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  1. My library probably will be the first place to look but i wanted some titles to look for. that looks good but the reviews seam to suggest it is best as a reference but i need something that will start with the basics and work from there. I have no prior knowledge.
  2. I am interested in learning circuit boards and that kind of stuff. Does anyone know of some good books and kits so i can learn and get some practical experience.
  3. Clay if you did i did not see it. Sorry. Also i said "Here"
  4. I'll pm you when i get it paul. I dont play it because until now i had never heard of it and i am guessing as the website would not let me on when i tried to find out about it that i am underage(of their rating) and what i dont know i wont miss.
  5. Hi I just won a game code for this game by the MSI contest on this forum but i dont play the game so whoever posts here first will be pmed the code when it is given to me.
  6. WOW first time i ever won anything. Pity i dont play video games. PMed Bosco to give someone else my code. Congrats Wevsspot.
  7. i7 930 Asus P6X58D-E CM GeminiSII CORSAIR PI 6GB CORSAIR CMPSU 850w 7600gt(no comment it was free) Caviar Blue 500GB Windows 7 Home Premium And a new pair of Ariat Boots 10 1/2 EEEE (LOL)
  8. Nothing came with the card just the antistatic bag. By the way are there different types of DVI ports and if so what is this one.
  9. Nope its office school use. I may watch some movies on it but thats not its purpose.
  10. Here is the rest. nice heatsinks. Only managed to get one but i am saving for something better anyways. This is as far as i can get until my CD drive and OS arrive tomorrow. Anyone know of a place to get DVI to VGA adapter cheap, i checked WALMART this morning and, surprise surprise they had one, and the catch; it was $17!!!!!!!
  11. Okay here goes packaged cooler is quite impressive(no upload room for pic) Good installation instructions awesome packing came in a box of peanuts and then iside the actual box there is closed cell foam and a felt(i think) bag plenty of cable ties and even a 'Powered by Corsair" sticker. Great instruction book nice layout easy to get everything wired, one complaint only 2 fan headers.
  12. It will work for now as i have found that 2 possibly three match(enough). Thanks
  13. $8500 that would be an awesome budget for a build. Think of the possibilities. (goes off to figure out how to get $8500 short of robbing a bank)
  14. Hi im putting together my first build and i have found that my ASUS P6X58D-E expansion slots dont match the case(generic). Is this normal? the board has 6 slots the case has 7. Do i have to purchase a case with the same number of slots as the mobo? Thanks
  15. I have just been advised against the products for sale here (not worth selling) so currently i have nothing to sell. Please check back in future.
  16. They are not for games. One for running the computer one for folding.
  17. Hi Guys Okay last couple weeks i have been getting lots of info, here and else where and i have bought all my parts(some are still on the way). So Starting tommorow i will start posting pics and thoughts then monday evening(OS doesn't arrive till then) i will post some benchmarks. Here are the specs: Intel i7 930 ASUS P6x58d-e (accidently ordered this instead of premium turned out the hand of providence) Corsair CMPSU-850 850w WD 500gb Caviar blue 7200rpm CM GeminiIIS Corsair PI series 3x2GB 1600 ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS 2x 7600gt 256mb(good deal $10 each) Window7 Home Premium Generic large (midtower?) Case I have an old mouse keyboard and monitor that will be getting upgraded as time progresses Any good free benching software please PM me a link. (If i have forgoten anything anything lease tell me so i dont get a surprise when it doesn't work)
  18. is there any difference in pci/pcie slots? Also what is the deal with the premium supporting Intel Tubo Boost.
  19. Hi i accidently ordered and received the P6x58d-e and wanted to know what the difference is between the two boards. I do not want opinions on wether i shoul RMa and get the other just information on the differences. EDIT: Also which is more upgradable and futre proof or if i want futre proof should i go elsewhere if so where?
  20. I was thinking two cause i don't know how good they will do with my monitor and i will occasional watch a movie. EDIT: Also how wrong can you go for $20's.
  21. XFX 7600gt 256mb x2 SLI. Now i know these are a bit old but i can get them for $10 each (from undisclosed source) this computer is NOT for GAMING just MS Office and multimedia editing. What do you think?
  22. Same here @ BluePanda's comment (above)
  23. I will by the end of the week be running the ASUS P6X58D PREMIUM To begin with, what dont i like about the MSI Big Bang Xpower...... NOTHING....AT ALL. But more specifically i love the fact of its 'Military Grade Components' as long life is a biggie for me. It is very aesthetically pleasing with great layout and i wish i had seen it before i ordered my P6X58D Premium. It also looks to have great cooling potential, vital for a so obviously OC'ing board. The price also is awesome. (drools on keyboard) Hope i win but 'Have loads of fun" to whoever does.
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