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  1. I have found three but it says no questions available at this time. No Fair.
  2. ^ What kind? Just won a Brand New with tags High Sierra 65L backpack on ebay. For $51 My friend just bought one for $120.
  3. I'm In. Haven't found any ribbons, but then i've only been looking aprox. 45 seconds =p
  4. I still can't get quote to work, i know a mod will read this eventually =p wardozer, i'm going to assume that since he bought a mountain bike coors is not planning to do a huge amount of street riding, on that assumption i would beg to differ on the twin rails recommendation, that money would i think be better spent on a tubeless set up. Those tires are going to do excellent on the road and on hard ground, but if you get into deep sand, mud, waster, even wet grass probably, they will be a disadvantage. That said they are excellent tires, i have heard nothing but good about them from my street riding buddies. I hadn't thought of the grip, that is a very good point on the gloves. Grip is invaluable when you start to sweat and or it rains. If you are going to commute coors, get a cheap bike, that one will be jacked in minutes of being left alone.
  5. Gah. quote wont work. Coors: I don't like half gloves because when you have been riding hours and are all sweaty an dusty the openings chafe(and let dirt in if you wreck -> more chafing), and i have a tendency to ride through overhanging branches and i tend to get my fingers cut up, just overall protection really. Afraid i can't rally help you on the helmet, i bought mine quite a while ago. Bubba: I feel you on the heat, we have the opposite problem right now, it won't stop raining, all the trails are soup. Thats not a bad bike, the key is just to ride, you can have lots of fun on a walmart bike, though a walmart bike will brake sooner rather than later.
  6. Saw your bike over in the recently bought thread coors. I have its younger brother, the Trek Fuel 90 large frame. Upgraded discs all around, sid air or whatever its called front shock. Very happy with it, i have had it for a number of years now. Clip-less pedals..... what a can of worms... I recently upgraded to them, and love them. But, i have been riding for a number of years and have the experience to take advantage of and appreciate the different advantages they give you. For someone just getting into it, or back into it, i definetly recommend flat tops. Though for just starting you picked an awesome bike Take it easy, start on the easier less technical trails, get your fill of unadulterated speed, then move on the technical trails once you are confident you are in control of your bike. Best advice i ever got on technical trails is this: FORGET the back tire, ignore it, so long as your front tire is going where you want it to go you should be good. That and fight the urge to slow down in rough spots. If you have ever watched a child's spinning top you will know that you can bump it and it will right it self, think of your tires like that, if they are spinning fast enough they will keep your bike upright enough for you to keep going. Plus if you float the first root or rock at speed you will go over the next few, but if your going slow you have to float each one. Most importantly find some good riding buddies and have fun. Oh and wardozer aint lying, find some good gloves, or you will bust your knuckles all to pieces when you wreck, and you will end up with lots of blisters inside your thumb. And forget open finger gloves, not worth it. Feel free to ask about anything i love this sport, and wardozer above as well(though he appears to be doing street riding), and its great fun to help someone else get hooked. Oh and a note on street vs mtb riding, if your going to ride a mtb on the road increase the pressure in your tires, same idea as wheelin softer tires have more grip off-road but wear out quicker on road, oh and lock your back shock out if you can otherwise it will be absorbing half your effort.
  7. Got her cleaned up and puuuurty. Nothing else to do while i was waiting on my new alternator to arrive...
  8. ^ I have had my eye on that bike for a good while. Can't even dream of affording it. Enjoy your sweet new toy.
  9. Samsung Dumb Flip phone, was new like 6 years ago. Does everything i need except hold more that 200 txt messages.
  10. So just pop the hood, and check the engine... Still there? Perfect, you're good for another couple hundred thousand miles. What's a check engine light, anyways? Well yeah... its a toyota =p But i like to keep my baby running well. I think my ECM is going... that or my TPS and knock sensor both took a dump at the same time. I have an error 25: Running lean. TPS issue normally Error 41: Open or short detected in throttle position sensor signal (VTA) for 500 msec. or more. Error 52: With engine speed 2,000 rpm or more signal from knock sensor is not input to ECM for 25 revolution. (KNK) I'm hoping that its just bad grounds(my battery ground and engine block grounds are currently non-existent), but that would not line up with the fact that its been running fine the past month since i bought it. I had no error codes till last Friday, that was a #25, fixed it by cleaning the contacts on the TPS and plugging it in (it had vibrated almost all the way off its socket). Then yesterday i was sitting at a stop sign, looked down to check my idle, 750 rpms (perfect) and no check engine light, looked up engaged the clutch glanced down to the gps and had a check engine light before i made it half way through the intersection. And unfortunately my online resources have failed to suggest anything than just throw parts at it, which i hate to do as all those sensors are soo expensive.
  11. Drove my tuck and got 3 bajillion check engine messages. I love this truck, but it can be sooo durn irritating just when i'd rather not deal with it.
  12. That's a really nice color! Why would you change the color? It looks awesome the way it is. On topic i need to remember to take some decent shots of my new ride. All i have posted(in this thread? or maybe 2012?) are the craigslist pics, hardly very high quality.
