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  1. I am having a problem getting my Q8800 to overclock with a new Asus P5n-D mobo. I was running a Gigabyte P35 until one of the tracers burnt up. On that board, i was able to OC to 3.3 with no problems with the memory i currently have. So i got this new board, installed everything started to play around with the OCing. I got the cpu up to 3.1 or so to play around because i knew it could handle it but when i saved and exited the cpt would not restart or boot up into windows. After manually cutting the cpt off, then back on, i got this message "Your system last boot fail or POST interrupted. Please enter setup to load default and reboot again." I can press F1 to boot into windows anyways but when i check the stats in windows it still says 2.4 @ 2.4. Anyone have a clue about this board and what i am possibly doing wrong?
  2. It has been a week or 2 but i picked up a 120gb ipod classic for 50 bucks. Great condition and only about a year old. Had a guy at work try to buy it off of my for 60 today, i didn't hesitate to tell him how ignorant he was haha.
  3. I think it's time for me so say hello, so hello everyone. I am a new member but I'm not completely new to the site. I just so happen to be Airman's roommate if anyone is familiar with him. But, I just finished building my first rig so I figured it was time for me to join. It's nothing to fancy (2.4 @ 3.0) but I figured it's better to start small to make sure it's something I will want to keep toying with rather than spend a lot and it be "just a phase". And yes, I realized that I am hooked and or addicted so I should be around a while
  4. There is a radio station around the area that refers to their audience as P1's. P1 stands for priority one and each P1 has their own user name. During the time I became a P1, i was really big into Ford Mustangs and that was the roots for my user name. Blown stands for supercharging a motor, while stroked stands for boring out the cylinders to increase displacement and It just so happens that blown and stroked is a sexual innuendo also
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