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  1. Enough to get me to post... IVI
  2. sorry to be such a disappointment.
  3. Haha. You guys. [emoji14]
  4. Hi... Feeling old school; writing a review and relaxing on a Sunday night. Felt the need to post. So HI.
  5. Bah! Bump the full prize to this guy Frank. I was just trying to get more monkeys to play. Besides he guessed the years of service. Long enough to put rum in that coke. ROFL. Good fun give away Frank.
  6. You manage a bunch of monkeys who fix coke machines in restaurants so I can haz me flavors of coke. But that's not in any song. ROFL.
  7. 19 Team lead rofl -- I could spam this to win! But I won't
  8. Bah -- nothing on linkedin or face-y space.
  9. Was just looking for one yesterday...price hurts a little.
  10. Typically reviews aren't meant for showing off other products...so I try to refrain from "advertising", but comments are a good place for discussion. I would say if you want the studio sound quality these are marketed for, you are better off buying a studio headphones and buying a mod mic. This always seems to be the simple answer to maintain quality sound AND a decent mic. That was a strange product I reviewed a while back and kinda scoffed at the idea originally. Still have the darn thing for this exact reason. If you want to argue staying exclusive to "headsets" -- from personal experience I'd go for Pulse R or Vengance 2000 which were both less or equal to the price at release. Though the Vengance were wireless which is added feature to some, or serious drag to others. These are just really expensive for what they are. The specs for the drivers is impressive, nice and efficient -- but the sound quality doesn't come through. It's always a hard argument, even when I write these reviews, why can't I buy a headset that sounds as good as my $30-40 headphones that just happens to have a mic?
  11. He only buys SOME stupid stuff without me knowing. I'm just not looking forward to him taking my server away...
  12. Had some that were a bit more robust when I was riding BMX. They looked and performed just like bear traps. I can empathize with the damage they do to legs! You used to ride BMX?!? Whoa. Things you never know! I like them a lot. Nice alternative to clips and no slip. I'd be hard pressed to pay 130$ for them.
  13. You got the special delivery package! Well, my folks called me and let me know it arrived there, so I'll have to pick it up on Wednesday. It's special delivery because they tossed it off the truck and played soccer first. The game took longer to decide a winner, so you get yours last. hahahaha
  14. I should also point out that yes these pedals will stab you. Lol. Ask my leg.
  15. Got a new bike today from our local yardsale/forsale thread thing on fb. Bought the bike and never rode it -- moved where there were even fewer trails so finally decided to sell. The pedals he bought for it I just found out what the cost. OMGA. I got a steal!!
  16. Woo! Pictures! You're welcome and I hope you get some good use out of it.
  17. Lol working on it. Opening now. Teehee. Had to pick up at post office.
  18. Alright -- I know 6/7 packages I shipped have arrived! POST PICS! Don't make me regret donating this year. Sad Panda is SAD.
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