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  1. Thanks, I'll try this, but it's so sporadic and short-lived that I might not catch it. It is on this rig. That's a good though, but I don't have either of these installed. I've since reformatted my OS drive and found no need for either piece of software (my H100i settings stayed intact). The sound is basically two high-pitched staccato tones - it's almost like a sound from a cheap digital alarm clock. Nothing I've ever heard from a PC. Thanks, I'll try this as a last resort, but I like AVG haha
  2. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been active - I've been rather busy with my pharmacy residency and getting married and all that jazz. Anyways, I am severely annoyed by a random, high-pitched beeping that my computer is making. It's basically two sharp beeps that occur about every 30-45 minutes. It is coming out of my main speakers (not the little MB speaker b/c I didn't install it). There are three programs I installed before the beeping started that I can account for: AVG free Plex media server - has since been uninstalled Logitech media server - has since been uninstalled Even though the last two were uninstalled, it is still making the noise. I've went through the settings in AVG to turn off all the notifications and sounds, but the beeping is still there. Is there a program that will tell me which running processes are sending signal to the speaker outputs?
  3. Same here wevs, I am unable to see those buttons. The gray is very hard to read, as is the orange screen names.
  4. Supremely useful information! I had no idea batching was this straightforward. Nice article Jim!
  5. Nice review Jim! I wish I had the time to play through this game and actually pay attention to the story.
  6. No, but I'm looking to build a Plex home server soon
  7. Wow 55 is entirely too young. Dale was a great guy and will be missed by all who knew him. RIP Dale
  8. Looks very interesting! I hope those fans are strong enough to move all that air. Also, you may want to consider inverting that whole setup. The warm/moist air will want to rise out of the boots, so the ankles of the boots should be pointed upwards. Just my two cents.
  9. I agree with the new mousepad and cleaning ideas. It could also be a Windows problem...wouldn't hurt to do a system restore to a couple weeks back just to be sure.
  10. Holy cow man, I can't even imagine what is all in there...
  11. Congrats! I'm loving that sofa haha it looks sooo comfortable!
  12. Welcome! The furthest back I remember was my $3000 Packard Bell with Dos, 64KB of memory, and a non-Intel processor that predated the Pentiums. At least it could run Mega Race...those were good times!
  13. +1 you do not need to upgrade anything but your graphics card and CPU cooler. If you want serious AIO cooling, go with the H110 over the H90 since your case should be able to fit a dual 280 rad. The H100i is very nice though too.
  14. +1, except with the suggestion of 16gb or (at the most) 32gb memory. Rendering HD video on 8gb is painful haha
  15. Sounds good. I'll watch that video when I get somewhere with no limits on internet usage. The reason I went with the h100i is because I did not want to mess with filling it up or any maintenance down the road. I'm going to be very busy later this year and next.
  16. That's no fun. What was the error code from the BSOD? You may need a small voltage tweak in the core or the dram voltage. Btw, at what voltage are your ram sticks rated? Running them out of spec could cause some issues. Depending on your budget and how much tweaking you want to do, the H100i can be a great option. I love it because it requires no maintenance once set up and was fairly inexpensive for the performance it provides. It keeps my 930 folding at 67c @ 4.01ghz (settings in my sig), and that's with the fans set to nearly silent! If I let the fans ramp up all the way, it was max out around 52-54C under full load. I will say though that the fans are quite loud when running full tilt...it almost sounds like my case is getting ready for takeoff. However, with the Corsair Link software provided, managing them at a quiet level is easy enough, and being able to change the color on the pump LED to match the case is pretty sweet too!
  17. You're welcome, glad you're happy with it! I think you will be very satisfied with those results in the long run. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I'll do my best to answer them! Thanks for the info on the MX-4, you can read reviews all day but personal experience is always quite helpful. I'm using the stock paste that came pre-applied on the H100i since I heard it was good stuff. It seems to be holding its own, though I'm looking forward to seeing how the MX-4 does with it.
  18. Wow, nice work! From what I hear, 8C is a substantial difference when lapping, though I've never tried it myself. I will let others chime in about the reasons behind changing PLL voltages. However, my experience has been that messing with the PLL voltage does not affect the OC much, if at all. I'm not saying don't mess with it, but be aware that those other voltages will not usually help when undervolting. All I changed when undervolting was my core voltage. A voltage of 1.17 is still low for a 930, and with the temps you're getting now, I would be very happy with that OC. Plus, it sounds like you've put a lot of time and effort into getting it cool and stable. Even if you were somehow able to decrease the voltage a tiny bit, you really wouldn't notice much of a difference in temps or any difference in power consumption from the wall. I have a tube of MX-4 lying around - I've been waiting to try it out after my AS5 tube runs out entirely. How easy/hard was it to apply compared to the AS5? I'm liking those temps
  19. You may also find this BSOD guide useful. I take no credit for finding it, as I believe Boinker posted these codes a while ago, but it is supremely useful if you're not sure which voltage you need to tweak to achieve stability.
  20. That's too bad I guess not all chips are created equal. If you're sure you have the lowest voltage for your 3.8ghz OC, that will have to do. However, if you are unhappy with the temps (which look fine btw), you may consider dropping down to 3.6ghz (19x190) or 3.7ghz and see if your chip can be undervolted then. It might be worth a shot, especially if you can get it even further below stock voltages Losing that extra 100-200mhz would not affect your performance much anyways. Might I ask, what cooler are you using? nevermind...I should've looked at your first post again haha
  21. Those settings look good to me, though you should be able to undervolt your CPU a little more. IIRC, I was able to reduce my core voltage to around 1.08v and still manage a rock solid OC on my 930 running 3.8ghz. That low voltage kept it fairly cool during the summer. Try turning the voltage down ~0.05v at a time (aka slowly), and run Prime for a few hours to make sure it's stable. Once you reach the lowest voltage possible, run P95 for a full 24 hours to ensure complete stability.
  22. Welcome to OCC! Thanks for sharing your story
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