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  1. Yea the 350d is the largest i can go for the space where it is being put, otherwise i would go smaller. Thank you for answering about the PSU output. But i went to 750w with the upgrade of the CPU mITX to mATX and a bit more powerful GPU to be safe.
  2. I dont think the 350d looks all that bad to be honest. The main reason is for the excess fan slots as watercooling is out of the question. Also the dimensions are fine as i measured the spot in the desk where it will be hidden and theres plenty of room left.
  3. I've been looking for some deals on the 780 but have yet to find one cheap enough to be worth it. Ill start looking for the Workstaion cards on craigslist then if I can find one for that good of a deal ill buy it but it seems unlikely in the time i have to purchase it. I also wound up changing the case http://www.corsair.com/en-us/obsidian-series-350d-micro-atx-pc-case for size and the cooling options it posses. plus its cheaper. In a couple of days ill repost the new build after i finish researching compatibillity and components.
  4. 1. Not relevant as i had 2x8GB to begin with. 2.I have decided to end up going with the mATX afterall since the cases are the same size and it adds more fans. 3.To have a drive in the system itself for dump mainly, as the array is pretty much just a server and filing case. 4.I agree i have decided to switch to a xeon e3. 5. the GTX770 will be more than enoguh to suffice in this end, I don't know if your familar with the worstation GPU market; but it is quite expensive and really only needed for hardcore graphic editing, also i did put a budget in the OP(which the more i read your comment seems you didn't read at all) 6. No go for various reasons. Panjang110- I have ended up switching to 4x4GB ram and a MATX case and MB, with the Xeon E3 CPU Thankyou for the input. DWeiner- Plz dont HiJack the thread also i hope a ban comes your way soon.
  5. For some reason it logged me on as an old account this is my main. Looking forward for insight and help.
  6. ok so in regards to the NZXT gamma chasis everyone is including if you would look at my sig you will see that is the case i am currently using as well as having every fan slot used(grand total of 8) so i am well aware of how could the case is but as money is a problem with this build the case is going to have to fall last in priority. Now to address the PSU, Again i am well aware that you never skimp on the PSU as i wasn't truly skimping on the PSU and actually took the time to read the reviews and go to the manufacturers website to look at it before adding it in the cart. So the only reason you all looked at it and said skimping was because of the very low price and because you had never heard of the manufacturer which shows just how much you have been influenced by the mass media and big name companies( a true shame). But now everything in the build looks good to me except the PSU which the only reasons i am backtracking on it is because of all of you even though i have seen the make model and manufacturers page as well as read the reviews to see that even if its not the best PSU it is a very capable one. But even though this will effectively bring me over the 450$ mark and I will have to consolidate with my friend over it the new PSU i have selected is definitely better PSU $40 now in regards to the previous post his old HDD is completely full which is why i am adding a new one to the build, and the only reason we are keeping his old one is due to the OS being on it. So here is the build Case $20 HD $50 PSU $40 GPU $140 RAM $20 MB $40 CPU $125 Total-$435 Shipping-$21 Grand-$456 Let me know what you think but this is pretty much finalized. Also thanks to everyone for helping even though i didn't go with any ones build exactly they influenced what i picked. P.S. as it seems no one looked at the last post on the first page my friend will not being doing the mail in rebates he is paying for this rig out of pocket and so he doesn't have the money to do the mail in rebates.
  7. the person i am building this for has given me the set amount of $450 and he won't be using the mail in rebates. I know i am cutting a little on the PSU but the one i have selected now is honestly more than capable to do its job.
  8. I edited it right after i posted it so check again and let me know. I went for a cheaper case and found a more reliable PSU
  9. This is a nice rig and it influenced my choices in my next time around. This is what i have now. Case $20 HD $50 GPU $140 PSU $28 RAM $20 MB $40 CPU $125 Total- $423 As i was trying to cut back on money and i succeeded in doing so i took a look at your post then started spending money again so now I'm at 4$ more than the start when i was at 20$ less. Let me know what you think now.(no longer applies) Also the PSU is the only place i can find to keep this rig as cheap as it is so their is a very low chance i will be changing it.
