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  1. A lot of good and not so good advice here. If you are in the shooter community then you know that the best semi-auto hand gun is the H&K .45 Tactical. The price is around $1100 used and new. And, that is before add on's. The next best if the FN FNP .45 Tactical - cost, again around $1100. After these two, there are lots of contenders. For the $$$, the Glock 17 9mm, cost around $480, new or used, is probably your best bet. The advantages of the Glock are that if you mistreat it it still works, you can not break it, it never misfires regardless of the ammo. If you forget to clean it it still works. Bury it in mud, drop it, soak it in water, pour sand in it and it still works. If you get bad ammo and a bullet fails to leave the barrel you can fire another round to remove it. Yes, it will put a bulge in the barrel but the Glock will still continue to fire. Of all the semi-autos out there, in this price range, it is probably the easiest to disassemble and clean. And, parts are easy to come by. You should let us all know what you chose in a later post.

    Best is an opinion, IMO best is a balance between price and functionality, so for me those guns are definitely not the best.

    However i do agree that glocks are awesome. Though i would not recommend clearing a barrel by firing another shot, i have almost had a helicopter ride over that one on several occasions(i was not shooting, a customer was).

  2. Good read, definitely agree.

    The problem is that many people look down on geeks/nerds even though they rely on them...

    While this is an example of it, that problem goes far deeper. As people we have a tendency to fear/disrespect that which we do not understand. I experience this one from multiple angles, as a tech, as a farmer i get looked down on as ignorant, backwards, and to quote "no better than the dirt work"(which actually was a backhanded compliment as at the time i had some excellent fields =p), as a shade tree mechanic i am told i waste my time/money and if i do work for someone else i am lowering myself to it. it is more apparent in the manual trades, truckers, farmers, construction workers, mechanics etc but society disrespects anything it does not understand, they try to forget they rely on us and make themselves feel better by characterizing us in a bad light.

    Its the same basic principle as racism. They dont understand people who are different.



    Why not ask your Doctor about it?

    I could, but that means going back for another consultation and giving him another few hundred bucks. If i haven't found anything by the time i have to go back i will, but i wont go just to ask him.


    Surely you could just ring your doctor up and talk to him?  :dunno:


    Well his office number gets the idiot of a PA who diagnosed my bro's strep as a minor bronchial irritation. The doc is good, but his office sucks. That said i probably could get through to him. I'll give that a go.

  4. As long as they stay "cool" ish they should be alright. I kept mine in my lunch cooler when I was out on the street.

    Thats what i figure, but its how to keep them cool-ish that is the problem. I work on a hunt club so if i am out guiding i might be quite a walk from a truck or anywhere a cooler might be kept so it is imperative i have it on my person, at-least till it gets real cold and the critters all disappear. I am looking at some insulated carriers but they all seem to be designed for people who go from ac to ac and wont have to carry it for any amount of time. That said some of the pocket carriers look fairly good but finding a good one that is also insulated is proving to be the problem.

  5. Long story short; i was backpacking last week and discovered that bald hornets are capable of killing me.

    Result being now i have to carry epipens. This presents some problems because epipens are supposed to be stored at 77F and not exceed 86F, well i spend 90% of my time out doors working, and SC weather rarely dips below 86F in the summer.

    I was wondering if anyone else on here carries an epipen and if so how they store it?




    Well if you ask me, the problem is that nobody wants to have fun any more.  Back in the day, this place was jumping, IMO in large part due to the free wheeling, take no prisoners atmosphere.  There was a really cool sense of comradery. 

    +1 I haven't been around for as long as you, but even during my time things have changed. We need more weird threads that derails  :ph34r: (in a positive way). The best example is still the peanut butter thread


    I agree, when i started on here back in 2010 it was a very different place. We had miles of threads on overclocking and tweaking, that is largely gone; most threads now are on hardware selection, "modern" hardware is to powerful for the regular end user so the interest in overclocking is gone. That and even the number of regular end user buying desktops have diminished.

    Overclocking was/is a fun and tricky process and there does not appear to be a "modern" equivalent, if you know what i mean; hardware is plug and play now and it has kinda taken the fun out of tech. You really have to dig deep to find the fun stuff now, and most of it is out of the reach of the regular end user. I mean modding a case is great... but its no where near as fun as carefully selecting hardware and tweaking each piece to play nice with the others, then pushing them to perform at high levels. And unfortunately modding cases is about the most exciting thing i have seen on the forum recently(no offense to mnpctech and the other modders, y'all turn out works of art) and thats not really something that most people have the time or interest to do. Sadly it follows that with the death of overclocking a forum dedicated to practicing its arts would slowly follow suit.





    This, for $550.


    i7, 8 GB ram, 1080p screen, 4.5 lbs weight. 




    ...aaaand Windows 8, rendering the whole system virtually worthless :teehee:

    Runs just as well as windows 7 with the start menu restored. I like it better than 7.


    I just recently switched to 8 and it's not as bad as people make it out to be. Haven't tried a start menu mod yet, what method did you use?



     I used Start8. It feels exactly like Windows 7, but with the minor differences from Windows 8. I love how fast my laptop boots up from standby on this OS, it feels like a tablet. 


    Got a link for that laptop? I'm in the market right now. Or will be when my paycheck gets here...

