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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I was worse when I was learning to drive stick. I was terrible at downshifting, and pretty bad at low speeds. So bad, in fact, that I managed to STALL a Corvette ZR1! With high power cars, if you let the clutch go too fast, you chirp the tires, not stall the car. Nope, I actually managed to stall a $100,000+ Corvette.  :doh:

    Who in the world let you learn in a vette?

    Let the clutch go too fast? What is this you speak of? =p My last truck had a racing clutch, it was in or out, no inbetween. If you weren't at atleast 2k(or higher gear and gradient dependent) you were stopping...



    Yeah I have it....I have a feeling selling this piece by piece may end up being a chore.


    I'll get pics up soon

    Then don't, just set it to fold and we'll all be happy.





    Yeah I have it....I have a feeling selling this piece by piece may end up being a chore.


    I'll get pics up soon

    Pretty sure it will. :) Good deal.


    It definitely will....this thing is a nightmare inside









    Looks good. Send me a PM when your ready to talk prices.


    Hmm. Interesting twist. I think it would have to be fleshed out a bit, maybe he works on some of the cases getting no where then the laptop beeps. As it is its kinda a jump. You need to build the tension.

    But overall i'm rather liking it.

    I know what you mean by having him work more on the cases, but I don't want to make it boring. There are so many CSI shows out there, there is very little original material I could make. But I could add a few more case details into the story line though. The final part or two will be much longer then these first 3 parts, so it will get much more tension. trust me. :evilgrin:


    But any ideas for adding suspense are welcomed. :thx:


    The degree to which you need moe in these first parts will depend upon the last parts. The part your jsut finished left me feeling we were quite near then end, it may not need as much as i think once i have read the whole thing.

  4. Ahh saw this on facebook not to long ago. Very well done ad, however I've heard people say the company doesn't have that great of a level of customer service and commitment.

    So marketing wise it was tagged as emotionally manipulative.


    However it was easy to understand and the simplicity really gave the viewers the ability to connect together the points of the video. Probably woulda won some awards if present at a video festival, to bad it was a ad. x.x

    Wait, its an add? For what? I figured it was just one of those, make the world a better place video motivation things that people are always sending around.



    Price dependent i would take the 560 off your hands, and the 965. Heck the RAM too if its decent.

    BUY IT!!!!

    It's a 550, not a 560. But if you know that then maybe.


    Why the 965? Your 930 seems to be clocking nicely, the 965 is a cash cow (which I shall use to my benefit :D)


    I'll letcha know on the RAM, I was surprised that I was able to get $30 for 6GB of memory on Ebay (well before they took their little cut). Maybe we could work out something though!



    I wonder what PSU it's running and if the water cooler isn't any kind of proprietary thing that is built into the case.


    550 is still a good upgrade for me. Yeah your probably right about the 965, it won't run any cooler than my 930 at those speeds. What cooler is it under?

    Do you know what speed the ram is? And brand?

  6. I haven't seen this thread before. I think I stared my own. Anwyway I tested on IE 10 and it works, chrome doesn't.


    EDIT: It is working now!

    I finally found this thread... and then it started working.

    The last few weeks quote has failed me in ff 23.0.1, Chrome 29.01, and IE 10.0.9. It now works in ff and IE but not Chrome. And i changed nothing...

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