  10. Ok as I'm not new to building rigs nor the hardware involved in doing so, the main reason i am creating this thread is because as i grow older the less time i have to spend researching hardware and even new rigs. So a friends asked me to put together a rig for him that would be capable of running skyrim at moderate levels and able to run future games if even not on high or normal settings. Unfortunately the hard part comes in at he only wants to spend 450$ max. He doesn't wish to go over that price unless reason for doing so is dramatic. He already has a cd burner/reader and a monitor, his case is garbage and is 8 years old so we won't be able to use it. He has an old HD so he wont need a very big new one. Besides that he needs everything new. This is what i have scrapped together in just a few hours, I am aware at some of the hardware not being the best but as this was in a rush, that is why I'm creating this thread to get feedback. Case- Rosewill Blackbone Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 40$ PSU- hec Orion XPOWER585 585W ATX12V 2.01 Power Supply 25$ CPU- AMD Phenom II X4 830 Deneb 2.8GHz Socket AM3 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor HDX830WFK4DGM 90$ MB- BIOSTAR A780L3B AM3 AMD 760G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard 50$ RAM- G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9S-4GBRL 23$ HD- Western Digital Caviar SE WD2500JB 250GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache IDE Ultra ATA100 / ATA-6 3.5" Hard Drive -Bare Drive 53$ GPU- HIS H685FN1GD Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity 145$ Total- 426$ As for only using newegg i really don't have a preference for sites being used but fry's is out of the question. Also this is for America so no international sites or shipping please. Also the old HD he is using will have windows xp on it so if some money can be saved and still wind up with a rig capable of what he needs to buy a better operating system that would be for the best. Now my main points of concern are lying with the MB and PSU, i realize due to the budget some things needed to be cut back on and i did it in the two places you really shouldn't do it in, but based on the reviews i saw on newegg for the products and again due to time restraints i thought them rather capable. I would like to buy the parts by the end of the week at the latest but i am willing to wait to get an even better deal and so that the rig will be scrutinized by other enthusiasts. Feedback will be appreciated.
  11. Great guide will be using this when my hardware gets here. (New or updated version coming soon?)
  12. Yes i am. Do you have experience with it? I would like to know if it is worth the extra cash.
  13. Thank you for all the replies. I deffintely will not be able to make use of the sale for cyber Monday. But i really don't care if it is led back lit or not. I do like the samsung MD picked out really nice indeed. Also i am looking at the dells and i have to say i might just use a crt or a cheap lcd i have unitl i can afford the 24" ultra sharp.
  14. All right. So i am creating a new build and i have everything but a monitor. I wish to get a new one for this build. The video card is going to be a ATI 6850. So what i am looking for is a 22"-30" monitor with a resolution between 1920-1080 - 2560-1600. I really only have around 300$-400$ to mess around with. I was looking at an IPS monitor but for the price they are quite restrictive. So my main uses are really just gaming with the occasional 3d mapping, photo editing, and video editing. But mainly Gaming. So i would like to know what you would suggest getting. Also i would like to have a static contrast 1,000:1 and at least 6ms or lower. I would like to have a decent monitor. Thanks in advance (if you need to know any more specifics plz just ask, whatever will help you guys help me.) All right this is what i found. Tell me what you think
  15. All right fixed it but for the time being a heat sink isn't going to come until maybe march so i'm gonna stick with the extra fans also i went to the website and found the case and it said top can fit 2 120/140mm fans. But thanks for the help i appreciate it a lot. Now just need to buy this bad boy.
  16. All right so Mercury i have taken your build and refined it. Luckily i was talking to my parents and they agreed to put in 500$ dollars so i only have to put in around 400$ as a Christmas gift so i can buy my car. So here is what i have. Optical Case HD GPU PSU RAM OS Top Fans(2) Side/Front Fans(3) MB/CPU combo Total 911.21$ after rebate 861.21$ So i went with the 6850 over the 5770 used my RAM got rid of your recommended fan and added enough to stock the case and have a really good airflow going. I will down the road add a heatsink to the cpu. Everything else is the same. Tell me what you think. (Also my mom is an affiliate of Newegg so she can take off a pretty big percent as well whenever the time comes.)
