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  1. What's your budget? I have the P6X58D-E version and it's been rock solid ever since the last BIOS update. If you're going to overclock it as much as possible though, you may want to go with the Sabertooth or Rampage. This board has been great to me though and I would recommend it.
  2. That'd be pushing it if he ever overclocks, but yes it would suffice. I would be safe and stay over 350 watts.
  3. If the price of that ram is close to the same, I would definitely go for it since you'll only be dual-channel anyways. That configuration will give you more slots available for future upgrades. I've also heard it's a little easier on the OC if you use less sticks.
  4. Oh I'm sure they do. I've been wanting to SLI for a while, but I have a few reservations about going that route. First, I would need a larger case, as I want more than a few mm between my cards for airflow. Second, I am into editing HD video, so the second card would not add extra usable vRAM for me (which I so desperately need for large video editing tasks). Third, and probably most notable, is the fact that I am on my last year of college, on rotations, basically working full time for no pay. Any and all money that I ever owned has been long gone My dad currently has reign over that situation, and unfortunately he is not as lucrative as Nyt's dad is! Anyway, my ideal situation would be to upgrade to a CM Storm Trooper case, throw in a Phanteks CPU cooler, and maybe get a GTX 670 for the extra vRAM and game performance. A moot dream currently, but maybe sometime! Edit: In terms of watercooling, I would probably just throw on an Accelero Xtreme Plus II and call it a day. Since I'm on rotations, I move my PC around too much and have it on its side entirely too often to consider watering it down.
  5. If I had the money I'd spring for a 670
  6. I know the feeling, you are not a loser It's probably a good thing I don't have any money right now
  7. I agree that you'll never know what the future holds. However, from what I've seen people who wait two or three generations to upgrade their graphics card are just ready to get new architecture instead of bolstering their older hardware. Just my opinion. Ultimately it will be up to the OP whether or not he wants to go SLI, but either way he has good options
  8. I would have suggested this as well, but from his past experience he's not looking to go SLI in the future. 750w would be a bit of overkill for just one card.
  9. Hmm that's good to know. For me it doesn't really add that much in terms of visual accuracy vs the FXAA, so I might as well just leave that on. I totally agree with you that we need more demanding games though. 'Nuff said
  10. Gotcha, I didn't realize the MSAA was that much of a performance killer.
  11. Absolutely. I used a kill-a-watt meter to measure my rig under full load, and it only showed that it was pulling 450w from the wall. This with a heavily OC'd i7 and GTX 470. Refer to the picture below; I used the Newegg calculator to quickly verify what they say you will need. They recommended a minimum of 557 watts with all of those extras components added in there. You will be fine
  12. Just out of curiosity... I've seen multiple posts here and around the web describing how difficult it is to max out BF3 at 1080p, even with the newer cards. Well I am still rocking the reference 470 (OC specs in my sig) and it runs BF3 nearly maxed out at roughly 50fps. I say "nearly maxed out" because I turned down some of the AA settings since FXAA came out. However, it has always run this smoothly, even with the higher AA settings before FXAA. Am I not understanding the issue, or am I just lucky?
  13. Everything looks perfect except for the PSU. I would go for this one if you are looking in the 600w range. The Seasonic PSUs are amazing and will hold up for many, many years. They provide a 5 year warranty (versus the 3 year warranty with the Cooler Master PSU). I used two of them to build computers very similar and they were solid pieces of electronic goodness
  14. Sounds like your guys' computers need some diuretics. Mine is probably only 35 lbs. Pics of the 150lb computer... ...or it didn't happen!
  15. I've used CCleaner on at least 7 different computers and they are all fine. Have been working perfectly ever since. If you're weary of it just don't use the registry cleaner. I've used it on my personal rig at least once weekly with no adverse effects. I do agree with hornybluecow about hibernation though, it takes up a ton of space. Also, if you have lots of RAM you may consider reducing the size of your pagefile to around 1gb or so.
  16. I would never compress a drive to save space. That would significantly reduce your performance as your cpu has to unzip everything before it can be read. If you need more space, you need to buy another HDD or SSD. Also, you are correct in thinking that you should never defragemnt an SSD. However, you can perform the disk cleanup, but I and many others on OCC recommend using CCleaner instead of disk cleanup. It does a much more thorough job, and it also includes a registry cleaner that helps keep your system speedy. It is my understanding that the TRIM feature only works to reduce "wear" on the drive by spreading out the writes to previously un-written sectors of the drive. This method helps extend the "like new" performance of the SSD.
  17. Nice, that sort of hoses my system Yes please, get that thing under water asap! I'm excited to see what that baby can do
  18. How long did it take you to get those 50k points?
  19. And by 'he' you mean the OP? haha He is the one that made the video. Regardless, ComputerEd brought up some good points. The Bigwater needs a very well ventilated case and the Antec 900 doesn't quite provide enough space for the warm air to be vented out properly. Also, I doubt you would be able to cool more than a CPU with this unit just because of its small radiator. However, I am glad you were able to get some good temps out of it!
  20. Beast. Imagine that with 4 670s or 680s...
  21. Yes, and yes. Just make sure you specify male-to-male connection. Radio Shack is usually the way to go. I'm a little fuzzy on their return policies, but if you keep all the packaging and receipt, you should have no problem returning the item.
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