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    I don't like it. That engine just has WAY too much power to be of any use. Looks are nice, I just wish it had a cowl hood.



    You sir are a wuss! There is no such thing as to much power. Only those that cannot harness it! 



    There's no such thing as too much power, but there is such thing as a car not being set up for using that much power, and from the looks of it, this thing isn't ready for 600+ rwhp. Maybe it can put it down in a straight line, but it doesn't seem like it could use very much of that around a corner. 


    Wait a second... hold up.... since when did you care? aint that the argument waco threw at you about miata vs z-car?  lol.


    Looks cool, but i agree with puck, buy a classic and drop the vette engine in it. Cheaper(could be), cooler, more fun and more satisfying.

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  2. There's an APP for parents to prevent kids from texting while driving,.. it comes with a black box that is mounted in the car and blocks all phone usage within 5 feet of the car,.. it costs about $100 bucks but is worth every penny if it prevents something like this or worse happening to your kids.

    Thats good in some cases, but it a rather sledgehammer approach. What about the apssengers, or people who use their phone for a gps? Or howbout i'm upside down and stuck and i can't call the cops?

    I'm more in favor of severe persecution of offenders and scaring some common sense into the idiots.

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