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  1. No i have not are there any in particular that would work best. I had planned on ocing if this system was not fast enough.
  2. I am choosing hardware for my first time buildMy link and am wondering if this is the motherboard i should use. If you think i should use something else please say what you would choose. Thanks
  3. I would agree on the better airflow, it is also 10 bucks cheaper. Any thoughts on the setup as a whole. I need to be confident that it is worth the money before i buy it.
  4. Think i might change case from Antec p193 to Antec 1200
  5. Games are not my aim they are just a nice side use for the computer.
  6. Ok thanks Do you know anywhere to get the HD5670 for a good price? Also everyone please give your opinion of my proposed build. I need to know how well it will work.
  7. How much of an improvement would the HD5670 be over the HD4670? As in would it be better to get the HD5670 or run 2 HD4670?
  8. How would i go about fixing my old Dell Dimension 3000 up to run as a network server. I now i would need to get a large HDD but what else would need done. Also is it possible to get wireless connectivity or do i need to hardwire it into the network. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks I intend to start with this set of 4 GB ram and then as i can afford it add another set and again. So i want to end up with 12GB. What does DDR3 or DDR2 mean? Also can the HD5670 run in crossfire? Before you answer that question am i correct that to run i crossfire means to run mulitple Graphics cards at once, improving quality? If this is incorrect disregard this question.
  10. I may be wrong but I was under the impression that this motherboard could run DDR2 and DDR3. I will check.
  11. Hi This is my first time building a computer so i will probably have lots of crazy questions, please humor me and answer them to the best of your ability. Okay i am wanting to build a reasonably fast computer for visual media creation and editing plus normal work, word excel and the occasional games. How does this sound: Antec P193 case Antec CP 850w Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 I7 920 G.Skill 4GB DDr3 1600 CM Hyper 212 Plus RR-BIO-212P-G1 Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB 7200rpm MSI ATI Radeon HD4670 1 GB DDR3 Please suggest any changes, but try and keep them in the same price range.I have LIMITED budget. Thanks in advance.
  12. SpeedCrazy

    My Rig

    Found some old pics of my rig. Well relatively old. Some pc just different room now. And better peripherals cable management with the new desk. No LEDs so on or off no different, except the fan controller has an LCD screen.
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