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  1. so far loads of things have happened. first of all a warning if anyone who reads this lives in the netherlands. however this world has become a little willage so here is for the rest aswell. there is a internet company called multimedia pc. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE they are unfortunatelly thiefs. they made me waiting for my order almost 2 months, after calling and calling and mailing they were pretending they know nothing about my order. finally i really had it so i engaged lawyers who luckily made them pay the whole amount of my computer case back. the reason to such a bad business was (according to the person who is apparently running this company) he has problems at home!!! thanx for reading this. and now... i found another company fast efficient in two days they sent new case (but my partner didnt want to sign the delivery thinking it was coming from multimedia pc) so the package retourned to sender so i am still waiting SO FAR BOUGHT case: Thermaltake dh 202 blu ray burner LG BH10LS motherboard gigabyte 890 (absolutely beautiful) and phenom II x4 955 black edition by this last one i received also a big cpu cooler well not that big but ok.... i was wondering if anyone of you who is running on amd did install this given cpu cooler and is it quiet (though it says on the box quiet cooling ???) or is it better to go for someting else? Thanx for reading and posting answers. Greetings from NL
  2. thank you for the tip, and i shall do so, especially since i learned the lesson with my old pc, having psu burned... anyway i am thinking between corsair (and annoying thing is so many models on the market, thank to this forum and people like you too, willing to help there is hope for people like me :-) ) corsair would be ax or hx 750 or higher ( i understand the higher it is its always better or 750W would be sufficient? ) or another one i came across called be quiet also 750w or 850w price range is the same so no problem about that, afterall i decided to put aside some €150 for it) OMG why i nicely write this answer to you i just realised you asked me about the processor cooling hahah (i'm getting too old for this :-) ) well cpu cooler didnt do anything yet. going on holidays now ( so it all depends whats left after the holidays i can think of buying) i just bought chasis antec fusion black, but thinking to change for Silverstone Crown CW02B-MXR cause its a beauty, then gonna buy the processor thats gonna be AMD Phenom II X4 965 Quad Core 125W Socket AM3 and then the cpu cooler, which will probably be corsair what you recommend... anyway will be posting the progress of bulding this :-) thanks a lot once again for the tip greetings
  3. UPDATE: since i'm gonna go for Antec Fusion Remote Black chasis, anyone has tips for a good mATX? thank you
  4. Do yourself a favor and get a modular power supply (I'm putting a Corsair HX-750 in mine when I get around to it). HTPC cases are packed as it is...finding places to put all the wires is a bear. thanks for the tip, something new to me :-) anyway found one looks good Nexus RX-8500, think its reasonable price too.
  5. wow already a reply!!!! THANX SO MUCH!!! Well it slipped me that i really want this one to be quiet pc. remember when i build the last one and the processor cooling.. the noise... OMG , went to the shop and told the guy, 'look i have an old computer, but dont care how much a QUIET cooling will cost me, just find me one" i bought someting (dont know i think it was zalman ) payed a LOT but it was worth it... good that you reminded me about this to mention. YES this HTPC must be ABSOLUTELY QUIET :-) thnx again for the quick reply
  6. Now, I wrote a very nice first post regarding building my HTPC and it was gone, so i must start all over. Ok who can give me more directions and advice what to build for my HTPC? Its my first time to do it. well done houndreds of pc's used to work in a pc shop before the htpc time... so this is all new to me... I will use it mainly: watching please smoothly HD videos from my computer, Blue ray discs, you tube also hd videos, then lots of listening to and editing music, internet, facebook, and as someone said here on this forum i like to open lots of tabs... there is no monitor just 42'samsung plasma hd ready so 720p internet is high speed 60mbps connected to the routher with my dream box for watching sattelite and it will be connected to onkyo 7.1 home theatre receiver ( can this be done with a HDMI cable and then hdmi cable to TV for audio and video?) now i am thinking of this casing since it comes with remote control and nice lcd display NOX Live 2 HTPC black or Thermaltake DH-101 with media LAB LCD black, and now what should i actually choose for the inside: motherboard Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H (my preferd one) or Gigabyte MA790GPT-UD3H ATX Socket AM3 these two both have build in graphic card, but i am planning in the near future to buy Sapphire HD5770 1GB GDDR5, now, can i install this card on any of these two boards without a problem or do i need another motherboard. processor is AMD Phenom II X4 955 Quad Core 125W Socket AM3 and 4gb memory as for the rest... PSU i dont know if it comes with the case but this is what came as an option Corsair TX650W cooling Zalman CNPS9900A LED and some LG bluray combo... i already have audio card CLUB 3D :: CLUB3D Theatron DD 7.1 PCI DTS + Dolby Digitall and very happy with it I know i am asking too much here but its such a mess with all this products... so much choice so many things so i am really kindly asking anyone who has more knowledge and can look at the things from outside to tell me actually what choice should i do.? I thank you in advance
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