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  1. You sir are a wuss! There is no such thing as to much power. Only those that cannot harness it! There's no such thing as too much power, but there is such thing as a car not being set up for using that much power, and from the looks of it, this thing isn't ready for 600+ rwhp. Maybe it can put it down in a straight line, but it doesn't seem like it could use very much of that around a corner. Wait a second... hold up.... since when did you care? aint that the argument waco threw at you about miata vs z-car? lol. Looks cool, but i agree with puck, buy a classic and drop the vette engine in it. Cheaper(could be), cooler, more fun and more satisfying.
  2. Thats good in some cases, but it a rather sledgehammer approach. What about the apssengers, or people who use their phone for a gps? Or howbout i'm upside down and stuck and i can't call the cops? I'm more in favor of severe persecution of offenders and scaring some common sense into the idiots.
  3. In some states it is. don't see many people prosecuted though unfortunately.
  4. I like that color, but you need some real tires on there. A winch and KC lights with street tires just doesn't fit
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