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    What I find wierd is you can load in safe mode which points to corrupt drivers or os ??


    Maybe we are looking in the wrong place.  Trying to solve a problem based on the reported symptoms alone.


    Thinking outside the box, maybe there is another piece of hardware connected that is failing during boot initialization?  Do you have any USB devices connected?  If so disconnect and retry.  Even if it's a USB keyboard or mouse, swap for PS/2 if possible for now.


    Disconnect extra hard drives / optical drives that aren't needed to boot the machine.


    Maybe the power supply is at fault?


    Good idea. 

    As of right now i have cleared the USB Controller, PS/2 controller and ethernet controller. Gonna check the optical drive, next.


    I've been cogitating, and something occurred to me. It consistently hangs just before the GUI loads, soo maybe the display driver is where it fails, and as it fails in linux too... maybe my primary gpu has finally died? I'm gonna try uninstalling the second card and the nVidia driver and see if that helps.

  2. Cokeman, i tried the last socket and no dice, wouldn't even start to load windows, just went into a post loop. Thinking that must mean mobo.

    Hey Speed.  Have you had the CPU out of the socket lately, or disassembled your PC for a cleaning?  New cpu cooler by chance?  


    Essentially anything that may have caused the CPU to lose contact with the socket pins, or maybe even bend the socket pins?  Your symptoms are similar to what you might experience if the socket pins are damaged or bent.  If none of the above applies please disregard.


    Since funds are tight, you might consider reaching out to the friendly community here and asking someone to check your motherboard and cpu with spare 1366 parts they may have sitting around.  I'd offer myself, except I've cleared out all my socket 1366 gear.  Sorry about that.

    Thanks for the gesture wev i appreciate it. I haven't touched anything in the case period since April when i got the case. Last time i had the cooler off was about 2 years ago.. good idea though.

    I may go that route, but at the moment i can ateast get on the internet and move files to online storage so i can access them elsewhere. (safe mode can't do most of the stuff i want to do, but it sure beats doing nothing)

  3. Well the crucial sticks arrived Thursday, and this morning i took a minute to install them... Nothing! I tried each individually, no change. PC won't even boot with the one stick that was keeping me running. Safe mode works, but windows continues to hang just before the logo regardless of memory config(i tried every possible combination of the six sticks i now have).

    Interestingly i slapped a live cd of linux mint(and later ubuntu) in and it too refused to boot in anything other than compatibility mode(safe mode equivalent).

    So i'm rather perplexed, seems to me its a mobo issue, but i'm not really sure how to fix it. I say mobo because it must be something that slips by when minimal drivers are used, but it can't be a software issue as it also fails to boot a live cd that i can slap in another computer and run normally.


    Any ideas? I really don't want to have to build a new pc, i am on the knife edge of broke broke.

  4. In the past the on my x58 I Have noticed a difference is when moving from 800kHz up to 1600 or higher while leaving the CAS below 9. Once I had to move the cas above 9 then the crispness of it went away. Here is some memory I can recommend all day long to anyone. You may not going to be able to get the Memory cas as low Rated Without some serious QPI Voltage BUT it will be worth the Overclocking. If that is not too important here is all the Memory Modules I recommend. Enjoy. Maybe its time I took out the Old X58 system out and see IF I can find 4.60Ghz Like i did back when they came out.


    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820226185 This first and foremost on the Pricey side.


    http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007611%2050001504%20600006050%20600052011&IsNodeId=1&name=Triple%20Channel%20Kit&Order=PRICE&Pagesize=20 The lot of them.



    Looked this post back up and looks like my Kindle failed miserably.

    Thanks for the information regardless man.

  5. You can save a few dollars buying G.SKILL modules,.. till the end of November with 10% off Promo Code: (GSKILLPREBLK) @ Newegg $16.39 a stick W/Free Shipping.



    Dang it... i wish i'd seen that before i ordered the crucial sticks.


