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  1. Sweet, thanks Bosco and OCC! I think y'all must have read the submissions carefully because I think I said an SSD would be my first purchase of the year, and that what I won! Thanks guys! Merry Christmas All!!
  2. Copy that, barring a contest win I guess we will see what uncle sam gives me back come april. Thanks guys.
  3. The video card is a some nVidia office product. Don't remember really. I had kinda just figured a modern CPU should be able to crank out some wu's but I guess not. I took a brief look at your how to, but I shelved it after seeing your last post.
  4. Hmm. That is frustrating. I wish a new computer was in the cards, but its not. I am running an AMD FX-6300 on a freebie mobo right now. The rig in my sig died a glorious death rendering ARC GIS projects about 3 years ago. Christmas donation it will be I guess. What up Nyt, still swapping PC parts like underwear?
  5. So I recently lost a friend to cancer and that got me thinking I needed to start folding again, even if my various decrepit rigs can't do much. So I back after a 5 year hiatus... dang it didn't seem that long till I added it up. Anyway... I've been wading through all the new fldc stuff and I have one question, is i really worth the hassle or should I just keep folding under my old username and not worry about the coins? I know squat about crypto currencies and don't really have much faith in the idea. On the hardware side of things, is it still possible to set a utilization level? I feel like that was something I used to be able to do. The new browser thing shows power usage (low, medium, high), but my CPU utilization is ~90% regardless of what I select. If I can get a controlled low rate I'll load up on my work computers because they are always up, but mostly idle. Just pulling data off the GC/MS every few minutes. Good to see some familiar faces still posting, I was afraid this community would have died in recent years.
  6. Congratz guys, seems everytime i turn my back dave gives away stuff.
  7. Well look at it this way, if you select 2 day it means 2 days delivery not 2 days shipping, 2 days includes order processing and packaging. I don't know if you've ever worked in a warehouse but they pretty much run full out regardless so to get somethingo ut same day you have to bump something else, hence extra $$ for one day shipping. I don't see how figuring they "could" make a service worse is a reason to call BS on them, I don't think they could possibly process all of their prime orders same day and guarantee they could get them all out on time. Think about it from a business perspective and not a gimme it now perspective.
  8. ME too, got fed up with the other s and switched back.... I occasionally run other stuff, antimalware anti spyware etc and I never have anything more than a tracking cookie or two so i guess they work. But then i never do anything sketch on the internet either.
  9. I'm all for the law, but i will never as a private individual open carry in public, unless there are extremely extenuating circumstances. I feel that in doing so I would identify myself as a primary target in an active shooter situation, or make myself a target for anti-gun activists. I would rather no-one knows I am armed, so that I can remain in the background until the situation necessitates my action, this leaves me with a psychological and tactical advantage. Psychological in that the shooter will be left to wonder if his victim is armed, and may be surprised and or thrown off when i reveal my weapon. Tactical in that he won't know and that I may have more of a chance to pick when to engage, rather than let him catch me off balance when he notices I am open carrying. Just my 2cents.
  10. Well i got home this afternoon and tried the desktop for the first time since updating the driver. I plugged it into the 2.0 port and it said to switch to a 3.0 for superspeed transfer, so i switched and it is still not detected.... no new bios updates available. Need to check for the laptop. Interesting thing is that the hdd knows its plugged in, but the computer doesn't.
  11. Thanks wev i found that late last night but did not get a chance to try the drive after installing it. That should solve the problem on my desktop, i have probably re-installed since i last used a 3.0 device on it. However my laptop Dell Precision m4800 should not need an extra installed as it claims to run 3.0 out of the box. Any idea there? I should really check the cd that came with it but i'm on the road right now.
  12. I'm re-installing as I type. It has been a while but i have run USB 3.0 thumb drives off both computers.... though i never checked to see if they were operating at rated speeds...
  13. Well i bought the vantec. Slick looking and feeling, easy installation. But the USB 3.0 refuses to work. Tried two different computers on know good ports and no dice. Google seems to suggest that some of their USB 3.0 devices require a firmware update, well of the two updates i found neither would recognize the device even in a 2.0 port where I can access it normally.
  14. I try to use Duck Duck go for reasons similar to akamanH but unfortunately google is hard to beat, and all my work etc email is on there... so a futile gesture really.
  15. Thanks guys, plenty of solid choices there. Probably gonna go with the vantec, cause I'm a tight wad. That said, I do kinda like the solidness of the rosewill or the wifi of the Tt... yeah I'm going with the vantec. Thanks guys.
  16. Before you ask no i haven't done any research yet, been too busy recently to think. I'm looking for a USB 3.0 external drive housing to slap the Caviar black 500gb drives from my desktop in for backups and external storage. Does anyone have anything you would recommend from personal experience. Not looking to break the bank, I just need something that works and will last. Thanks y'all, Speed
  17. So who does everyone think is going to win? I haven't paid much attention to anything but EPL teams since the last time so I'm not really sure. Though i bet brazil is fielding a strong team as always, and i know the USA team probably hired some more divers
  18. Alba gu Brath!!! Wait, did we *didn't* even qualify.... Love watching the the world cup, wish i could have convinced my friends down there to get me some cheap tickets.
  19. Suhaweeet!! I believe you have my address already boss. But seriously, this has been a super awesome thread.
  20. Got some love for my mountain bike, Fox Float RC W/ Lockout on its way along with a complete Avid BB7 brake set Now to wait on the slow boat from hong kong...
  21. I had that issue, but I logged out of both sites, logged into steam put it full public and had no issues when logging back into indie gala.
  22. Got one, signed up for their other giveaways whilst i was there. Gave me a bit of a shock to see their appraisal of my steam library... $300+............... I've never spent a penny on it.
  23. I remember you, welcome back. Props on enlisting regardless of the branch.
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