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  1. Thanks alot Kwok, send me a link to your rig i would love to see it. And yes the speakers are actually 7.1 but i keep narrowing them down to make it neater...lol. Yeah the sub is just to the right behind the desk. You can see it in the Desk Mounted Gaming PC Update video. Thanks for the comments and interest.
  2. Most recent changes and mods I have done with my Desk Mounted PC. http://www.youtube.com/user/buk355 Thanks for checking it out.
  3. Thanks Reaper, no problems with heat at all. Cards idle @45 and game around 75. Check out my channel I have videos and benchmarks on my card temps using MSI Kombuster. http://www.youtube.com/user/buk355 Thanks Reaper
  4. Thanks so much guys for your interest and comments.
  5. Thanks so much imagine, i appreciate it.
  6. I mounted the motherboard on my original thermaltake armor tray and did some trimming and bending to fit the desk, thanks for the post.
  7. Thanks Psywar, yes the screws are just self tapping, i have had the cover off many times making changes, thanks again for the kind words
  8. Thanks Damian, it took me about a week on and off.
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