    By the way, aren't your current sticks lifetime warrantied?? I've never had memory that wasn't lifetime warrantied. If you aren't upgrading capacity just RMA those

    They are, but G.Skill requires i send in the full set. That requires taking my computer offline for the indefinite period while they process my RMA. As i use this machine for both work and school that is not an option. I will however RMA the ram after i get these crucial sticks installed. At that point i may either try running both sets together for 12gb or sell one set.

  6. I am looking at some RAM to replace the sticks that died in my PC recently and am drowning in all the different numbers being thrown at me.
    For normal day to day usage how much do those numbers mean? I don't plan to overclock this rig again, i just need it to perform reliably for another year or two till i can afford to replace it.
    I am looking particularly at this module from crucial(i would buy 3 sticks): http://www.amazon.com/Crucial-CT25664BA1339-240-PIN-PC3-10600-Memory/dp/B001NA25VS/ref=sr_1_4?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1383672877&sr=1-4
    Its 1333 MHZ vs the 1600 MHZ set it would replace, but will i be able to notice that?
    Latency.. it has a CL of 9 vs a CL of 7
    and a timing of  (its not even listed... anywhere) vs 7-8-7-24-2N

    In real life, what do all these numbers really mean? And should i care?

    Thanks y'all

  7. Contact G.Skill - they have a lifetime warranty on everything don't they?



    Yes they do........


    Might not be the fastest solution, but would likely be the cheapest   :)

    It would be cheapest, but probably fairly slow, and i would need to take the functioning stick out of my pc to do that as they require you to send the whole set. At your own expense too.

    Thinking i'm going to order some cheap RAM and then make a fuss to G.Skill at my leisure rather than worrying about getting my pc running again in a hurry.

    I'm way out of it on the RAM game so i'll need some opinons but i'm looking at picking up three of these as i have some amazon credit and a prime account.


    What do y'all think? I don't overclock anymore, i just need something that will run and last till i need to upgrade the whole machine in another year or two. And they have a lifetime warranty too, so some added security. I just have no clue as to the timing, latency etc implications for day to day use.

  8. Did the 2 sticks of ram die at the same time, that is very strange ?

    That is the weird part, i pulled all three and ran each individually to see which sticks let the pc boot; 2 did. So i put those two in together and it booted then hung and crashed. So i went back to individual sticks and one of those two failed this time.


    Run memtest from a cd or flash drive and see what tests it fails on. Try each DIMM  by itself and see if it passes memtest. You can look at voltages on the mem controller and looser timings to see if any of that helps.  

    I have a memtest cd somewhere i will dig out but for now all i have used is the windows memtest. It passed basic and standard for 20 loops fine, but failed extended at 21% on all three together. One stick ran all the above fine(the one i'm running on), the second that ran until paired failed extended on its third pass at about the 21% mark again. And the third stick failed extended at 2%. Now i know Ms memtest aint that great but until i lay hands on my memtest cd it will have to do.

    My main problem is i need access for school and work and down time will hurt my grades as most of my assignments are on my pc.

  9. Hey Y'all,

    So after spending my paycheck on amazon, my computer crashed... And 4 hours later i have determined that i have 2 dead sticks of RAM. Sooo needless to say my win 7 pc is next to useless with 2gbs of RAM.

    I am about to buy some cheap ram, but before i do i want to know if there is a way to determine whether the issue was the ram itself or the memory controller. Only reason i ask is because this board is 4 years old, and for the first 2 it was moderately overclocked, and has been stressed all of its life.


    And my other question is, what do y'all recomend in the DDR3 RAM department. The sticks that just died were G Skill Pi 1600 mhz. I'm not interested in overclocking at this point, just solid and bang for the buck.




  10. Worked. I don't know why you people complain about working. I got paid pretty damn well for just sitting around, texting, playing with tablets, and chatting with customers. 

    Haha. Its people like you who make us hate work. You work, what 8 hours, at the max? In air conditioning! Doing all the above, for what? $17 an hour or somewhere around there?

