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  1. I'm down with everything except the power supply choice.


    Also, if you or anyone you know lives near a MIcrocenter - they have a sale running on the i5 2500K for $169.99. Beg, steal or borrow to get someone to save you a ton of cash by buying it at MC..

    +1 You can save a ton of money by going this route.


    As far as power supply, I have been recommending the Seasonic M12II 620 watt PSU. Unfortunately it is currently out of stock at the Egg, but if you can find it somewhere I would go that route. The fact that it is semi-modular is a very attractive feature, plus it is a very solid, reliable brand. I have had no problems with them.


    I would also recommend Corsair PSUs but IIRC they are re-branded Seasonic PSUs. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Something like this would work well though.

  2. I had the same issue a while back with my 470. It was fixed by doing a clean install of the newest drivers available. Also, you may want to exclude any of the features you do not need in the new drivers, such as 3D vision or HD audio.


    The problem was also helped by increasing the IOH voltage in my motherboard's BIOS. See this thread for reference.

  3. What's your budget?


    I would get a little beefier PSU if I were you. I'd start with a 600-650 watt just to give it a little breathing room.


    Really though everything else looks good. The HD 6850 is probably the best bang for your buck that you can get right now (unless you buy used ones). If you want, you could upgrade to an HD 7850 (current generation) or an Nvidia GTX 560.

  4. DDR2 means double data rate. So from CPU-Z you are currently running at 667mhz (332.1mhz x 2 = 664.2mhz).


    You just need to make sure you can actually install two more sticks of ram into your system. Most laptops only have two ram slots, and I'm guessing yours is occupied with two 1gb sticks. Thus you will need to purchase all new ram instead of adding to your existing supply. I would open up your laptop and verify the number of ram slots you have available.

  5. FWIW, my cousin did exactly what you want by buying an Apple TV, "jailbreaking" it, and running XBMC on it. Every file from his computer was easily found and able to run smoothly.


    I have not had experience with the Roku boxes either, so I can not afford much advice.

  6. Running Linux distros after enabling & modifying ACE is the real fun of vmware. The type of use described by you is kind of plug & play use of vmware. ;)

    Although this can be considered as a good start for a good area of learning.

    Oh I know I've just barely scratched the surface. I installed Lubuntu as well just to try and see if I remember any of the good old Linux commands from years ago. Sadly I do not, but I want to play around with it and get decent with Linux before my IT rotation next month ;)

  7. unless your psu is dropping voltage randomly I don't think it would be the psu. XION is a cheap psu company so you never know. I'm still leaning towards hard drive. an easy way to find out would be to run memtest86 from a cd, this will stress your memory and a bit of your cpu while not touching the hard drive. If all is good and you don't hear any scary sounds you way want to switch drives.

    ^^This. To answer your earlier question: yes, I would definitely get a new PSU for that very expensive CPU! Make sure you get a good brand PSU like Seasonic or Corsair.

  8. Realistically the CPU and everything else is fine. It is not great, but it can do what you need it to. The video card on the other hand is what is really preventing this PC from being game and Sony Vegas worthy.


    You probably need a GPU closer to a GTX 460 in order to play games.


    Edit: I have a couple of options for you to choose from.


    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alienware-Predator-2-dual-boot-Gaming-Computer-with-LED-Lighting-/190696988098?pt=Desktop_PCs&hash=item2c666d1dc2 You might get really lucky and wait for the last second to bid and win the bid with 400 bucks. It doesn't look like too many people are interested. It is not a pc many people are looking for, but considering your budget you would be very fortunate to get this rig.


    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Studio-XPS-435MT-I7-920-2-66-GHz-6GB-RAM-640-GB-HDD-DVD-RW-/120940178369?pt=Desktop_PCs&hash=item1c2898abc1 Same deal here. This one would probably be better for you. I would just snipe it at the last second.


    granted on both these deals you have to pay a bit extra for shipping, but they are both VERY good PCs compared to what you have selected.

    :withstupid: Especially the Dell. I would jump all over that if I were you. The i7s are beasts when it comes to rendering and editing. The Dell is your best option by far.

  9. I don't even want to keep track of all the cards you've gone through, but going through like six different setups to end up in the same place you started (with one less card even) is pretty bad :lol:

  10. I'm not quite sure I understand the question, but for those editing programs you mentioned 8gb is not enough. If you are going to be editing HD videos and large pictures, even 16gb would be pushing it for After Effects. That program can eat up as much memory as you can throw at it.

  11. I have had an OCZ SSD for about a year and a half now. Still works like a champ!


    I do not know what is causing your microstutters, but you do not have enough memory to run programs such as After Effects and Photoshop effectively. Also, the fact that you have "twenty programs open" with lots of Chrome tabs open tells me that your system is struggling to manage the memory it has. I would upgrade the memory first, then worry about an SSD later. Go with at least 8gb, if not 16gb if your system can handle it.

  12. Hmm , well logitech I'd cheap and alright. I haven't used any other brand in a while. Just don't get the Logitech mic , it just ecos and is waste of $10

    I tried a Logitech desktop mic once and regretted it :-/


    Were you wanting a desktop mic or a lapel clip-on mic?

  13. Seems like a decent low-noise fan...but for the cost I was expecting a bit better cooling (especially compared to a "crappy" stock case fan).

    Agreed, though I wasn't expecting much with that CFM rating. Granted it's more than your average "crappy" stock case fan, but it's nothing spectacular.

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