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  1. To be fair y'all I did get a steam message from a member here. I did not see the actual message till right now but i got a notification from steam and deleted it without thinking because i had so much junk email and was deleting everything i didn't need.My steam account was not logged in because the server i was on blocked it.

    So thanks man, you know who you are ;) I appreciate it, even i ignored you by accident.


    @Bosco, all good man, it was my bad not your problem. I'll be here next time you draw my name.(YOU WILL DRAW IT AGAIN)  :ph34r:

  2. the other day when i was blind side backing my truck into a tricky spot, i accidentally bumped my trailer into the front of a parked fedex and caused about $3000 damage....i was certain i was clear in my head at the time because i had pulled up and repositioned my trailer a couple of times, and had a clear view of all the obstacles...so believing  i was ok,  i went ahead and backed on in...when i heard the crunch noise my heart sank and i felt so bad....and the bitch is that don't know how it all happened... i swear i thought i was clear and don't know how i got so far off course to bump the other truck...f'n crazy...i know about the cost of the damage because yesterday my bossman chewed my ass, told me how much it cost him and gave me an ultimatum...honestly i feel very low and unprofessional about this whole thing ...i'm sorry about it and will do my best to learn from it...that's all i can do...

    attachicon.gifYKNGVHMUF 002.jpgattachicon.gifYKNGVHMUF 005.jpg...my OCC friends a certainly welcome to see more; add me on facebook @ Cj Loki...my grandaughter"s on my shoulders




    YKNGVHMUF 005.jpg...my OCC friends a certainly welcome to see more; add me on facebook @ Cj Loki...my grandaughter"s on my shoulders

    Ah I'm sure it will buff out...


    That is 3k worth of damage??? Dang....




    I'll update, since Andrew is reviving everything. This was around Christmas time.


    *Le picture*

    Do tell onion, she's from dallas right? Would her name happen to be sara? She's the spitting image of one of my cousins.... ...

    She lives in Dallas but is from Miami. There are no Saras in the family. That's pretty funny though, send me a photo?



    I can see where this is going...and it ain't pretty lol.


    Well the simple solution is that i don't have any pics since she was a kid. Not that i'd be sending them if i did =p

  4. Happily, I don't have to worry about that again. Unless my cylinder can lose its springiness from being loaded for too long. :lol:

    Might not in the way you are thinking, but the spring that cycles the cylinder might. We had an old .22 revolver that was rather worn and the cylinder and barrel did not line up very well. You had to hold it and hope your fingers didn't burn while you did.

    Oh and +1 to what andrew and dan said. Metal does have a form of elasticity, other wise your gun would blow up in your face.It would be like building a gun out of glass if it didn't.

  5. USA


    i7 930 @3.1
    ASUS P6X58D-E
    G.Skill PI series 6Gb
    EVGA gts 250
    WD 500gb caviar blue

    WD 500gb caviar black

    CM Sirus S 5.1 Headset

    Thermaltake Armor Revo Gene Case


    Slightly different from my listed specs because i forgot to update them. A few updated parts, case, audio and storage. And a dead gpu...

    Still my generic 1280x1024 monitor and dell mouse and keyboard.

  6. I think your going to be disappointed taking pictures . I was using a Orion tele ($15k) at the school and while I could see the moons of Jupiter , it wast worth the asking price .


    What really bummed me out was how nasa photos are colored based on assigned gases and not what they look really like . the real star clusters are blah :(

    I'm afraid i have to agree, I haven't personally done this type of photography but having several friends who have they reached this kind of conclusion.

    There are still beautiful pictures to be made, and you could really like it, just don't expect the brilliant colors NASA images show. That messed up my childhood knowing those images weren't real :P 

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