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    Real pic found and posted, like a boss.

    so is this like the russian hummer or what ?  ???how many mpg??? 2.3??? oooh my goodness !


    What's worse is it's probably only 2.3KILOMETERS per gallon lol


    lol. Hadn't though of that. Rofl




    I bought a bottle of vegetable rennet online. No need to be hatin, I deserve it.

    Anyone would think you're a farmer or something.


    I know right :P

    @phil, i assume thats for cheese? Good luck with that, my cheese always turns out nasty.


    Ha ha, actually I'm thinking about making some Junket for myself.  But since you mentioned cheese, I might try some of the quick cheese types. :)


    Junket is always good.

    Its the 'quick cheese' that turns out so nasty, if you have time try one of the slower recipes they seem to work better.




    Not being able to scream in my dreams...

    its like im trying but mid way through the scream, the pitch drops

    Yeah, that's as bad as dreaming you're running but can't get up any speed.

    I always hated dreams about falling especially when I had a bunk bed... useually woke up very saw with Lego stuck in my back.


    This. Loft bed plus legos..... im gonna have back problems when i get old.

  4. Death penalty opponents do not have a viable solution either is my point. There are costs for both alternatives that the taxpayers have to pay for.  

    +1 Again. And my problem is not really with whether we kill them or incarcerate them, though i am a proponent of the death penalty, but that we ought to be doing more to reduce this cost to society. Most death row criminals have already cost society more than they are prepared to pay, whether that is a life a rape whatever, so we should do our best not to charge them anymore.

    The way im looking at it i writing this is like this: suppose i borrow a million dollars, i buy some stuff and loan about half of it out to someone else. Now this guy buys some fancy toys and then defaults, what i ought to do is send in the repo man(whatever form that make take in the legal system i am under), but what we are doing is defaulting on our loan instead. What kind of sense does that make? The criminal has caused society to give up something of value, and then the government asks society to give up even more to "look after"(incarcerate or execute) the thief. That cost exists whether we have the death penalty or not, it is unfortunately unavoidable, but we ought to try as hard as we can to make it as small as possible.

    Hope that makes some sense, i've had four hours sleep in the last 48.

  5. Still don't understand the point in credit cards... If you want something, get it when you can afford it. The only useful aspect of credit is for a house, and maybe a car.

    + 1

    I have never had a credit card. I pay cash for everything.(debit card for big stuff, but that is basically cash). Its an easy concept, can't afford it? Don't buy it. Now i realize thats probably not feasible when buying a house, but I'm not there yet.

  6. I don't know why it has to do anything with "left wingers". It's the "right wing" states that usually have the death penalty, and why it's so expensive, they're the ones that should explain themselves.


    Anyways, look at Florida. They send the most inmates to death row, but also have the highest number of death row inmates who were later exonerated, acquitted, or had their charges dropped. That's one good reason to get rid of the death penalty. Our Justice System evolves as technology advances, where there's more evidence to correctly convict someone, it gives the judge and jury more insight in making a better decision.


    Our legal system is setup by our government, led by greedy politicians, in a Capitalistic society. The only reason I think it would cost so much.

    I picked on the left as they tend to be the ones who make the systems so slow. and hence expensive. I agree tech is changing things but once we are as certain as we can be about guilt we ought to quickly and publicly execute them.


    $37 million is excessive. It's the time it takes to finally reach the point where the appeals process has played out and the convict can be executed.  There is no foolproof method of confirming guilt  but the impact of DNA testing has had both positive and negative results for the system. When you rely on witness testimony there is that chance for mistaken identity. It happens and has happened throughout history with far fewer "innocents"  paying that ultimate price now than any time in the past. The system has evolved. The reason the death penalty is losing its impact is the amount of time it takes to pay the price for the crime and that we do not see the dirty work of the executioner any longer. Its as cold and impersonal as possible.  


    If the death penalty does not work, neither does the life without parole option.  Make it swift and make it public and there should be some impact. There is no such thing as swift justice anymore.......... 

    Why is there no like button on staff posts?

  7. Yep, I saw the same story which had absolutely no backup explanation. My guess is that all of the appeals and court appointed attys plus court costs are what make up most of the cost. And, no, I am not a lib. I do, however, live in Texas.

    Still its excessive. I can buy a .44 bullet for almost 37 cents. Lot better than 37 million.

