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  1. Here is the rest.


    nice heatsinks.


    Only managed to get one but i am saving for something better anyways.


    This is as far as i can get until my CD drive and OS arrive tomorrow. Anyone know of a place to get DVI to VGA adapter cheap, i checked WALMART this morning and, surprise surprise they had one, and the catch; it was $17!!!!!!!

  2. Okay here goes


    packaged cooler is quite impressive(no upload room for pic)


    Good installation instructions


    awesome packing came in a box of peanuts and then iside the actual box there is closed cell foam and a felt(i think) bag plenty of cable ties and even a 'Powered by Corsair" sticker.


    Great instruction book nice layout easy to get everything wired, one complaint only 2 fan headers.

  3. Hi Guys

    Okay last couple weeks i have been getting lots of info, here and else where and i have bought all my parts(some are still on the way).

    So Starting tommorow i will start posting pics and thoughts then monday evening(OS doesn't arrive till then) i will post some benchmarks. :woo:


    Here are the specs:


    Intel i7 930

    ASUS P6x58d-e (accidently ordered this instead of premium turned out the hand of providence)

    Corsair CMPSU-850 850w

    WD 500gb Caviar blue 7200rpm

    CM GeminiIIS

    Corsair PI series 3x2GB 1600


    2x 7600gt 256mb(good deal $10 each)

    Window7 Home Premium

    Generic large (midtower?) Case

    I have an old mouse keyboard and monitor that will be getting upgraded as time progresses



    Any good free benching software please PM me a link.

    (If i have forgoten anything anything lease tell me so i dont get a surprise when it doesn't work)

  4. Hi i accidently ordered and received the P6x58d-e and wanted to know what the difference is between the two boards. I do not want opinions on wether i shoul RMa and get the other just information on the differences.




    EDIT: Also which is more upgradable and futre proof or if i want futre proof should i go elsewhere if so where?

  5. I will by the end of the week be running the ASUS P6X58D PREMIUM


    To begin with, what dont i like about the MSI Big Bang Xpower...... NOTHING....AT ALL.

    But more specifically i love the fact of its 'Military Grade Components' as long life is a biggie for me.

    It is very aesthetically pleasing with great layout and i wish i had seen it before i ordered my P6X58D Premium.

    It also looks to have great cooling potential, vital for a so obviously OC'ing board.

    The price also is awesome. (drools on keyboard) :woot:


    Hope i win but 'Have loads of fun" to whoever does.

  6. Ok if i go with the HD 5750 what brand/make would you go with, my priorities are cool and as quiet as possible high load noise does not bother me as i wont use it at high load for very long at a time.(hope that makes sense).

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