  17. I was thinking for down the road the ability to sli would need more than the power supply could handle and still have room to be safe. I am looking over your previous posted hardware and i will say you did an excellent job i will be going with ATi now because i was not aware of the issues facing sli with amd chipsets so thank you for bringing that to my attention. I am liking the majority of what you have picked out only problem is maybe try and help find a cheaper CPU and MB to get a better graphics if not i have 4 grand saved up but in my op like i said i am trying to buy a car when the accident occurred screwing me over. so if it isn't going to work i will definitely put more money into this and just wait on the car until January/February. Also for the Ram i am looking at the ones you picked out and the timings are way worse so from what my friends tell me the timings are more important than the Mhz, so do you know if those will overclock nicely to tighten the timings considerably or not. Also i was wondering if you looked over the changes i made to the OP with the new ram i added there? Thanks BTW
  18. All right i changed out the CPU, PSU, ram, and MB. And for the gpu i might be able to buy one now less than 270$. Wich one should i be looking at the GTX 460 or 470 for the games i play and i also have a 1900x1080 Monitor i use. So plz hurry and comment like i said in first post i need to purchase asap with the deals going on. thanks Ok i researched a little and i am stuck between 2 cards the GTX 460 and the 470 superclocked from EVGA and there is a 60 dollar price gap between them, which is better or should i get? GTX 470 GTX 460
  19. All right my old computer which is 2-3 years old has recently, well blown up i guess you could say. In an unfortunate accident involving lots of mountain dew. I have checked the few existing warranties i had left on it and they are not covered. So seeing as i was trying to save my money for a new car i only have around 700$ i can spare for a new machine. The games that i play are WOW, SC2, Diablo 3(whenever it is out), EVE, and alot of FPS. Now i know i will not have a great machine but later on next year i will be able to upgrade it thoroughly. I know this machine will not be able to play all my games and the one that can play will be on low settings. So a question i need answered because i think i do not have enough to also include a GPU in this first sytem, so are you able when using AMD cpus and MBs to use the integrated graphics for some low setting gaming and video usage? Here is what i have so far CPU MB PSU Optical Case HD RAM OS HeatSink (Links double open for some reason???) Now plz do what you wish but do not go over 700$ Also if you can make it so i can also get a GPU and everything else less than 700$ than plz by all means go for it. Also i relay more on Nividia for graphics than ATI biased yes. (Also the OS , PSU, and CPU are on sale until the 30th so plz try to be fast on this like at least the 28th i will have to buy.) Thank you. All right links updated. Alot better stuff now.
  20. Definitely i might as well wait for them to come out before i buy my new 5970 and see if i can get 2 for the price of one currently or just get a 6970 but i bet thats gonna be in the 1k range when it comes out dam. And i really was hoping to get a new card sooner oh well my 5850 can hold out at least 4 more months(i hope ) .
  21. Ok for my new build I am looking for a new pair of headphones to go with it i have a dedicated sound card but i am really not looking to get an amp. What it comes down to now is 4 pairs i have been looking at and reading reviews about. The first pair is the Sennheiser RS 180 my friend has a pair of wireless for gaming and i really liked the idea especially being able to get um from my desk and do things while still wearing my headphones. But i don't know if having wireless affects the sound quality at all or if there is a time delay for the sound to transfer. The second pair is also Sennheiser and its is the HD 280 Pro. I have heard so many good things about these headphones and i really like the look of them. I have never actually used them but just from the reviews about them i definitely am considering them. The third pair are the PC 350 Sennheiser i only choose these because i would definitely like to have a mic and i really don't know any good stand alone mics that you can attach to a pair of headphones and this is the only good pair i could find from Sennheiser. But all the reviews i see of them are mixed to very good or the worst Sennheiser product ever. So if any body has personal experience with these if you could say if they're worth it or not, it would be beyond helpful. And of course the last ones are the SteelSeries 7H. The reviews on them look very good and i have personal experience with the 5Hv2 and i fell in love with them. So if the 7H are better like they are suppose to be, then these headphones would be phenomenal. And plus the built in mic and all the extras like the retractable cord make these very attractable headphones and very promising. So if anyone has personal experience with any of these headphones i would really appreciate some input about them and if you like them or not or any other helpful information that you can give. Thanks in advance! Just realized knowing the soundcard might help don't really know but i have the Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series.
  22. If you want a pair of beast Headphones try the Sennheister HD 800 lol the best in the world a friend has them i played COD with them and OMG there is nothing better but then again the only down side is the price at $1,400. But you did say price wasn't a problem lol.
  23. I agree with cery25. The new 6000's from amd will be like a 5970 and a 480 had a baby and that baby was on crack. Their gonna be sick(but very costly).
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