocked itself and also sent me down to 8gb of usable RAM (instead of 12gb). In response, I restarted and increased my QPI and CPU voltage a touch and it has been running stable ever since. For how long is anyone's guess though. I am wondering if increasing either the IOH voltage or the IOH PCI-E voltage will keep my heavily-overclocked GTX 470 from downclocking itself. If so, what are some normal voltages I could try? They are both currently set to "Auto". Thanks! Shurman
  21. I can recommend OCZ drives as well since mine has given me no notable issues whatsoever. It has been rock-solid for the past 7 months and it continues to be a very fast drive. Mushkin also makes good drives but they have not upgraded their Sandforce controllers yet so they have the same speeds as the Vertex 2s.
  22. I agree with you Waco, however for those who want a solid media/internet browser for their home, tablets are nice. I do not have one nor am I saying they're better for all tings, they just fill a certain niche. I will never trade a physical keyboard for a touch screen for the purposes of taking notes/writing documents haha
  23. When you reinstalled your graphics drivers, did you use driver sweeper? Sometimes that can help give you a clean slate to start out with. Also, try downgrading to the 266 drivers (using driver sweeper of course) if you haven't already because there have been some very strange issues going on with the 270-275 drivers.
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