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  1. Wow! Thank you guys for all your awesome help! Seems like that being able to FIT a GTX 480 doesn't really mean it can HANDLE a 480.... I'll start thinking about my build again, and it won't be inside a SFF box, since I really want this to go awesome performance! Thanks guys!
  2. I've been looking a NUMBER of cases, and can't really decide on which one to actually get... Have in mind I want to fit a GTX 480 inside it I was first thinking about a Shuttle Barebone SX58J3 but it's hella pricy! Then some SilverStone SuGo SG07 That seems to be hell of a good product! Then Thermaltake Lanbox LITE not sure if they fit the GTX480 and then this absolute beauty from Lan Gear: Da Box 100 Blackheart. So, what do you guys think? Which one should I get? Or... do you know a better, nicer SFF "ShoeBoxStyle" Case that'd fit my GTX 480? Please help me
  3. Okay so here we go! I'm planning on building a computer to game, mostly, almost exclusively game. I head that the core i5's perform an awesome job to this task when overclocked and matched with a killer Video Card. So here's what I have in mind for my build so far: CPU: Intel Core I5 760 Motherboard: Asus Maximus III Extreme RAM: 2x2GB DDR3 1600 cas 6 GSkill Eco Series Video Card: GTX 480 (ASUS, EVGA, MSI, ZOTAC, one of the good brands) SSD: OCZ Agility 2 50GB SATA II (for OS and couple of Games) Storage: 1TB WesternDigital, Seagate. Sound: Creative PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series Sound Card PSU: CORSAIR HX Series 850W CPU Cooler: Corsair H50, H70... Optical: LG Blu-ray reader/DVD Burner combo What do you guys think? should I go for it? Am I gonna get a good performance at general games? Any suggestions are welcome! please leave your impressions and tell me where to improve my build! Thanks a lot!
  4. Yeah! the H70! I wanna see how this goes! I'd be happy to see a larger radiator for better performance!
  5. I personally don't like the DF-85 because of its "thingys" in front of the 5 1/4inch drive bays.... But thats just me... I don't like doors or anything extra at my cases... If I were to build a system right now, I'd go with the HAFX As for the PSU, check out the NZXT HALE90... there's a new article here at the front page of OCC: LINK! They have up to a beefy 1000W and 80Plus GOLD Certified! I just don't like it's coloured white... Black would be much better looking
  6. Just for good looks! I really don't enjoy that HUGE cable snake coming out from the PSU, If they were next to the backplate hole, I would just get it all to the back of the case, so it wouldn't look bad! but really that's just for looks
  7. Wouldn't it be better if you mounted the PSU the other way? so the cables that are not modular would stay closer to the hole from the backplate? and... huh... I think the first picture you posted was the wrong one!
  8. Wouldn't mounting the gigantic NH-D14 facing north, to clear your ram slots, also block your first PCIe slot?
  9. Congratulations Original-Jedi! all of your parts look just absolutely amazing! Keep us updated with pics of your system while you are putting all pieces together! and don't forget to show us how good it performs! Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your response! So I'd just better stick with the G.Skill Eco? I head they are good at the p55 systems, but would they perform well at a x58 based system? Thanks!
  11. Guys.. I have updated my first post... please take a look and try to help me with my questions Thx!
  12. Cool, what about the famous Corsair Dominators? are they a good option too?
  13. Thanks for all of your replys! Have been very useful for me! Wouldn't a lower CAS memory be better? This G.Skill trident runs at a CAS 9, and I heard that the lower, the better! And I'm pretty sure that there are lower CAS memory out there! Thanks!
  14. Horray! That's awesome info thanks! Yes, I'd be using a HAF 922 for that since the HAF X is ultra expensive and hard to find here in Brazil (seriously, prices goes up to US$ 700,00 for that here...) So based on what you said I'm assuming that the fully modular Silverstone PSUs are good qualitty, right? Thanks!
  15. Hi RogerDeath! Thanks for your response! uhmm... I'm not really that into the next-releases are gonna be... what's Sandy Bridge? new Intel Core? Thanks!
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