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  1. Hi

    I have just installed 2 vantec 80mm tornadoes as exhaust fans and want to quieten them a bit. My problem is that their 3 pin connector only has the sensor cable attached so they cannot be controlled by the mobo or any controller i have seen. Is there anyway to remedy this or any fan controllers were you just plug the 4 pin molex into it.

    Thanks :thx:

  2. Hi I just built my 1st build and its not working.

    All the fans and mobo LED's work but i dont have any signal to my screen mouse or keyboard(tried both PS/2 and USB).

    Any ideas.

    If you need any more info just ask.

  3. Hi guys im getting kinda bored so i had an idea.

    A thread where you can post and discuss dream builds and where you think the future is sata 6gb/s, SSD's etc.

    So fire away, make us drool. Minimum price for build: $1800 or around there (otherwise it is within reach[for some{not me}] an aint worth drooling about.


    Have fun.

  4. My library probably will be the first place to look but i wanted some titles to look for.

    I highly recommend The Art Of Electronics by Horowitz & Hill

    that looks good but the reviews seam to suggest it is best as a reference but i need something that will start with the basics and work from there. I have no prior knowledge.

  5. I'll pm you when i get it paul. I dont play it because until now i had never heard of it and i am guessing as the website would not let me on when i tried to find out about it that i am underage(of their rating) and what i dont know i wont miss. :doh:

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