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  1. Two 1 TB Hard Drive, 32 MB Cache, 3 GBps and 7200 RPM in a RAID O config versus one 2TB Hard Drive with new feature 6 GBps, 64 mb cache
  2. Sorry for the confusion. I am talking about a new hard drive setup to the motherboard.
  3. Thank you so much for helping. However, I am still stuck and at this point, still do not have an answer to my question. Perhaps I am such a rookie at this, I may perhaps don't understand the concept of RAID in order to have an understanding of the setup process. I am starting to get the feeling that I need a driver, but how to include it and what driver maybe the answer. I really don't know. Below is the exact detail of my problem that is posted on the ASUS help forum ( no reponses ), perhaps OCC is a better forum to get me on the right track. Here it is... Hi guys. Newbie here ( again ). I am trying to setup a raid configuration on Asus board M4A87TD EVO and I am completely stuck. I will do my best to explain what I did and hope someone will have the answer. Ok, I took an operational new build that has Win 7 installed on my hard drive and decided to do a RAID Setup. 1- Took out old hard drive. ( gonna use it for something else ) 2- Bought two new identical hard drives. 3- Plug in hard drives to SATA 1 and SATA 4 4- Plug in optical drives to SATA 5 and SATA 6. 5- Went into BIOS menu and change Storage Config to Idle on SATA 5&6 and RAID / SATA 1 and 4 to RAID. I then hit F10 to exit and save. Now this is when it gets confusing. After the BIOS reboots, hitting CTRL I gets me back to the BIOS Menu and CTRL 8 gets me to the Option Rom Utility, which has 4 options on parameters that seems to have nothing to do with RAID and very few options to change anything. As of now, the BIOS does recognize my two new drives. Fine, lets install Win 7 disc. It wil then boot to the disc and initiate the install process. The problem now is that it " can not locate " a drive to install the OS system. I've looked thru the web for answers but nothing. The closest thing was some other Asus board with a different setup screen, something like an " intel driver utility ", where the option to change your hard drive to " o " and RAID config is located. So now, I can't config the RAID nor install WIN 7. Fortunately, the old hard drive is still around. What am I doing wrong? And if there is a driver utility for a RAID setup, where can I download it from and why wasn't in the manual for this board? So in theory, you can't setup RAID on all new builds because it does not have the driver. And the only way to get the driver is to download ( AFTER INSTALLING WIN 7 )? Can I hook up the old hard drive and control the RAID setup that way? I was under the impression that I must have two identical HD to start a RAID process and the mother board and handle everything. Please help. Thank you. Alex Edit Edit Reply
  4. Hi There. Newbie here again. Currently, I have a recently built system with one 1TB Hard Drive, which has the Windows 7 installed and " some " of my programs and files. My Asus M4A87TD EVO I believe supports a RAID config. I then went out and bought two new identical hard drive. How do I manage a RAID config from what I have so far ? My original hard drive is a different vendor. I can reinstall Win 7 but want to avoid if possible. Thank you in advance. Alex
  5. Cool. Thank you. I have to do nothing since CPUZ is in fact stating 9 9 9 24. I was simply following the many how to overclock write ups and a writer stated that memory settings are the first and most crucial point, so I freaked out. Thanks, Alex
  6. Ok, I just simply scanned through all the postings on this thread. I too have an H50 and just got done two weeks of trying to OC. I have the same problem. After toying around with everything involved, I was at 70c while overclocking at 3.8- 3.9 ghz. The temp was just too high. I checked and research the problem again. The problem in my case was that I INSTALLED THE H50 WRONG ! I had the pump cable and fan cable mixed up and hooked up to the wrong places on the board. My pump was not getting the right power, thus lower RPM. I then went into bios and " turbo " all my fans and power to the pump. It is now at 61c when I oc it. I am not done with my system yet. Tomorrow I am going to add more fans and make the H50 a push pull system. I am hoping to get down to around 54c when OC'd. You may want to check your wires and good luck.
  7. It is Crucial part number CT2K25664BA1339, the two pack kit. Do I still need to manual set the timing? If so, how? Thank you so much for your help. Alex
  8. Bingo ! We got a winner ! Thanks dude. That solves the problem ! Alex
  9. Hi there. Newbie. I just got done building my first rig and have been tweaking and messing around with it for the past two weeks. So after reading so many forums, experimenting with the settings, the tests, the crashes, the restarts, the tweaks, the installs, the reinstalls, etc., I am finally gonna settle with achieving 3.9 on my AMD 965. I really wanted to get to 4.0 stable, but I am so new to overclocking, my understanding about the other parameters are slim to nothing. So basically, I just simply increase the freq in bios from 200 mh to 230 and got 3.9. I left everything else on auto or stock. Now throughout my trials, I've always monitor my results with CPU-Z. When the freq has been increase ( overlcocked ), the monitor will show the fluctuation of the speed when the system is running. For example it idles at the AMD 965's default of 3.4 or less if no consuming programs are running. When I start a big program or stress the computer, the meter will jack up to the set overclocked speed. Everything was fine. Now, more tweaks later, both CPUZ and AMD Overdrive will show a 3.9 overclock speed but WON'T IDLE DOWN, regardless of what programs are running or not. My temps are around 48c. What could have caused this change? What can I do ? Should I be worried? I know this might be a silly problem but I just don't want to overload the system 24/7 unnecessary. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Asus M4A87TD EVO Motherboard AMD 965 BE 125 Watt 4 of DDR3 1333 MHZ Crucial Memory ( 8 gigs ) Consair H50 Water Cooler ATI-5770 VC 750 Watt PSU Cool Master - CM 690 Case Hanns G 281 28" HD 1080p monitor LG-Blu Ray Drive (2) DVD Drives Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium
  10. Asus M4A87TD EVO Motherboard

    AMD 965 BE 125 Watt

    4 of DDR3 1333 MHZ Crucial Memory ( 8 gigs )

    Consair H50 Water Cooler

    ATI-5770 VC

    750 Watt PSU

    Cool Master - CM 690 Case

    Hanns G 281 28" HD 1080p monitor

    LG-Blu Ray Drive

    (2) DVD Drives

    Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium

  11. Sorry for the confusion. I do know how to go into Bios and see the timing option. However, my question is about the " Timing numbers ", it is not available on the sites or instruction manual. To what do I set these RAMS to?
  12. Hi there. First post here. I built my first system based off a M4A87TD EVO motherboard and AMD 965. I 've read that the first thing in overclocking is to properly set timing on your memory. I have 4 sticks of 2 gig DDR3 for a total of 8 gigs. When I searched through the Crucial website and read through the charts of the manual for the motherboard, no numbers are available for timing. ONLY THE NUMBER 9 ? I've set ( by default ) on the motherboard to " AUTO " on all fields related to memory. The system runs fine, but I just want to be sure I am maxing out and getting all the benefits out of my expensive memory set up. So is this type of memory not available for manually timing ? Should I just leave it on auto ? Thank you.
  13. I have the same video card. And if I understand correctly, you are talking about the clocks in the CCC within OverDrive? If so, there is a small little button in OverDrive section of CCC( forgot the name of it ), click on it, and the sliders will appear. There, you can slide the MHZ and power. I think. Sorry, I am on another computer now.
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