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  1. how about the 460 GTX 1024MB on this page for 109
  2. But i dont understand why that would run any faster? P.S. i thought it was intel atom...
  3. i dont want to break it so didnt clip it off and i bought it locally used it seems that all the reference card have it http://www.guru3d.com/article/radeon-hd-5870-review-test/10 http://www.techspot.com/review/198-ati-radeon-hd-5870-review/page3.html
  4. as the pic shows above there is the yellow bit that blocks away the PCI slot lock so i cant lock the card in properly Can i remove that yellow bit? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi I got a Samsung SSD from a friend as a gift Its great but dont really need it And i dont know anything SSD so I took so pics witht eh model # Asking for 140 shipped or best offer (dont know how much it worth) If you dont like the price just pm me! Or tell me how much i should ask for here! Thanks=) I found the datasheet for this SSD and here is benchmark on passmark Now up for bidding on ebay XFX ATI Radeon HD 5870 The last gen. of ATI graphics great card Asking for 200 Shipped or best offer Will upload pics later Or you can bid it on ebay
  6. First!!! what is the 2500k overclocked at on ECS H67H2-M motherboard?
  7. No...i got a 6850 and put up the ultra setting but i really dont see a difference...
  8. i dont really see a difference with the Ultra setting...orz
  9. Im do-ku...on the republic side...
  10. if i install the Ultra one, i dont need the high res texture. Right?
  11. now their website is overloaded...
  12. I thought of that too.. but the battery itself costs around 80 dollars and and a hundred more I can have one more machine... Or maybe someone can find me a great deal on battery?
  13. according to cpubenchmark.net the performance of intel atom is comparable to P4 but they are low price, portable, and has long battery life My laptop battery just died and wondering should i buy a netbook instead of replaceing the battery (since the battery costs like 80 bucks) I'm gonna use the netbook to do some school work, take some note, do some Java programing, and watch some youtube video... would a netbook be enough? also, there is rumor that intel would release some new chips (n2800, D2500, etc), and there is APU on the AMD side should i wait? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, Looking to buy a gently used netbook with dualcore and at least 6hours battery life need it to run ubuntu and use for Java class in college do really have spare money so the price is kinda firm PM me and wil get back to you ASAP=)
  15. Dual Core 525 Atom processor and the nVidia ION2 graphics chipset for $595
  16. after i installed Origin, everything it starts up, my computer froze up... Anyone experiencing the same thing?
  17. SSD is getting close to 1gb a buck Kingston SSDNow V+100 SVP100S2/96G 2.5" 96GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) And this Crazy fast speed: 500mb/s read and 450mb/s write for about 2buck a GB OCZ Solid 3 SLD3-25SAT3-60G 2.5" 60GB SATA III MLC All these SSDs are so exciting...
  18. Just wondering why -9%2 == 1? in math, the definition of the remainder is something like -9 = 4*-2 + (-1) Then, should it the remainder be (-1)? Thanks in advance=)
  19. No...it does am2, am2+, am3...for AMD 775,1155,1156,1366,etc for intel Noone can find a use for h50??
  20. price dropped to 30 will raise angain by tomorow midnight
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