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  1. Okies, from your diagram, you have actually 2 different networks, one with 2 computers and the other 3 computers connected to the switch. you should be able to access the switch from one of the computers that's connected to it. But the other 2 that are connected directly to the gateway can/won't see/connect to the switch.. This is because the switch forms a separate network off the gateway.

    That makes sense, however the computer i am using to try and access the switch is directly attached to it.

  2. Here is the layout.



    The gateway is and Arris something or other provided by the ISP.

    The gateway has four port in the back of it, two of those ports go directly to computers.

    The third port in use has a CAT5 cable that runs to the opposite end of the building where i have a Cisco-Linkseys WRT54GL router configured as a switch. I think the option was labeled passthrough or something. Anyway it serves connection both wirelessly and hardwired to a number of computers.

    I'm afraid you lost me with the subnet thing, all i know is that it works, but i can't access the cisco-linkseys router to change its settings.

  3. I can see but not access my network switch.



    Computer -> Switch -> Gateway Router


    I setup my network a few years ago. At that time i could access the switch by navigating to it via, and the router by Then last year my ISP replaced my gateway with one of their own, an Arris something or other, that they locked me out of. Now i have to call them whenever i want a port forwarded and explain why, such bs.



    I just recently started using the wireless functionality of my switch(yes i'm a little behind the times in that respect) and as such wanted to see if there were any settings i could tweak. So i direct my browser to and it times out. I ping it and it times out. I tracert it, and it times out.

    At this point i downloaded SoftPerfect Network scanner, it can see all the devices on my network and registered something with the ip address, but couldn't tell me anything else about it. So i found a mac address scanner which not only said there was a device there but also confirmed it was a Cisco-Linksys device. But i still can't access it.

    Do any of y'all network wizards have any ideas on what i could try?




  4. Considering that intelligence is the best antivirus out there, using software only accounts for 10% of the job. MSE and some decent advice should yield a clean PC.

    This is very true, but i am not the only one who uses my pc, and i can't account for all of their web habits as i am not always home when it is 'borrowed'.


    Wev, i downloaded panda, it is very light weight and fast. It turned up some tracking cookies and adware that AVG had missed, and had a clear process for dealing with them. But unfortunately it doesn't have a scheduled scan, and for me that is a deal breaker because i want something that will check the system even when i forget to, and it can't do that. But i would highly recommend it for someone who likes to run their stuff manually.


    No need to apologize, everything's good.  ;)


    Don't drive for fifteen hours, it can't be good. I'm knackered after four!  :lol:


    Its not as bad in the US as it is in the UK. No average speed cameras, no speed cameras, and barely any traffic. I'm pretty used to long drives, I do them a couple times a year to go visit my family in Miami, its a 5 hour and 30 minute ride. 


    Oh, best of all, radar detectors and laser jammers are legal in most states, which means you can go however fast you please. :)


    Haha, yeah... 'most' states. Don't take it up north. And even if it itself is legal a real picky cop will cite you for obstructing due course of law or some such. Can't remember, i wasn't the one driving, but it was BS. 

  6. Really a personal preference.  You'll find the Avast! faithful, the Avira faithful, the AVG faithful and so on.  I'm not claiming that MSE is the best free AV, just the best free AV for me.


    But again, I want to emphasize that I've been really impressed with the Panda Cloud Free AV.  Much like MSE, it's a snap to install, easy to configure and doesn't constantly nag you or affect your productivity.

    Yeah i have had no problems with AVG itself, its done its job, but the 'added functionality' is rather irritating.

    I'll give panda a go.

  7. Now i know this can o worms has been opened in the past but i think something up-to-date would not go amiss.


    Back Story:


    I have been using AVG Free and it has worked fairly well, it has found and eliminated a few viruses and kept my computer running fairly smoothly, but it insits on hijacking my browsers and its update this morning was the last straw.

    I was in the middle of working on a research paper and avg started up, its scheduled to run Thursday mornings at 8, no problem, it asked to update, not a problem i hit update and went to refill my coffee. Come back and it has closed and reset my browsers. Like completely, search  and home page is now avg and my history, login data, cache, and cookies are all gone. Screw you AVG i'm done.

    I used to use MSE but after seeing the test results for it toward the end of last year i jumped ship, but it never did me wrong so i'm not adverse.




    My question therefore is not about which is best virus wise but which is best usability and user friendly wise. (I weekly run malwarebytes and super anti spyware, i jsut need something that will run and catch most stuff should i forget)  Which is most customizable and least intrusive?

    Thank y'all,


  8. My safety razor and all sorts of goodies came in the mail. I just had the best shave I've had in my entire life. 



    Tell me, how did it compare to a disposable with multiple blades? I have only ever used those, or electric ones. And atleast in those categories the more blades the better the shave. I mean i know you said it was the best shave of your life but do you mean, ease, feel, closeness?

  9. NOTE: I am using Chrome.

    So i logged in this morning and can't view certain threads. They throw this warning:


    Now obviously i doubt its validity, but i'm curious. Last time this happened it turned out to be the FAH sigs.

    I haven't tried a huge number but so far i haven't spotted a pattern. Is anyone else having this problem?



    EDIT: Here is the advisory.


  10. $300, 3 pairs of runners, a HR monitor (for training and clients) and a broken heart.


    Also wrote my bike off, spent a week in hospital, was killed instantly and then revived.. ive had a great holiday!

    If only the driver didn't know CPR.. :-/

    Dang... what happended man, glad to hear you are alright. 

  11. I have a samsung surround sound set up in the living room. Its nice for movies but really isn't that great for music. Could probably be configured better but we don't use it enough to spend the money.

    For my pc i have a CM Sirus S headset that has halfway decent surround sound, but i only use that for movies and games, for music i use my old - not so reliable - 2.1 setup. 

  12. doin great,



    wait somethings wrong your spelling is better

    Lol. I noticed the same thing.


    Top notch, same as my dog's breath is a notch above foul =p

    Glad you are back at folding, i haven't been able to fold for a few months now, my cards have finally worn out, one failed and the other is hanging on until i can afford to replace it.


    Figured I'd post this in here too:


    New Ruger 10/22 Takedown-


    Tomorrow I'm gonna go see about getting a low power scope or may even an 'el cheapo' reticule/red dot sight.

    Cool doug, reminds me I still wanna get a nice, long .22 bolty someday. I have my sister's inherited Marlin Model 75 if I want 10-22 like action....though there's no where to take rifles around here :(




    Love those guns. Wish i had an excuse to get one. How many does that mag hold?

    I'm gonna guess 25?


    Lol i noticed the number after i asked, though its awful tall for a 25. Or is it single stack?





    Love those guns. Wish i had an excuse to get one. How many does that mag hold?





    I'll tell you a good excuse.  "JUST BECAUSE DAMN IT"





    Same reason I built an AR-15  :wallbash:


    Good reason, but i'd probably build an AR before i buy another .22 i can't find any practical reason for more than .22 rifles at this point.





    On the general firearms topic:

    I read this article about dogs in Scotland today and i struck me how similar their arguments are to the anti gun crowd in the US. I mean really, micro-chipping and muzzling all the law abiding people's dogs will stop those feral dogs or irresponsible people's dogs from biting people? Sounds real similar to the remove the law abiding citizens guns but not the ones that will cause trouble... Its laughable, and whats really laughable is an anti-gun family member laughed at it till i pointed out the similarities to their stance, then they started defending it...

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