  8. So.... I was reading this morning that Maryland is planning to abolish the death penalty.

    First i was like "Okay, whatever, its not like they use it anyway."

    I was then reading an interview with the governor of the state and his comments on the deal, he instigated it,



    "Evidence shows that the death penalty is not a deterrent, it cannot be administered without racial bias.."



    And i was like, hmm okay i can see where you are coming from.

    Then i read his next statement:


    "...it costs three times as much as life in prison without parole,"

    Then i was like: ????????? What in the world? What has this country come to that it costs more to kill a death row inmate than to feed clothe and look after them for their whole life? Seriously?

    So i looked it up, and according to this article in 2008 it cost $37.2 million to kill one convict in Maryland. SERIOUSLY?????  As a rule i don't cuss but at this point i am definitely thinking what the hell is wrong with this country?


    So someone, and yes I'm picking on the left because most of the right i know are in favor of quicker and cheaper execution, please explain this.

  9. Has there been a client for AMD that makes use of DirectCompute? I mean has there really been a folding client properly optimized for AMD to see what it can really do?

    Don't think so, i believe the client is based on cuda, so that kinda rules AMD out from the git-go.

  10. Do you too have to turn every debate into a mud slinging match. Just leave it right now.

    We can debate minus the personal remarks and derogatory comments. If you have a legit argument it can stand on its own, it will not require flaming to support it. If your argument requires this type of backing up its not an argument worth arguing.

  11. Then following that logic, with more people complaining as of late, the products must indeed be getting shoddier :) I win the internet :P

    The amount of people complaining may be going up but the proportion of people is not going up(probably) its just more people are buying hdds so the number of failures will go up proportionally.

  12. Low end Fermi comparable to the price range you are in are the GTS 450 followed by the GTX 460/560.


    Again, the GTS 450 does fold better than a GT 640 but at closing in on 2x the power consumption. The GTX 460/560 use 2x Pci-E 6-pins and use a great deal more power than a GT 640.


    The GTX 650 will fold better than a GTS 450 but the GTX 460/560 fold better than even the GTX 650Ti. Again, pick your poison carefully because any of the Fermi based cards will use more power, run hotter and require more cables dangling around inside your case but if you are already using a GTX 260 this may not be an issue for you.


    After surfing around, it looks like even a GT 640 will net you higher PPD than your GTX 260 while using a tiny fraction of the power so if you want to kill 2 birds with one stone, I enforce my opinion about going with the GT 640.

    Hum. By that reasoning i think a 650 fits the bill. I want to take some time this weekend, if i get the money..., and do a side by side in excel with them all. See what i find.

  13. Well, the GT 640 is running 158mhz slower than the GTX 650 but that can be fixed with OverClocking which should help make up for the difference in PPD. Also, the GT 640 does support Sli, it just doesn't need an Sli bridge. I'm surprised that after the 6600's people haven't caught onto this as Nvidia has never needed an Sli bridge for it's low end cards to run in Sli.

    Overclocking for folding impacts long term stability. I ran one of my gtx250s oc for about a year and a half folding 24/7 and it just about died, after baking it runs my monitor and light games but stress it and it artifacts. I would rather this card last a long time.


    Anything Fermi based is awesome. Currently I run 2 GTX 580s at stock speeds.

    Thats what i've hear, that 640 isn't fermi i don't think. What are the low end fermi cards?



    I would definitely say the best bang for the buck would be the GT 640. Same shader count as the GTX 650 but DDR3 instead of GDDR5 and lower overall power consumption means it won't cost you as much to fold in the long run and you should also get lower temps.

    It does look enticing, one question though. I know it doesn't support SLI but does that mean i couldn't down the road add another and fold on them both?


    SLI is not necessary for folding.


    I knew that, i don't even own an SLI bridge anymore. I just didn't know if they would play nice.


    @WARDOZER the gt640 does look good but it doesn't appear to be very good folder.

  15. I would definitely say the best bang for the buck would be the GT 640. Same shader count as the GTX 650 but DDR3 instead of GDDR5 and lower overall power consumption means it won't cost you as much to fold in the long run and you should also get lower temps.

    It does look enticing, one question though. I know it doesn't support SLI but does that mean i couldn't down the road add another and fold on them both?

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