    Some of us work 12-16 hours a day for not much more than minimum wage at times, 6-7 days a week. Be grateful for what you have, and quit dumping it in that durn car :P

    Don't get me wrong, i love my job, but i would mind a little more compensation.

  11. So let me get this straight.



    You have a low compression motor, ported head, stock valvetrain, and a high RPM cam.


    What the hell was the last owner thinking? :lol:

    I'm starting to think more along the lines of what the hell was onion thiking? Or smoking, when he bought it?

  12. My younger brother has the Rugby III now.  He got it for Christmas last year.  He had a Rugby II before and he swore it was indestructible.  My brother works in construction and dropped his previous Rugby II off a 10ft high scaffold and other than some dings that phone still worked. He finally killed it when he dropped it into a porta-pottie.


    He says that the III isn't anywhere near as rugged as the II and he would still recommend the II, but not the III.


    I edited this post after I got off the phone with him to make sure I remembered the story correctly..................................


    He would have purchased another II at Christmas, but couldn't find one in stock so he opted on the III.

    Haha, those porta-potties can mess some stuff up. We fished an handgun (don't ask) out of one at the farm after a week... that sucker was eaten to pieces platic all corroded and the bluing was gone and rust everywhere.

    Sounds like the tought phone i need, now to see if i can find one in stock.


    well i hope you find one that's right for you speed,...i recently went from my old tried and true windows 7 lg quantum (passed along to the wife) to my first full on smart phone, the htc one x, that lasted me for about a week (and went to my daughter), and was replaced with a Sammy s4 galaxy...this galaxy thing has all the bells and whistles, and completely replaces the custom built truck computer that i used to take with me on the road...s4 battery life isn't the greatest and the screen isn't as big as a monitor (duh) but it pretty much does everything i can do on any machine at home...

    Thanks man, as much as i would like to have a toy like that, it just doesn't fit what i need it to do. I can see it being awesome for you on the road, but on the farm it wouldn't last long.

  13. You could give the Huwai a try, I know you said no smartphones but it's in your budget.

    I wanted people's opinion so that i did not have to give a phone a 'try'. Money is tight and i ain't buying anythong on the offchance its good. A cheap smart phone would likely be worse than a cheap flip, more to go wrong.


    Anyone have anything good to say about Chinese produced tablets?




    Check out the display on that =o

    Tablets? Seriously? On topic please.


    I am looking at the Samsung Rugy II right now, looks like just the ticket. Anybody used any of this series?

  14. I just bought a Blu Tank T190i. It's cheep, rugged, wiil accept a 8GB micro SD, but I can't get it to let me add new names and numbers. To add new contacts to the sim I had to put the sim in another phone, add the contacts, then transfer the sim back



    Thanks for the suggestion, but if i can't add contacts.... thats useless. I add and remove contacts fairly regualrly, basically job by job i have a different set of work contacts so i would be screwed.

  15. Hey Guys,

    I am needing some help to find a new phone, i have a consumer cellular plan, not the greatest i know, but i have had the plan for about 6 years now and it is ridiculously cheap so i don't want to drop it. They claim to work with any AT&T or any unlocked GSM phones(just slap the SIM card in).

    So i need to find find the best bang for the buck phone that meets those criterea, i'm not interested in a smart phone i just want a solid dependable phone that calls, texts, and has a calendar. A camera is nice but not requisite. When i say solid i mean, it my last phone - that died on me last night, is/was a Samsung SGH-A237 - was sumberged in salt water, freshwater, mud, dropped on concrete from the top of a ladder, run over with a 4-wheeler and still worked. The menu was simple and i could get to everything useful with one button push. The only downside was the tiny memory, it would hold about 200 txts before i had to manually delete them all. I favor flip phones because the screen is protected, and in my line of work that is important, but so long as it is tough i don't really care.

    Price range... ehh... i don't have a lot to go around right now due to some other stuff thats going on but i want something thgat will last. So try to keep it under $100, but cheaper is better.

    Thanks guys,


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