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  1. Ah thanks for correcting me Waco, I will have to make sure those settings are disabled when I go back to school.
  2. I've only seen it on PCs for some reason, but I'm sure it can happen with any system. PC controls are just much more precise (mouse vs joystick) and allow you to notice small discrepancies more easily.
  3. Input lag is when the monitor either refreshes too slowly or the connection between the PC and monitor is too slow. The result is a lag between your mouse movements and the on-screen motion. It's especially annoying for FPS games, but not so much for RTS games etc. It takes away your aiming precision.
  4. I can only comment on size, not LED vs LCD because I only own one TV. It's a 37" and frankly it's only good for watching movies/TV shows. Even when sitting 3 feet away it seems monstrous and I have to twist my neck like an owl to see all parts of the screen (bad for FPS games). I think 32" would be the perfect size for a monitor/TV multi-purpose flat-panel display.
  5. That's a shame, I'm sorry to hear that
  6. Well said Paul, I completely agree with you. Pushing stuff to the max is alright unless is critical to the stability of the whole system like a PSU is.
  7. Haha that is an all too familiar scene
  8. 512 petabytes is a lot for one video game and will probably never happen. But in 20 years I may be eating these words...
  9. Metro 2033 BFBC2 (bring on BF3!) Still running around Just Cause 2 trying to complete 100% of it haha
  10. After some research, I learned that quite a few people are having trouble with poor factory installation of the thermal grease on the 6xxx series cards. They said there was either too much paste or none at all In any case, I think your best, cheapest solution would be to try and reapply the TIM on your card. is a link showing you how to replace TIM on a GTX 470. I know it's not your card but the concept should be the same. In doing so, you should take care not to rip/tear any of the thermal pads from the memory/capacitors so you can reuse them. I also read that you should use MX-4 thermal grease (or other non-conductive paste) since it does not conduct electricity and is better for the GPU. I hope this helps. If you are dead set on getting an aftermarket cooling solution, you will have to reapply the TIM anyways. So you might as well go ahead and try it before spending the extra money.
  11. Darn, I wish this was a serious, upcoming technology. Guess we'll just have to stick with our polygons
  12. Yea but remember, they're not the artists
  13. hahaha nice...well we can safely assume this won't be out for a while
  14. It's novel and hasn't surfaced in any real games yet. This in itself gets the "wow" factor from the gaming crowd.
  15. I am sure this kind of platform would require a beast of a computer, but technology will catch up. Years ago, 12gb of ram was unheard of but now it's fairly commonplace. Although, if they can keep it programmed such that only the visible particles are being rendered, then the only issue would be speed and size of system ram, not vram.
  16. That stuff never did anything for me, but in your case yes, I would stay away from it
  17. I know there would be complications, that's why I'm not a millionaire haha But for still-life photos, the sort of scanning-photography technology is not too far off. Since they are scanning 3D images into the computer now, who's to say they won't be able to do this with photography years down the road? I think it would be a cool innovation
  18. Most definitely, but enthusiasts would be clawing for this stuff like feral dogs. Plus it could be handy for crime scene snapshots so they don't miss little details. Flash memory would have to get a lot bigger and better though, you're right on that one.
  19. wevs you are not helping the matter haha anyways, I own the Turtle Beach HPA2 headset (true 5.1 version) and the surround sound is actually quite impressive in some games. I haven't played CS so I cannot comment on that game but they certainly help in BFBC2 and COD. The best part is they sound way better than the Koss studio headphones my dad owns. Very punchy bass with clear mids and highs. Apparently they have a wireless version now but it is very expensive. A good Asus Xonar soundcard will do more for you than any headset will though, solely for the improved clarity and performance boost.
  20. That is not normal at all, I would try to re-apply the TIM if I were you. It wouldn't hurt to take the heatsink off anyways to make sure there is no dust in there. Do you have it overclocked? If so, it might be time to back it down a bit.
  21. I always wondered why they couldn't develop cameras that provide similar pictures...instead of using pixels, they could scan the environment with a laser or something to get detail beyond what the human eye can see. But this stuff will be incredible if it ever comes to market.
  22. Looking at some of the consumer reviews for that Corsair CX600 V2, I came across a lot of unhappy people. I am usually a fan of Corsair's products, from the HX to the AX but the CX series must not be worth the money. I say go for the Sirtec or the Seasonic.
  23. Welcome!! Glad you joined the club
  24. Congratulations man, now show up on time and you will start climbing the food chain
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