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  1. Hi What are regarded as good temps for CPU and system at idle and at load. My idle temps are currently CPU=33 C and system=30 C are these good, bad alright?
  2. I agree about the magnet thing. By the way why the POLL there is only one option to vote for.
  3. Hmm. i think il wait till i get better at OCing. The minute i set foot in the BIOS i am lost, well not quite but i still dont know what most of it means. Good luck to all who enter. (Dont fry anything too expensive) LOL
  4. It is the audio driver and the Ethernet driver, the USB driver, and PCIE port driver. that are the ones that sorta bother me. No matter what drivers i download they come up out of date.
  5. Hi guys i am having trouble getting my drivers up to date i have downloaded all the current drivers from ASUS's website but driver detective continues to tell me that 23 are out dated. What am i doing wrong?????? Thanks
  6. Love em. On the ASUS P6X58D-E board they are used to test the onboard audio.
  7. I would go with the P6x58d-e instead of the premium cause there is not that big a difference and it is also $60 cheaper.
  8. I have the fans and would like to use them so would it work to buy some molex to 3 pin converters and then a normal controller?
  9. what abut buy molex to 3 pin and then through a controller
  10. Hi I have just installed 2 vantec 80mm tornadoes as exhaust fans and want to quieten them a bit. My problem is that their 3 pin connector only has the sensor cable attached so they cannot be controlled by the mobo or any controller i have seen. Is there anyway to remedy this or any fan controllers were you just plug the 4 pin molex into it. Thanks
  11. WOW. Let me say it again WOW i wish it was for sale. (though it would probably be quite expensive, worthit though)
  12. The title is pretty self explanitory. I cant find XFX's ones so i dont know if there are any still available.
  13. Thanks cjloki. It was the RAM i had misread the manual and put the RAM in A2 B2 and C2 instead of A1 B1 and C1. I am now using that computer so it worked. By the way WINDOW 7 rocks.
  14. I had the option then i switched computers and it is gone.
  15. All power connections are installed per manual instructions. i will try reseating the RAM i have already tried the video card 3 times.
  16. Hi I just built my 1st build and its not working. All the fans and mobo LED's work but i dont have any signal to my screen mouse or keyboard(tried both PS/2 and USB). Any ideas. If you need any more info just ask.
  17. Thanks. i would buy a KILL A WATT but with having just bought my build the wallets a bit on the empty side. LOL
  18. hi There How would i tell how much power my computer is using. Also if my PSU is pulling full load how much power is that 850w per hour? per min? per sec?
  19. will do paul. Thanks (you realize by offering your assistance, once i get the chance to sit down and read all that info, i will probably be filling your inbox with questions, lol)
  20. www.allaboutcircuits.com this looks pretty good thanks.
  21. Hi guys im getting kinda bored so i had an idea. A thread where you can post and discuss dream builds and where you think the future is sata 6gb/s, SSD's etc. So fire away, make us drool. Minimum price for build: $1800 or around there (otherwise it is within reach[for some{not me}] an aint worth drooling about. Have fun.
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