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  1. I don't think cranking up the frequency will help all that much. Think about the fact that we've had ~4 GHz CPUs for what...7 years now? The performance at the same speed, even with a single core, has improved MASSIVELY.

    I'm just curious, but what do you mean by 'massively' specifically? In other words, how much faster is a single core of an i3 at 3ghz compared to a P4 at 3ghz?


    Anyways, I was just going off of the principle that if you double the frequency over which a signal is sent, then you double the performance. Yes I know there will be degradation and all that jazz, but I was just theorizing ;)

  2. I have to wonder how Microsoft thinks any of what they're doing with Windows 8 is a good idea. I honestly think it's going to be a complete failure.

    +1 M$ has its eyes on the tablet market instead of the mainstream PC market because it thinks that's where the money is right now. Sadly though, it seems that Apple has all the money right now and the iPads are dominating the market in that regards. M$ will be hurting if they think they can take on Apple for this market segment.

  3. Welcome!


    I would just stay with the single 6850 unless you are wanting more performance/fps out of your current setup. If games don't appear playable to you, whether they are choppy or sluggish, you should consider adding another 6850. Just make sure that other people have not had lots of problems with crossfire and the games you play.

  4. Really need some die shrinks, thought 22nm would be great but it seems it might even get hotter if they bring out a IB-E lol

    I say bring on the larger dies. Double the size and maybe double the cores. I'd be alright with a 12-core cpu at 4+ghz :evilgrin: In the enthusiast desktop market, the die size really doesn't matter unless you aren't able to tame the heat it generates (aka get watercooling).

  5. There's too many variables to attribute it to just CPU voltages.


    1. It could be temperatures. Most people that overclock at high voltages 24/7 don't have the proper cooling. I've had my i7 2600K's and i7 2700K's at 1.42 - 1.45V's 24/7 for months with no degradation. Mostly due to their core temps not exceeding 73C during load for the highest core.

    2. It could be the motherboard parts degrading, and not the CPU.

    3. It could be the issue with installing or re-installing the CPU on the same or different motherboard. I moved my very low voltage i7 2600K to another systems that was pretty much exactly the same aside from the cooling ability, and it didn't overclock as well. I moved it back to the original system, and it wouldn't overclock as well with the same low voltages, either.

    4. It could be the issue with more memory or higher memory speeds. Use 2x2GB at 1600Mhz and then use 4x4GB at 1866MHz, you'll find that you'll need to increase your CPU voltage.


    I'm not saying 100% that degradation doesn't occur, but that it's due to CPU voltages... not likely.

    Yeah, I was always under the impression that the CPUs don't degrade, but rather they fail and start giving random errors if they have heat/stress damage anywhere. It seems to me that with hardware, it's either an all or none phenomenon :dunno:


    Good insight though, thanks :)

  6. Fresh install is always the best route when introducing an SSD. Currently I'm not aware of any good way to migrate programs from one Windows install to another, especially since programs tend to have settings and files all over the place (appdata, registry, etc).

  7. Ed your right but scroll back in the thread and you will see trouble maker start his crap like usual. Waco starts the mess everytime and trolls.

    ...and this just proves who the immature one is. If you actually cared about this forum, you would drop the issue. Defending yourself only puts you in a worse situation. Just let it go.

  8. I assume you are. Wait, there is no assuming there. You act like you own a core i7 and every other piece of hardware. Thats the difference between you and me. I do. So lets agree on that.

    It doesn't matter what you own, if you talk down to people they will not respect you or your opinion. I recommend you keep any comments like this one to yourself. Besides, Waco does own a core i7...check his sig.

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