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    Main Rig: Q6600 @ 3.0GHz (333x9) | Zalman CNPS9900 | 4GB DDR2 667 | ATi Radeon HD 5770 | Antec 900 (1st Gen) | 600W Thermaltake

    Portable: Core i5 @ 2.4GHz | 8GB DDR3 1600 | Intel HD 3000 | 90W PSU


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  1. Well the situation with my PSU is weird. I have 1 molex as standard but I have to pay Antec
  2. Well the situation with my PSU is weird. I have 1 molex as standard but I have to pay Antec
  3. Thanks for that, will go for the 770 instead, can get one for
  4. Hi guys my current setup is as this; Core 2 Quad Q6600 3.2GHz 8GB DDR2 800 4-4-4-11 MSI Platinum P965 nVidia GTX560Ti I got offered a GTX580 for
  5. If you go into your sources folder and delete everything but install.wim, boot.wim and setup.exe . The install will work fine but you just can't do a live install from within windows but I'm assuming you'd be wiping the machine clear anyway so it's fine.
  6. Right, the board is absolute schiesse. I can get it to boot at 3465MHz hell I can even get it to boot at 3.8GHz (round about).. but nothing I'm able to do in the BIOS will make it stable. More vCore helps but right now I'm running it at the ragged edge of what voltage the Q6600 will take without destroying itself. The RAM timings are as lax as the BIOS will allow (6-6-6-24) and I don't think it's the memory seeing as it's binned at 800MHz running 6-6-6-20 and right now it's running 790-ish MHz. I've also got the chipsets running at around 1.5v which is supposedly well within the limits of safety according to the BIOS and manufacturer. The closest I got to stable suprisingly was at 3.79GHz running 1.52v if I adjust for vDrop. At that speed it passed 15 tests of prime95 and then failed for some rounding error. My next step will potentially be a new board to push on further... also a Q6600 running at 3.1GHz and above how would that perform alongside potentially a R9 270X graphics card??
  7. I can get it to boot at 3464MHz and pass Prime95 for about 10mins but then it fails. I think my issue might be to due with some vDrop happening somewhere. Any ideas on this one?
  8. Got it booting at 3464MHz. Been stable in Windows and running Prime95 so far. Temps are 45c idle right now. Feeding it 1.425v right now. I removed the DDR2 667 stick I had in there so I'm running 6GB DDR2 800 in total. Making decent headway here so far today
  9. So I found the setting for EIST in my BIOS and disabled it (it was hidden, had to hit F4 to display). Set my RAM to 5-5-5-15 @ 1.9v and as of right now I'm 15 minutes into Prime 95 on Blend so far so good. CPU appears to be at 1.5v and 55c at load.
  10. Hmm.. I might just take a cheeky punt on a used P45 board off eBay. As I'm pretty pleased with how my Q6600 is handling games nowadays but I think it's my 5770 that's letting the side down a bit.
  11. I can't do any work with the multipliers on this board. There doesn't seem to be an option for it in the BIOS. I'm in major agreement with you though, I think it's the board. Not too sure if it's worth going for a board upgrade though.
  12. I added +0.0375V to my core voltage. Thus far no combination of RAM or voltage trickery will let my go past 3105MHz and still be stable
  13. I'm not sure about dividers in my settings, but I've lowered my RAM to effectively be running as though it was DDR2 533.
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