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  1. You need to understand the dynamics of tire diameter and final drive ratio. Oh yeah. Big tires gears it up. Herp derp. I maxed out at 70. 75 down hill. But those gears really bite, can't wait to get in the mud.
  2. To return to purpose. Just brought this puppy home. 94 Toyota Brand new 22RE 4-cylinder 5.29 gears, 35" Swampers(of some sort, too tired to go check) Rode like a champ all the way home (80 miles), though i did discover it is fairly light, and if the highway department says "Warning Bump Ahead" You BETTER SLOW DOWN! I think i took air.... going about 60 i hit the edge of a newly paved section of road that was about 6 inches higher than the one i started on, felt like i hit the curb and went airborne.
  3. You've probably posted it somewhere, but I don't remember, what do you shoot? Luckily both Florida and my city of residence don't have laws against firing air guns on your property. The cops could get you for brandishing a weapon, but they really won't unless you're being a total idiot with it and being dangerous, annoying, killing wildlife, or firing at like 3 am. I spent all afternoon shooting without a single peep from the neighbors. The quarter trick works pretty well, the tough part is finding the damn things after firing at them. They fly out of view of the scope and I spend like 15 minutes walking around trying to find the suckers, lol. I'm shooting hollow point hunting pellets so they have a hard time piercing, but I've got some pointier stuff on the way, which probably won't have much of an issue going through coins. I also have wadcutters coming (completely flat tip) which would probably destroy coins. And on the topic of destroying, I nailed a lizard from about 8-10 yards. The rifle completely annihilates the poor things, there was nothing left, kind of like shooting a bird with a 45. Air gun? Wait i thought you bought a .22 rifle? Far as i know thats not an air rifle
  4. Glad you enjoy shooting. Screw 15 yds. Go 50. 15 with a scope is childs play. My buddy took a 13 point deer at 250 yds on iron sights. now that is shooting.
  5. LOL... poor city boy, needs a scope on a .22 I only have it because it came with the scope. I'm also thinking of returning it and spending an extra hundred for a Ruger 10/22. And it only came with a scope cause you ordered one. Do it, totally worth the money, those are sweet little guns.
  6. Sold my truck.... had to let it go cheap after the guy noticed the crack in the frame was big enough he could put his key in it... In my defense i hadn't realized the crack was that bad. So now i am without a ride, yay.... or not.
  7. What happened to the quote backgrounds? White with light grey text is impossible.
  8. He is meaning a wiki on our site, not wikipedia. A wiki is a system for content management, you can integrate one into any site you like.
  9. I remember when you first developed this. I still use my own custom flavor of it. And it to have become rather convoluted, though not like yours, mine is just for dealing with multiple flie types in multiple locations and 2 thumbdrives.
  10. Looks nice on a brief perusal. I personally uninstall all old drivers first for optimum results, but that is just my preference i don't know if it is justified unless switching brands(amd -> nvidia)
  11. I ran a wiki for a while over at LCAG. And the way i found it ran best was to have it member only edits, and have mod approval before edits went live. Now the way i would set up one of this size would be to have an administrator for each section (sections sorta like we have in the forums for knowledge on a variety of topics) and have someone set up to 'police' a section each, they would review each addition/revision in their section before it went live. And the variety allowed by a wiki mean that we would have a list of pages that need written(atleast the way the software i used worked) because if i am writing an article on say overclocking the Gtx580 and i refer to my 12amp rail(or whatever it pulls in the 4 pin) and i think that could use defining i link it and if the link does not exist, it is created and listed as an empty page. Then paul or whoever knows about psu's would see that that page needs writing and could write it.
  12. READ!!! He said: LOL. for someone who spends so much time on this site you don't read much do you?
  13. Or you could go the extra mile and do an in depth guide that covers all you mentioned in clear sections of increasing difficulty.
  14. Dont know about his reasons but i quit on the cpu because all i could get were huge units. I have the small flag set, but i still get 8 day units, and as its too hto to fold on all my cores and i run on smp 4 it takes about 6 days for one unit. Not worth it. Esp as i can't always run 24/7 anymore.
  15. What do you plan to do? Setup a sub-forum for guide?? I think installing a small wiki plugin for guides would be useful. http://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/ the ones on the forum are unofficial.
  16. With just two of us we do not need the added complexity. Instead I'd recommend using the coin flip method used in Regarding Ducks and the Universes. Alternatively I could post the write up of my independent study from when I used an X-ray machine to determine the composition of a 1982 penny, or my final project to receive my math degree that determines the maximum possible carried value in the simple addition of m numbers, n digits long, in base b.Then there is also the guide I wrote for performing the simplex method, or the error I found in the TI-83 and TI-85 family of graphing calculators that, upon further examination, has a very curious, repeating pattern that really, I do not know why it would exist. Of course the best option is probably to accept that we both won the (dubious) honor, instead of initiating a geek-peen contest on the forums. That was awesome, I was almost impressed ROFLMAO... Well played sir, well played... Yes i would hate to have for the forums most geekiest member a person with a spelling mistake in their sig...
  17. I'll have her post her green card Well if we are going technical, i then we have our own resident alien. Which actually explains why he posts so much rubbish. He is trying to distract us while he takes over the WORLD!!!
  18. The only reason to get a 10ga imo is for home defense, and even then i personally think its overkill, and if that is your reasoning they don't bother with an over-under in that situation you don't want to have to spend precious time reloading.
  19. I have a NIB thermaltake lvl 10 green mouse i need to get rid, read price of shipping, that we could come to an arrangement over. PM me if you are interested.
  20. So some lady called me about buying my truck. This rust bucket. And the first words out of her mouth were, and i kid you not. "How low will you go it looks like it needs some work, and it looks like its been in some mud." The italicized words in such a tone of disgust i was hard put not to laugh. Lady trucks are made for mud!!! LOL so now im trying to make a 25 year old rusty matte painted camo truck sparkle so she can come look at it.
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