  13. I didn't really give it much time but i didn't like code academy, but i found udacity really helpful in learning python. Only problem is when i used their site it was the only computer science course they had, so i'd be hard put to tell you which of those courses it was.. but it was simple and straight forward, no saving or downloading.(note: at times it dumbed it down too much, but i can deal with that better than taking jumps way above my head when i am just getting started)
  14. That's what I've noticed. There are literally no openings anywhere. I just submitted my application to Autozone, hopefully they take me, its right down the street from my house. You know the key to getting a job? Ask for the job no-one wants. That way you have a chance to earn a rep as a hard worker(assuming you are one) and you can build a resume that will make you more attractive to the places you would rather work. As a plus you might find something you really enjoy but would never before have considered. Eg. I started out cleaning stalls as a teenager, graduated to training problem horses, then got hired to help train cutting horses. Was promoted to train and run rodeo stock. Lost that job due to the economy but had a good resume as all my employers loved me and wrote recommendations, plus on the side i kept a number of other jobs; the whole time i kept a clientele of yard and landscaping customers, worked part time for a roofer, work repairing and installing boat lifts and docks, did computer maintenance, and worked as a church sound tech. So by the time i went looking for a job i was extremely attractive to prospective employers and went jobless for all of three weeks(two of which i spent vacationing =p) So now i have a job that depending on business has given me up to 90 hours a week during peak season and up to $200(well twice but that still counts) an hour. And I'm no older than you. Build a good rep and it will stand you in good stead, I'm not saying its a guarantee but it sure helps. There is no way as good or as valid in my opinion than starting at the bottom. And they like immigrants too. Especially if your are Muslim. lol, good one cj sho yo right homie ! (knuckle bump) lol. (returns knuckle bump)
  15. And they like immigrants too. Especially if your are Muslim. lol, good one cj
  16. You are not going to start higher than minimum wage unless your a straight up genius with connections. There are literally millions of high school graduates looking for jobs. You might move up quick, if your lucky, but you wont start high. And the fun jobs usually have sucky pay. But good luck. And if you prove me wrong.... I will hate you! lol jk
  17. NEARLY did that yesterday with the Z, and I don't have a spare key. I ordered a set last week, but it'll be a while until they come. LOL. A spare wouldn't do me any good. My ignition locks don't match my doors. I didn't think that was a problem as i almost never lock my vehicles unless i'm parked at walmart but of course things like this are never planned for. Ordered a complete new set of locks just now. Same, that's why I have two spares coming. LOL. Well the AAA fella came out, and ... it took him a while. Apparently my doors seal really tight. Plus he was short, and my truck ain't. He had to stand on a 5-gal bucket.
  18. NEARLY did that yesterday with the Z, and I don't have a spare key. I ordered a set last week, but it'll be a while until they come. LOL. A spare wouldn't do me any good. My ignition locks don't match my doors. I didn't think that was a problem as i almost never lock my vehicles unless i'm parked at walmart but of course things like this are never planned for. Ordered a complete new set of locks just now.
  19. Just locked myself out of my truck... at home... I closed and locked all the windows to wash it and while cleaning the inside of the windows i pushed the lock button down to run a rag behind it..... Thank God for AAA.
  20. My dad is really itching for some kind of lever action rifle lol I love mine, lever action Marlin 30-30. Rock solid dependable rifle, been in the family for a long time dead accurate at 200yds iron and nice groupings even further out with a good scope. Nice short profile for the thick woods round here and plenty of stopping power.
  21. I know, and i do rather like your car, i just like trash talking you more He didn't even wiggle after i hit him. 35" inch tires even decelerating to a stop pack a punch. Was stone dead when he was drug from the road. Ran under the back tire so no truck damage. (sounds callous i know, but if people don't keep there dogs off the road... they will get hit sooner or later) Nope. Though i do hate to kill someones dog, would hate for someone to hit one of my bird dogs... course they live in a kennel so they would have to be trying.
  22. Nope... Maybe we should try the same thing =p But i actually did something with it rather than hypothesize as to it suitability as mascot. Hit up an access road on the way home and had a little fun. As much rain as we have had yet i was hoping for more mud, but whatever i had some fun, let out a little stress. Then got it all back in a hurry when i hit the neighbor's lab.. silly thing has been running out at my truck for a few weeks playing chicken and today he went a little too far.. sad thing is the neighbor kid and his mamma were sitting right there and saw the whole thing from their porch.
  23. My 220k truck doesn't leak a drop so i don't know what y'all are bragging about. Love this car btw.
  24. No. Just no. That looks like cheap plastic now, will detract from the classic look of the car.
  25. Yeah, I still have them, and its only three bolts to put them back in. Its not one of those yearly-ish inspections like California and maybe SC (don't know what kind of inspection you guys had to do), its an inspection for getting it transferred from a salvage title to a rebuilt title. I bought it as a salvage because the previous owner saved it from a junkyard. All cars bought from junkyards are branded as salvaged, even though some are never wrecked, like mine. From what I've seen and heard, the Florida inspection is a joke. Kind of just a once over to make sure your car is driveable and won't kill anyone or catch fire (which it has, lol). Inspections. You have to be joking? SC don't care. You saw that little tin lizzie of mine in the post your ride thread. I bought it from a guy in nc who sold cause it couldn't pass inspection anymore, then i drove it for 10k miles and sold it again. About the only thing in that truck that could have passed inspection was the the headlights.
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