  8. Also make sure that if you are using the mobile version of FB on your Android or iPhone that you lock down location services.  If not FB will throw up your location on "Places" whenever you access the FB application.  Say you're sitting at the local bar with your girlfriend and you post on FB that you're sitting at the local bar drinking a beer.  Pop - it's on your places map, then your boss sees it and wonders why you called into work sick..............  Or you can probably imagine other worse scenarios.

    If i ever graduate to a smart phone i will keep that in mind.

  9. Not illegal if you agree to their terms of service.  The primary thing about FB (beyond disguising your IP behind a proxy or VPN) is to understand and adjust all of your privacy settings.  By default, most of the settings are as "loose" as possible and likely share more information than most people should be comfortable with.


    But to some extent you can lock your account down to the point that you can manage what personal information is getting out in the wild.  Now of course, that won't protect you from getting hacked, or FB using your personal information without your knowledge or approval, and of course won't protect you from the over-reaching implications of the Patriot Act and domestic snooping / spying.  For all that stuff you're on your own   :)

    Not illegal after i accept their terms of service, but to have that info before i do. before i even hold an account... Sounds to me like the feds won't have to worry about making a national registry, zuckerberg will do it for them. i have all my privacy looked down, but unfortunately not all my friends are as careful and i am sure they share loads of info unintentionally or unthinkingly.

    AS to paragraph 2... well it was all possible before facebook....

  10. I have noticed slow down at all forums for a few years now, maybe the faster cpus more cores people do not need to overclock any more like back in the amd 2500/ IntelP4 days... :whistling:

    That might be part of it, for the normal end user there is not much benefit any more. The only people who get benefit are the hardcore gamers and the benchmarkers, and even then the benefit is not as great as it once was.

  11. Surely the point is not trusting your data with a 3rd party.


    Also SpeedCrazy check out FB's shadow profiles you are probably already on there :)

    Yes it was. And to that end i gave completely fictional data. Then i friend-ed my girlfriend and it recommended i change my name so more people would recognize me, and for the change it recommended my full name... That junk is scary, and knowing some of my friends they do probably upload their phone/email address books. So fb probably knows my name, cell number, address, home number, work number. That has soo got to be illegal.

  12. Well I guess I may have to rethink it. If I go clips I will be looking at the ones you can roll your foot out the side of, which is the style my mate has on his road bike, fairly easy to attach and detach and rocksolid the rest of the time. Also I guess now that my shoe size hasn't changed in a few years it wont be an investment I won't get full use of.


    Cheers guys :cheers:

    You won't regret it thats for sure. I did not realize that there were multiple types, i have always used the ones where you just push your heel out and it unclips and you just step on it to clip in.



    Looking at the carbon or alu version? And I can see that you really do want the extra travel height haha just a nice 6" not interested in the SB95 29er?

    Definitely the alu version. I would be so pissed if I bailed and had a rock rip through the carbon. I'll take dents over tears any day. As for the 29er, as of now I prefer 26ers for their nimbleness. I like being able to toss around a bike on corners.


    And I'm located in beautiful Colorado right now. Absolute mecca for MTBing. It has gotten me into such better biking shape (and quick). I still suck air at 13K feet, but I don't expect that to really ever change.


    The talon 3 is a nice bike. I imagine you ride it clipless to keep your feet planted a little easier. How are the trails in Australia? In mountain biking movies it seems like they always go to NZ instead.

    I know what you mean, I am considering going a 69er to see how it feels. As for terms well I was cleaning down my bike as i was swapping parts and my god have I done a number on parts of it haha if I had rigid carbon forks they'd have definately be gone.


    Never gone clips, considered it when I was riding to school but well when I am out on the trail I much prefer being able to plant a foot in a tight corner or bail when I need to haha


    Trails a great got a whole heap of trails the sit literally right behind my work and only a 15min drive from home. That's at Lysterfield Lake and its the home to hours of trails of all difficulties. The really annoying part is it lacks any real downhill sections of a really good length. Which is why I hope to make it to Falls Creek and Mt Beauty this year for a camping and mountain biking holiday. Have to wait till Summer though, won't be to fun with snow over everything.


    You know, thats exactly what i thought about clips, but now i can ride turns i would otherwise have freaked out on and planted my foot on.

  14. It pains me to say this, but i am considering joining facebook.

    Yes i know why sell out after so many years of resistance? Well i met enough cool people from all over the place in summer classes this year that i feel fb is necessary in order to keep up with them, as email seems to be a dying art.

    This being the case i am going to possibly extreme lengths to protect my privacy. I don't want facebook or my friends to know where i'm at all the time, nor do i want to give fb a single byte more data than i choose to. Now i know that's fairly impossible but i want to do what i can.

    So i am looking for recommendations for a fast free proxy that i can use along side my other privacy addons to retard zuckberg's nosey efforts.

    Google turns up lots of results but i don't know enough to make an educated choice in this field.

    Thanks for any and all help,



  15. Someone mentioned racial tensions, which still makes me wonder... Why the hell is race such a big deal in America? You always have to be careful not to offend someone, etc. In Europe, if someone is black, they're black. If they don't like it, they tell you what they like to be called, you call them that, and that's it, no violence. This is something I really don't understand...

    And then on top of that you have the NAACP and all those other stupid organizations instigating and riling everybody up over nothing...

    You my friend have struck the nail on the head. That is the only reason i would go back to Europe, but i would end up here again, i hate socialists worse than racists..

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