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  1. I bought the Quickfire Pro, and I must say that I don't really mind having only a few keys with backlighting. It seems like the backlighting would get annoying after a while, especially in the dark. I like the Quickfire compared to the Trigger because it's all black and has a simple, minimalist look to it. The wrist rest on the trigger would be a nice addition though. At least this thing is beastly and could be used in self-defense if necessary :cool2:

  2. Looks good to me! You might want to consider an SSD as well.


    Your PSU looks fine for the current build, but if you want to add another graphics card down the line you will need a bit more power (at least 750w). Good brand choice though :thumbsup:

  3. There doesn't appear to be a way to get 5.1 surround sound out of the TV through the 2.5mm jacks. My suggestion would be to try connecting the speakers to your video source (Bluray player, receiver, or cable/satellite box) via phono-to-2.5mm converter cables.

  4. I bought an 80gb iPod video (5th generation I believe) about six years ago. I used it as a portable music player, but now it just functions as my car's hard drive. The stupid thing has survived the sub-zero chills of Indiana winters, as well as the scorching summer heat inside my car (sometimes at least 120 degrees in there).


    I don't like Apple, at all. But I do have to say that the quality of their products (from what I've seen at least) is very superior to other electronic devices. Not many portable devices can last over six years anymore, especially in those conditions.

  5. Though I am an Nvidia supporter through and through, I cannot help but recommend no less than an AMD 6950 in your current situation. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but at that resolution you will most likely see benefits from having the extra vRAM over most Nvidia cards on the market today (except for the GTX 680).

  6. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate how there is so little flaming on this site compared to some other forums. I read online for hours before even thinking about a soundcard since I went with a more expensive motherboard. The reason I had decided on it is many reviews said things like "omg the sound on my little speakers is so much better now than with the onboard sound" one said something like, "my onboard Ti X was nothing compared to this on my 2.1" and that's why I was looking into it. I definitely will get a 5.1 or 7.1 in the future, but these 2.1's shake the entire house for now. So definitely don't bother with a sound card then? 200$ saved! :)

    A good choice, though as Tjj said, you may want to invest in some decent headphones so you can enjoy your audio regardless of the time of day/night.

  7. If you're willing to spend that kind of money, I would go with the Claro II. The ASUS cards sound great but tend to be very particular about which drivers they will accept. I have the ASUS D2X and am incredibly happy with it, but I also bought it from a forum member for half price. I have seen nothing but good reviews from the Claro cards.


    Before you spend this kind of money, make sure you really need one of these cards. If all you are doing is running sound through a 2.1 system, it may not be necessary to invest in such a high-end sound card. If you plan on going with 5/7.1 in the future, then by all means go for it.

  8. Just FYI, your memory link takes you directly to the mobo page.


    I would just be wary of that case, it looks like some people are having trouble with with it. Maybe ditch the SSD and get a more robust case?

  9. I gave it a shot just now and I think I will be keeping VLC around for a while. I tried all the suggestions you gave and thought I was on a psychadellic trip or something...but then I turned off the Wave Video Filter and it was fine haha. My personal preference was when the GPU acceleration was turned on, with no other settings tweaked. But the video overall looked better than MPC can produce. It was not quite on par with the upconverting DVD players though :/

  10. Thank you so much for the reply, I will give this a shot tonight when I get home from meetings. Definitely some good information here, so I should be able to find some way of making it look good ;)

  11. Upconverting on your Blu-ray player is the essentially the same thing as clicking "full screen" when playing the DVD on your PC. Thats all. The decoder you use your PC (or the blu ray players firmware) will calculate the differences between pixels to fill in the gaps when you enlarge the picture on your monitor (or play the DVD upconverted on your HDTV). Microsoft's MPEG decoder in Win 7 is adequate, but I usually use ffdshow as well, from within the K-Lite codec pack. (I believe both of these decoders utilize GPU acceleration as well, so it should be using your graphics card in the upscaling process) That's generally the best you can get.


    It can look crappy on your PC because your face is two feet away from it. Try this - Stand up and take a few steps back from your monitor while the DVD playing. Looks way better right? Its harder to see compression artifacts when you are farther away from the picture. That is essentially what's happening when you are watching the DVD on on your HD TV from your couch. If the HDTV's resolution is smaller than your monitor, that will make it look better too. If you had a 720x480 image on your PC and enlarged it to 1280x720 it will start to look blurry, but if you take that same image and enlarge it to say 1920x1200, it will look even worse.


    (Anyone feel free to correct me here, I have a blu ray disc drive on my PC, but never used a blu ray player and HD TV.)

    Thanks for the replies, everyone! Unfortunately, I know what you're talking about and I can still say that my friend's picture quality is superior. He has a 47" tv and we're sitting about 7-8 feet away from it, so the perspective size would be about the same as me sitting 4-5 feet away from my 23" monitor. I've tried sitting further back from my monitor, and yes, by the time you get far enough away it looks very clear. The problem is it looks like a smartphone screen at that point lol


    hornybluecow - I've tried VLC before, but I couldn't find any of the upconverting options. Where might I find these?

  12. I've searched off and on for at least a year now, tried a few things, and still have no idea how to do it on my PC. I am very frustrated because I can watch a DVD with great clarity on my friend's upconverting, stand-alone Blu-ray player, however when I put a DVD into my rig (with a pretty amazing graphics card that can still play BF3 at 50+ fps maxed out) I get a grainy video that looks like the 480p that it is.


    I've tried the ffdshow thing, but I'm either a moron or it doesn't do what I want.


    So, I broke down and had to ask: how do I do it on my PC?? Surely there is a way to do it on a computer with a GPU that's more expensive than two Blu-ray players!

  13. That's awful dude :( I would talk to the retailer where you bought it (Newegg, Microcenter, etc.) first. If they are not able to help you, take it up directly with Intel's customer service. They should honor their product and send you a new one.


    As for the Motherboard, I'm not sure how old it is but you should be able to send that back to the retailer as well, explaining what happened.

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