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  1. ... Thats pretty good. Where you been man, long time no see. Hope you had a good christmas. As far as my fitness goes... I normally work out once or twice a week, try to run a few miles atleast once a week. Cycle a few miles most weekends... Yeah, i haven't been that great at integrating it into my schedule, plus not having a someone to work out with makes it kinda easy to slip up.
  2. Intriguing... I wonder how old that research is, and whether it has made its way into use. EDIT: I realize the report is recent, but they say the first one was in 2004 so the tech has been out there for probably well over a decade.
  3. Congratz everyone. Even the lucky peep who won two things. Hope everyone had plenty of eggnog, i'm out.
  4. Family and making Christmas special for the kids is whats important. We can wait and I'm sure everyone would agree. Merry Christmas!! Agreed, Christmas is about you and your family. Props for taking those kids in over the holiday. As far as i'm concerned you spend your time with them and do the draw on the 26th.
  5. Andrew, how does that bundle thing work? I have portal 1 and would love to play portal 2, but i dont need another copy of portal 1. Is it possible to spit the bundle? If not, i would love dirt 3. I need something fun this vacation.
  6. I have never personally used hulu, but my impression is that it is more tv shows than movies. I'm not real big into tv shows and netflix hasn't failed me yet, so i haven't tried it.
  7. What a load of crap! Yup, I think that statement adequately summarizes your 4k posts
  8. You can't get ammo for range use from the range?? This is true, maybe a full break down (for practice and getting to know the inside of your gun) is in order and then cross check the parts and their functionality. The public range I've frequented has been burnt down for a couple months now but the upside is they sell ammo out the door now (usually 100rd/day limit on the most common handgun calibers). Not sure if serious or not but I can maybe get you some 9mm if you're in that much of a need. I got a nice stash of 22LR due to this fact . Haha, nah man i'm good, unless someone provokes me to burn through my stash in a hurry. Just haven't seen it on the shelves for a while. But 22LR... now that is pure gold around here. Still sitting on half a case i bought a year ago, i have resold more than i shot.
  9. Damn, pretty game good deal. That's cheaper than I paid for my 22A-1, how'd you score such a deal?? NJ sucks lol (also pics!) I just found a couple private sellers selling real cheap. Jacksonville is pretty redneck, lots of guns so the prices are low. I also found a Kahr CM9 and holster for $380 that I considered (only 100 rounds through it) and a Glock 26 for $500 with a holster, a bunch of extra mags, and 25 high quality 9mm defense rounds. The shield came with the 7 round mag (more concealable) and an 8 round mag (makes the gun a little taller than a glock 17). It also came with a lock. The gun was manufactured in late May 2013. Pics coming soon! Glad you got a good deal, but as with other potentially dangerous or expensive things be real careful buying guns from private sellers. Especially complicated ones like this compact, too many little pieces that could be damaged. At the very least i would ask to meet them at a range and put a few rounds through it, if not get a gun smith to look it over. Have fun, and if you find 9mm buy a bunch and send me a box =p
  10. What game needs two titans? Two folding, one gaming, besides its kinda hard to game with no monitor
  11. Recently; lots. Normally just a cup or tow in the morning but with my current stressful schedule i have been drinking it like water.
  12. Uhm... Lol, lets let the expert weigh in. Got your license yet nyt? I say the celica, fairly good mpg and a heap of fun to drive.
  13. Time runs slow nothing, all the world suddenly joins occ when we open a contest. Your doing a great job on the prizes dave, this might be the best one we have had yet.
  14. Hey Guys, I recently recieved a CM Sirus 5.1 headset through another website i am a member of and they accidentally sent me two. I was told merry christams keep the second one. Now i don't have any use for this second headset as none of my other rigs have 5.1 audio so i want to sell it or trade it. On OCC i will let it go for $50 or a similarly valued trade. Free shipping lower 48. As far as trades go i have nothing particularly in mind, just want something i will use to replace something i wont, anything really except a headset. My assessment of the headset after using one is: Ergonomics: It is comfortable, if a little heavy, the ear pads are amazingly comfy and warm. Audio: Games: don't really have anything to compare it with, but the mic is decent and the noise cancellation really works. directional sound seems fair, but again i have no reference. Music: DO NOT BUY IF YOU ARE AN AUDIOPHILE, the bass is slightly week but overall it sounds quite good once tuned in correctly. Far better than my desktop speakers (cyber acoustic) and my low end senhieser headphones. Dubstep is not its strong point due to the weak bass but most everything else was more than satisfactory for me. Movies: Again the bass is slightly soft but in general this is where it shines, comfy for long movies, excellent noise cancellation for no distractions, clear mids and highs for voices and effects, and the 5.1 combined with noise cancellation creates an excellent immersive experience. Over all i would say it is perfect for the buget to moderate gamer who wants some higher end features at a reasonable price but does not want to sacrifice comfort or audio enjoyment. I personally love them. I'm sure it would make a great Christmas present for someone. Trades: offer what you got, bottom line is i want something i will use, not to worried about getting my moneys worth as i did not spend anything. Will accept paypall but i would prefer amazon or newegg email gift cards. Protects us both, and no fees.
  15. Great camera. I have its younger brother the 5100. The one thing that helped me most in learning how to make the most of a DSLR was to get a basic guide to the settings and then slap it on a tripod and drop it in full manual and mess with everything taking the same shot every time and experimenting with how different settings turn out. I took probably 1000 or more pics that afternoon most of the worthless but i learned a lot. Biggest thing is just use it. I personally would not recommend a micro sd card as any adapter will slow down transfer rates and potentially affect the camera's performance, especially if you are shooting in burst mode.
  16. Entered. Good luck everybody. One of those titans would make a n excellent upgrade for my dying gpus, would help put me back on the folding score board too ...
  17. I'm down, if i remember. I used to download and listen to your show religiously, then i was away most of the summer and i think i have listened to 1 episode since. Need to get back to it.
  18. How many do you take in America ?Usually 15-24 credits with each class being 3 credits. Per semester. Seems things are different in South Africa. Anyway, guess I'll find out in January anyway lol When two 7970 cores are only half used or stutter so bad that you're forced to disable crossfire, your FPS and gameplay experience suffers. And the "frame pacing" fix for AMD makes your screen flicker like mad, you really get irritated with it. But if you can live with that then good for you but I'd rather avoid it when I can Why not get the fastest single GPU card around ? Guess i better move to SA then, sounds like a piece of cake compared to all the classes we have to take here. Guess they don't make you do any general ed classes.I have 18 credit hours a semester for 4 years.. so assuming 3 credit hours a class that is 48 classes.. dang, hadn't looked at it like that before, though granted that is for a major and a minor. Hey nyt, got a spare bedroom? =p
  19. Eh, i started out doing it... went to get passport pics and decided i better shave as i'm gonna have to live with those pics for 10 years... I can get some mean sideburns that don't quite reach my jawline, and under my chin looks like a hay field, but i have never gone long enough for it to connect.
  20. I joined the group. And mondays would normally work for me too.
  21. Well if you stream any on a different night of the week i'll hop on, but wednesdays are out for me. Would be nice to see some new movies, new to me anyway, haven't watched much recently.
  22. 12GB! Now if only i'd done all this troubleshooting before i spent that money, i coulda had a new GPU, well newer. Oh well. Thanks again y'all. Good thinking wev.
  23. Well removing the 2nd gpu solved the issue. Now to see if i can run 12gb ram, or is some of it really is bad.
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