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  1. Personally I wouldn't overclock any further. I try and keep my CPU around 65-67C and my GPU's around 70C. Granted, since I run it 24/7, I tend to err on the side of caution.
  2. I think your current setup looks great. SMP is definitely the way to go over running separate console clients. I would experiment with running -smp 11 with four GPUs -- I think you'll get better results since the GPU clients don't use many CPU cycles. When I have my setup running all out, I use -smp 7 for my CPU and leave the last thread open for my two GPUs. Looking at task manager, my 8th thread is running around 50%, so you may be able to operate 4 GPU clients off one CPU thread. Test it out by running -smp 11 with all four GPUs and check your GPU load in MSI Afterburner. Also, just to clean things up, GPUs don't run -bigadv units (to my knowledge) so you could get rid of that flag for your GPU client.
  3. Be careful putting it in the freezer. Yes, it keeps the hardware cold, but if you fire up the *liquid* crystal display (LCD) when it's below freezing you're at risk for destroying it.
  4. Did you check to see if your username and/or pass key are still entered correctly? No clue why that would be impacted by your internet going down, but it's the main reason I'd think they wouldn't register.
  5. I hope everyone who started folding for the contest, will continue folding now that it's over. Especially the winners!
  6. In order to get SMP work units, you need to make sure you specify "big" work units when doing the configuration. You should see "bigpackets=big" in your "client" configuration file. This is probably the easiest detail to overlook -- did you set this part up correctly? That tool looks great, I'm going to have to check that out. Thanks! Yes it is. I use it daily. What error are you getting? In other news: woot, broke 3 million! :foldon:
  7. I have to agree with SpeedCrazy. To get the best of all worlds, you're going to want to dish out for a DSLR so you can change lenses. Although if your definition of "fast" auto focus, and "good" image quality and "great" zoom is different from mine, you may be able to find a point in shoot which does the job for you. After much research the best entry level DSLR, in my opinion, is the Nikon d3100 which will run you $650 for the body + one lens.
  8. I've been looking at cameras lately too, although I'm intending to get a DSLR to get into photography as a hobby; I've found a ton of useful information on www.kenrockwell.com. The best recommendation I'm finding on his site in your price range is the Canon SX210, which was on your list. What are you using it for? This particular camera has great zoom, but doesn't track motion well. Are you taking pictures of sports/etc, or friends who are posing for a picture? Also, just a tid bit of information to add since you're focusing heavily on shutter lag: almost no cameras have perceivable shutter lag, although most people believe they do. Every modern camera uses two phases to take a picture -- pressing the button half way causes auto focus to happen (which people interpret as shutter lag). Expensive cameras will auto focus faster due to faster processors/etc. Once it is auto focused, almost every camera will instantly take the picture (i.e. less than 30ms). Hope this helps.
  9. 1) Get a Border Collie. 2) Give him enough exercise so he doesn't destroy your apartment/house. 3) Profit. Oh, and cut the soda.
  10. My rule of thumb: I only fix something for free if it's an extremely close friend (i.e. someone I would trust with the keys to my apartment). Even then, I'll usually snag a free dinner out of the deal because in reality I'm saving them $100+.
  11. Nice going Water Hazard, you're blazing man.
  12. 3000 is with the bonus. You'll need to turn in 10 WU's with the pass key before you're valid for the bonus, but after that you're golden.
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