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  1. premetheus1088

    Mounting Software

    I have just ripped my gta:sa to my computer. Daemon tools wont mount it and alcohol 120 wont install right onto my computer. What program should i use to mount the images? Thanks alot, Steve
  2. premetheus1088

    Up For Sale Or Trade

    i ahve an aspire case hows that?
  3. premetheus1088

    Wow, Check Out This Site!

    well you see when they were kids they would cut grass. And when they did that they got sad beacause they just chopped into mother nature. And their moms would pick vegetables out of the garden. And their dad would chop wood when they went camping. Those kids did not like what was happening to mother nature so they decided to take it out on um .....the human population What idiots. i think it is funny though
  4. premetheus1088

    Mmm Pertty Lights

    AWWWW it is so beatiful, i could stare at it all day great job
  5. premetheus1088

    H2o Cooling

    NO more thatn 250
  6. premetheus1088

    H2o Cooling

    I was wondering what the best fair priced water cooling setup is? Thanks Steve
  7. premetheus1088


    Oh i see. So what is the best overclocking processor that you have messed with? THanks Steve
  8. premetheus1088


    Jeez... What do you do for a living?
  9. premetheus1088

    Oc? Unsure What To Buy

    Intel locks their processors? Then how do people get such great oc's? The fsb? Steve
  10. premetheus1088


    What kind of cooling were you using on your air set up? And how do you get all those processors to mess with? Thanks Steve
  11. premetheus1088


    All mods on boards? What do you mean? Thanks Steve Also what is a good cheap water cooling system? is this any good? http://www.frozencpu.com/cgi-bin/frozencpu/ex-wat-28.html
  12. premetheus1088


    Ya i think that i am gonna like this chip when i get it. Any one else know of any good oc's made on theese chips? Thanks Steve
  13. premetheus1088


    HOLY MOLY. I am definitly gettin one of these chips. What board did he use?
  14. premetheus1088


    They dont sell those cpus on their site? How much of an OC did you get outta yours paranoid? Thanks Steve
  15. premetheus1088


    Hows this one . I have been searching the site and seen that people get relly good overclocks out of them. CPU Thanks Steve