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  1. I was thinking that too but likely the 290 would then be the conflicting component due to length You would be surprised what you can fit a R9 290 in these days. With a Core i5 2500 I'm guessing you have a standard ATX board, That is going to ultimately limit your choices to a mid tower. Most of the smaller builds will mean you have to change to an MATX board to shrink the case size any further. Okay thank you!
  2. I'm looking to moving into the dorms but I do not want to rid myself of my desktop. Maybe I could get a Cooler Master Elite 130 case to fit my stuff? I'm pretty new to small case. I think the deciding factor would be my ATX motherboard, hyper 212 cooler, and r9 290. Maybe you guys would have some recommendations?
  3. He wont tell us because he wants to keep his weekly pay
  4. So I am working for a local business and they set up a website a while back. The problem is that my boss does not know who is hosting it. He paid a local guy to set it up for him. Now the guy only edits it once a week to change the ads around. My boss wants it so that he can edit it himself without having the middle man since it is fairly simple to change 4 pics once a week. I found out the servers that the website is on but those servers are rented to another company who is hosting the website. The server company would not give me the information on who they are renting it to. So how can I find out who is actually hosting it so that my boss can edit the website himself?
  5. I have the s3 on us cellular but my phone is rooted so I have 4.4.2. It really is worth your time to root your device.
  6. Maybe I didn't explain it well enough. Basically windows separated all of my files during the backup and put them into compressed folders. I guess my new question would be is how can I extract them all out of the individual folders and put them into one big folder? here's a screenshot of what my backup folders look like.
  7. I made a backup of my SSD from a windows 7 computer since I was having problems and needed to reformat. Anyway, I need to merge 855 folders. Is there a quick way of doing this without renaming them all manually and having windows merge them?
  8. Do you think 2Gb will be enough? I have 2 monitors but only game on the 1440p one.
  9. What do you guys think about getting 1 now and maybe another one later? I definitely have enough PSU power.
  10. Tigerdirect is having a sale on the 7950 (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=8140415&Sku=). And I've had my 6870 for a while with my 1440p monitor and it is starting to struggle when playing at that resolution. I could probably hold off until the next generation comes out but is it really worth the wait? I don't want to wait and then my i5 2500k is then out of date. Do any of you guys think that the ps4 will be the last consoles? If it is, do you think we will come to the point where we will no longer need a faster gpu for gaming? If thats the case, should I wait until technology hits that wall, or is that too far down the road?
  11. So I have had cox communications for several years now and just this month they sent me an email about going over their new data cap of 250Gb. This is ridiculous, I'm a long time customer and there isn't any other way to get internet where I live. Is there anything I can do other than not use the internet as much? I'm already paying almost 50$ a month for the tier I am on and I just upgraded. I refuse to pay another 25$ just to make the cap 500Gb.
  12. My friend just got a new all in one computer and I was wondering what a good way I could back up the old drive. I haven't checked but I am sure that the old computer has an IDE connection. And I'm not really sure how I could back up all of his files. and move them into an all in one computer. Can I put them on a cloud bank somewhere? Idk if that is a good idea because he lives in the country and the internet is not that good.
  13. Well I dug high and low for the settings in DD-DWRT on both routers and couldn't find it. I'm thinking about getting just one really nice router. I did raise the TX power to 71 db a while back though. Think that would have any effect?
  14. So I have 2 routers. One is a linksys and the other is a netgear. They are both running DD-DWRT. The linksys is running as a repeater for the other half of the house. My questions are, is there something wrong with my connection according to this chart? My phone was connected to the repeater and was downloading an album off of the google play store. I was thinking that I would get a more stable download than this. I'd also like to see what you guys would recommend to do to tweak the 2 routers to run more efficiently and get a stronger signal. With only 20 mb/s of internet shared between everyone watching netflix and youtube, it can get rather bogged down. Here's the screenshot. This is from the netgear router (the main router).
  15. So I've been working on a desk for a while now. I thought you guys would appreciate the pics. I'd say it turned out pretty good. If you guys have any mods you'd recommend that would be awesome. I'd like to do something about the cable but haven't figured something out yet. Before:
  16. It is on PC. You can see press "R" to reload at the beginning.
  17. Well so much for that. The new internet plan got enabled when I enabled the new modem.
  18. I'm getting my internet upgraded in a bit to 20 some mbps. At the moment I only have 3mbps with a docsis 2.0 modem but I am getting a docsis 3.0 modem today. So I was going to test to see if there was any difference in speed with the 2 different modems even at 3 mbps. I was curious and I think I remember someone else being curious. Anyways I'll post my results. Thought you guys might be interested. Before:
  19. Wow, you have the exact same setup as my old setup. I too love the Q701s, but I do not think they have the right amount of bass for the OP. What headphones are you using now?
  20. I have the ATH-M50's and just bought the AKG q701 and they don't even compare. Q701 is better in every way. If you are looking for some great open cans go for them. You might want to buy a good amp to use them though. I just use my asus xonar STX with a built in amp and it is plenty to power them. At the moment I am using a Fiios e6 to power them when mobile though and that sounds decent. But nothing compares to FLAC audio at the desktop. Btw q701 work great for video games too because they have a huge sound stage. EDIT: I do recommend that ATH-M50s though. They're great for their price.
  21. So my friend brought his laptop to me and said his charging port on his laptop is loose. I'm not sure what I can do to help him. Can I solder a new port on it?
  22. I don't think you'll see a big difference if you get a sata 3 HDD and put that on a sata 2 port. Actually I did that with mine at first and did not see much of a real world difference. I went ahead and did that benchmark I got this: minimum: 76.2 maximum: 145.3 average: 115.8 access tune 14.6ms (it was also in the yellow) burst rate: 153.0 MB/s Also my HDD is very noisy also. One other thing that I would try is to go into the bios and change the connection type. Your computer might not boot and you might have to switch it back though so just be forewarned. You can change it from a ATA connection to a AHCI or vice versa. Also, do you have any other drives hooked up to your computer? From the benchmarks, it looks like to me that your minimum is awful low, maybe you were running a torrent in the background? If not that is probably the issue right there.
  23. Another thing that I would try is to go to your motherboard makers site and get all of the drivers updated on the chipsets maybe? I'd also try switching the sata ports on your motherboard to see if that changes anything. I guess its worth a shot. Thanks for the link btw
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