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  1. Really? How about the people who live there? I'm sure they very much want safety to go back to their normal lives. A lot of the people over there are tribal, barely settled nomads. The vast majority have no use for the Taliban and would prefer to left alone to live as they have for centuries.
  2. I wish i could hop back in here, but its hot.. and my cards are ancient so i don't know that they could achieve much these days. Come cooler weather they'll be rolling again though.
  3. @Death I have friends who have been in some of these places you describe. Some as civilians and some as soldiers, the soldiers for the most part don't want to go back, the civilians do. Both tell of the people being nice, but as you say the soldiers regard it as a hellhole, the civilians as a tragic beautiful place. They are both right, i think any place you send a soldier, and put him under stress, shoot at him, keep him constantly on his toes, constantly running scared, that will to him be a hellhole. a civilian however, though they do see the violence, can see the beauty and interact with the people without having to worry about watching their back and wondering who will take a shot at them from where. I'm mean, take your closest big city, or the city you live in; sure it may not be the prettiest place on earth but it has lots of things to like i'm sure. Cool place, people and things. Now imagine being a foreigner coming to that city as a soldier in time of war; every window, every alley, every doorway could hide an insurgent or sniper, every person could be an enemy. That would be a hellhole for sure.
  4. ^100% correct. I couldn't agree more
  5. LOL, that is true. But i can justify a little bigger tires, but i'm finding it hard to justify a locker at the moment. But the flip side is my black one on 35"s with no locker went places my buddies fully locked jeep on 37"s couldn't. That said he has pulled me out on a fair number of occasions....
  6. Bah. Can't get quotes to work still. @Clay: I don't support genocide, but consider; Assad may kill some people with his chemicals, if it his him throwing them around, but how many more would we kill if we went in and started 'fixing' the situation? Basically i agree with flareback.
  7. Haha, I'm just messing with ya, my rig ain't anywhere near ready to wheel. Now if i still had the black one. It has gone places my friends couldn't walk/swim too let alone drive Granted i'm talking mud not trails... not many good trails around here, but plenty of killer mud holes. Cool pics.
  8. Noice. I guess i forgot how big those models are. My buddy put 2" lift and 31"s on his and with no point of comparison in the pic it looks huge, but then its one of those dinky little wranglers. We need some action shots. And then the shot of the toyota that saves your tail cause i know that will happen at some point :P
  9. Whatcha running there coors? 12" rims with 33"s? Looks good, for a jeep
  10. ^Exactly. Sorry i can't get quotes to work...
  11. I'm probably going to take a load of grief for this, but i am open to hearing new info and different opinions. I am rather inexperienced in this area due to age and previous lack of interest. What exactly did we achieve in iraq? in iran? Sure we took out a few AL-queda big-wigs and such, but we made one huge mess. What makes us think we will do any differently this time? Maybe we should get our country in order before we go bust someone elses wide open. And, consider this; if mexico bust open (as well it could) into a civil war between the druggies and army or some similar lineup, who would be expected to step in. Why? Well for one we are next door neighbors. It would be the same if something went down in Canada. So why aren't any of Syria's neighbors stepping in? I'd say if anyone's the responsibility is theirs. Besides half the rebels come from those countries anyway.(exaggerated figure probably) So why aren't they? Well lets see; Egypt: screwed out of the scene for now, Israel; otherwise occupied, Lebanon; too worried about Israel, Turkey; too busy locking down their borders, Iraq and Iran; they know that screwing around in another country brings nothing but trouble, Saudi Arabia; possibly the only nation capable of doing anything and they are too smart and too rich to bother. Soo why do the US feel we have to? IS it because of how successful a track record we have? Is it because we have nothing else to do but kill innocents and waste tax payer money? Is it because we have troops eager to deploy to another sandy hell? No. Wait, so why are we considering it? So our president can save some face and potentially make a name for HIMSELF? Let them solve their own problems. Civil war was what it took for us to make up our internal differences enough to build a strong nation, so why shouldn't it work for them? It does mean lots of death and pain, but why multiply that needlessly? If anyone gets involved it ought to be the local people who know the situation, the culture, and the place. And to take a completely different approach, right now we have Muslims fighting Muslims, what happens when the 'infidels' join in? Won't both sides be obliged to beat the tar out of us?
  12. Lol. Y'all are still at it. I got bored about 9p, last night and quit.
  13. I hate you onion. I have wasted a couple hours on this pointless distraction. Only at 4,7xx,xxx cps so far...
  14. Same problem here. And its only occ so i know the issue shouldn't be on my end.
  15. I'll take populace for nostalgia's sake.
  16. My new ride. 94 Toyota Pickup, Ext-cab 22-RE 4x4 SR5
  17. Hehe.. yeah... but hey you value it more when you buy it and build it yourself Congratz nyt, or whatever your calling yourself now. Now that is the flip side of y'all getting different and sometimes cooler cars over there, you can't drive them till you hit what 17-18? Some places here you can start at 14
  18. Goodnight..... *jaw drop smiley* would hate to get on the wrong side of that chick. I can do 12 pullups on a good day...
  19. Sold my truck... well not technically today.
  20. Hehe... yeah.... until i changed the locks to get matching door and ignition locks i couldn't lock my truck and i could start it with any pocketknife with a medium straight blade.
  21. I know it right. They say they're gonna have to pull all mine. But they haven't started to hurt yet so i'm holding off.
  22. I was out for a few hours after they took out my appendix, and then it took me forever to get it out of my system. Nausea, grogginess, dizzy, and general blehhh feeling for most of the day.
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