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  1. I run 4 500GB hard drives in a RAID 0 config (128kb stripe) and find that the speed i get is vastly better than the speed my dad gets with a single 2TB in his machine.
  2. 80 i pushing it, personally i wont let mine get over 70, but i believe 75 is considered ok, but not for extended periods of time.
  3. Just like to quickly draw attention to the name of the first file in the 3rd column of Death's desktop and nice work leecka
  4. In terms of your card, i would suggest reading this: http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/xfx5750/5.htm as it talks about overclocking your exact card and he was able to achieve 845/1385Mhz Also take a look at this from the same review: http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/xfx5750/images/atioc.htm And google is your friend
  5. ok so i have pushed my cards to 950/1300 and will probly leave it at that for now although i have read that i could get them to 1025/1350 if i wanted to. The temps got to 69 on one card and 62 on the other and these are fine. Above 70 and i would be cautious, 72 is still ok, but i wouldnt want it running that hot all the time.
  6. Hey guys, I was considering buying the killer gaming network card, what are peoples thoughts on it? Is it really worth it, will it give me a noticeable difference while playing online? The products website can be found here: http://www.bigfootnetworks.com/killer-2100/ Post up any thought you have on the subject.
  7. I run dual R5770's in my comp and am about to attempt to overclock them i will let you know how it goes, they are not the exact same card but should at least give a good indication of what the 5700 cards are capable of. Meanwhile you will just have to wait until someone who has your card or has experience with it sees your post.
  8. thanks man, yeh 75 is probly the limit of what i would let mine reach and still call safe, i dont even think i will allow mine to push 70 when the time comes, but hopefully my cooling solution will be a bit better than what it was by then Yeh its probly a bit paranoid, but the kind of work i do with this thing, if it cut out in the middle it would be disastrous, and every degree above 70 is making that more likely, but it could never happen, its a personal decision i guess. thanks again for the luck, i may need it, its my first time, think i will have OCC forums open on my laptop next to me the whole time lol
  9. nice work man, but those temps are still too hot, i wouldnt be leaving it there in terms of cooling if i was you, i would be still workin to get those temps down. Ill let you know how my overclock goes when i do it, probs gonna be wednesday when i get off work again,
  10. Those ambient temps are still a little high, normal with stock cooler and no overclock is mid-high 30's. But those load temps are perfectly normal, well done on fixing it I guess we will be pushing forward together towards the magical 4 with our 930's
  11. just remember we are talking Australian dollars here I have actually tested the performance against one of my mates machines and they do marginally better, he has a 500$ nvidia card in there, ill get his exact specs off him when i see him next. Also i will try to get a sig going with my specs in it when i have the time, its 5am here lol
  12. im running ATI cards in my comp and i must say that i am extremely happy with their performance. I know that i am running two, but i was able to get both for around 400$ total and am now achieving very high framerates on anything i throw at them. Im using the MSI HD5770 Hawk edition cards, they are reviewed here at: http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/msi_hd5770_hawk_1gb/ So if the card your going to get is anywhere near the 400$ mark, mayb consider getting two of these? Otherwise i have always thought NVIDIA was the way to go with stand-alone cards.
  13. Hmm this is weird, i had EXACTLY the same temps before with my non-stock cooler, and, concluding that it was the cooler, installed the stock one for comparison and now achieve idle temps of mid 30's and load temps of mid 60's. Note that i have the exact same CPU as you, and looking at your screenshot, the exact same settings as well (stock, no overclock). The only thing i can think of is that there isnt good contact as someone above has said, the way i was able to tell is that i actually put my eye on the same level as the CPU when the cooler was attached and i could see right through to the other side, indicating a substantial gap between my cooler and my CPU, and thus the bad temps. Do you have a configuration such that you could do this? even if you look through the top or side of the case and can see through where the cooler should be contacting the CPU you will no you are not getting the contact you need. I also found that sometimes with the push-pin system these coolers use, you can think its locked in but actually it isnt and the cooler isnt pressing down onto the CPU when you sit the case up right, it actually comes away a bit. All these things could be causing it, id take a good look at it before pointing the fingers at the CPU itself, because those numbers look awfully familiar to me and now mine is running fine.
  14. Yeh i had those idle temps as well, using a stock cooler they came right back down to 21 and my temps while using the cpu and under load were normal as well. It was an issue with my cooler not contacting my CPU properly or just not working at all, so i am now on the hunt for a new cooler. I doubt you will see a difference with a new CPU as your temps are exactly the same as mine were with a half working cooler But will be good for comparison, I am using the thermal pads on my stock cooler, so no paste in there at the moment and it is running fine, all be it with no overclocking done on it at the moment, so just to get the thing working with normal temps id suggest sticking the stock cooler in there until you find a solution. EDIT: or at least to compare the temps and see if there is a difference, it will at least rule out your CPU and the sensors as the problem if there is.
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