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    Watercooling finally finished! (video!)

    While you're at it, add an "e" to the end of Mushkin Blacklin. It's what I do
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    It's settled then.
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    Just change it all up and go by 2_CH33P
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    What choose? 670 AMP or 680?

    My vote would be for the Zotac 670 because of three reasons: 1) it will run cooler, 2) it will run quieter, 3) it is brand new. It may even overclock high enough to match the 680 in performance. Since they both have the same memory size, I would go with the 670.
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    [WTS] EVGA GTX 470

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    [WTS] EVGA GTX 470

    For Sale: EVGA GTX 470 purchased from the Egg in June, 2010. Stock cooler included Original box and adapters included Was dusted regularly and handled with care This card ran overclocked for two years. Once I got the overclock rock solid, it never reached past 80C in games. Overclocked, it will still run every game out there at 1080p nicely. I can only imagine how two of these in SLI would perform. I registered this card for the original (non-transferable) EVGA lifetime warranty back in 2010. If you have problems with the card in the future, I will gladly do my best to RMA the card for you. I cannot promise anything but will certainly help in any way that I can. Here is my Heatware account. Pictures have been added. The last shot shows the miniscule amount of dust that has collected thus far. Asking $130 + shipping. Thank you for your interest!
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    Damn the mods are good round here

    Agreed, the mods do an awesome job to keep this site cleaned up It is threads like this one that make OCC what it is.
  9. I've had a G.Skill stick die on me. Bad memory happens to even the best companies. Both G.Skill and Corsair are great companies for RAM. The Vengence RAM is also very good. Memory is memory. As long as it is compatible you're fine.
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    What To Do

    +1 My thoughts exactly.
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    My New Rig!

    Same thing happened to my 1366 mobo. I used a toothpick, magnifiers, and some patience and finally got the pin bent back enough so that it made contact.
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    GPU Upgrade Advice

    I would upgrade just to get away from the Crossfire problems. A 660ti should run everything you need, especially when overclocked. However, I must say that I have been wanting a 670 for a long time (aka if you can, go for it). I'm guessing performance would see about a 20-30% increase going that route.
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    Welcome and enjoy your stay!
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    Welcome to OCC
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    Guess this strategy game?

    Sup Com is still an amazing game, both on the sheer scale of the battles and on the ability to micromanage the dynamics of the game. I have to admit I play the original (with Forged Alliance) online with friends about once a week.
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    Best free Anti Virus

    You mean without right? I go back and forth between AVG and MSE. I prefer the way MSE operates and how it never asks you to buy anything. AVG is just good antivirus though.
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    Sound card help/suggestion

    Hmm interesting, thanks for the info. I had heard that "holophonic" sound before and I believe the barbershop one as well. If that is the case though, what is the purpose of sound cards? I'm just curious at this point @OP, Waco and I apologize for hijacking your thread
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    Sound card help/suggestion

    I know this, but in a 5.1 environment there is front-to-back directionality. Stereo headsets like the a40 will still be perceived as stereo unless the input supplies the cans with the sound slightly modified to create the perception of surround sound. Then the algorithms may be able to trick the ears into hearing a slight difference in front-to-back sound. If 2-channel sound is coming from an audio source, 2-channel sound is what will be perceived. If that audio source is 7.1 and the headphones are able to handle it (like the a40s) then what is perceived is something akin to 7.1 sound. Now, I understand that you are saying the game outputs 7.1 channel sound. However, if the hardware connected to the headphone mixer only puts out 2-channel sound, that mixer will only be able to produce stereo sound. USB may be a different story since it is bypassing the audio card altogether, but loses some fidelity just like all USB audio.
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    Sound card help/suggestion

    I agree with this statement, as long as he is alright with using USB and not optical. If you have bullets whizzing by your head and you have the source set to stereo, the external sound card is not going to know how to process those sounds in terms of front-to-back directionality. However, if the output is set to 7.1, or even 5.1 for that matter, the algorithms have something to start with to calculate how to position those "infinite speakers" around your head.
  20. Shurman292

    Sound card help/suggestion

    In order to have accurate 7.1 directionality, the external mixer would have to be fed a 7.1 audio source, convert it into stereo but keep the directionality using audio algorithms, and then send it to the cans as stereo. The end result is that the algorithms trick your ears into thinking the stereo sound is in the original 7.1 format. If you start out with just a stereo signal, it will only be able to stay stereo, and the directionality algorithms will be useless. He's trying to do optical, which allows the source (the sound card) to do most of the decoding/decrypting, whereas with USB it is all done externally.
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    Sound card help/suggestion

    People here are probably tired of hearing me rave about my Asus Xonar D2X, but I will do it at least one more time It puts out some very good, clean sound. I'm no audiophile, but I certainly can tell the difference between low, medium, and high-grade audio and the D2X is definitely on the high end. If you want something less expensive, the Xonar DX is also a good option. Furthermore, I have heard really good things about the HT Omega cards. Some of the other members here :cough: stonerboy :cough: will probably come along and rave about their DAC amps. I've not seen/heard those so my opinion is based solely on sound cards alone.
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    [WTS] EVGA GTX 470

    Bump. Still looking for $130 + shipping.
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    My First Ln2 Overclocking Session

    The real question is, will it blend? Seriously though, nice job. We need more enthusiasts pushing their machines to the limits!
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    Greeting from India

    Welcome, you will be right at home here!