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  1. Don't want to give too much away either but I agree with your review. There are three augs you want right away. The arm strength aug to break through walls, the leg augment to jump to higher points and the one that modifies your vision so you can see through objects and have important objects like palm readers, items, etc highlighted. Both of these are useful from the very start of the game. Don't forget that the environment can be used in ways you might not think of. Dumpsters can be moved to give you a higher point from which to make a tough leap and they often hide access to vents.
  2. 3/4 of a statement. Must have missed the 'against', as it should be "bigotry against augmented individuals." Lol, OK, that makes sense. There are no other concealed caches other than in your apt. I advise you to use them for your important stuff as something may happen to things left out in the open. I learned that the hard way.
  3. What in the world is "bigotry augmented individuals"??
  4. Glad this worked out for you. Might have been less trouble buying the Bose .
  5. I bought a Fatal1ty Extreme something or other from Soundblaster. After about a year or so it became hard to find drivers for it. Not to mention that it always seemed to need to install these huge files for editing, soundwave customizations, etc. Disabling those features required digging into advanced options. I was never so happy to remove a product from my PC as I was for this one. A more generic card using Windows drivers might be much less of a hassle. But, like I said, the Bose system has made be very happy. And, I now only have one add-in card on my MB (the GPU) that I have to care about.
  6. I've given up completely on soundcards. The bloated drivers, the rapid obsolescence, etc are annoying. Decided to go with the Bose computer speaker system (USB connection - no soundcard needed). Been very, very happy. Music sounds very good but you have to hear Fallout 4 on this to become a believer. I can tell where the enemies are, explosions rock the desk and vocals are very clear. Anyway, just my thoughts. It's a rather expensive addition but if you have the bucks, well worth it.
  7. Hmm, had lockups with FA4 but thought that was just due to older video cards. Haven't had an issue since I went with one 980. I know the last patch added PhysX weapons debris whatever that is. I didn't notice anything new in that space.
  8. Exactly. There's no real reason to not just go SLI. I also don't think the games that support PhysX are really pushing the technology. Is PhysX going to be a long-term feature or is it dying?
  9. I agree. When this card starts slowing down with new games, one option will be to add another one for SLI. I know there's a few holes in my experiment but it does show that the 560 would have been very likely to cause the bottleneck you just described.
  10. Fallout 4 forced me to face the inadequacies of my two little SLI'd GTX 560 Ti's so I decided to replace them with one monster of a GTX 980 Ti. What a difference. Who knew you could see out through the windows of those skyscrapers that litter downtown Boston? Freeing up the 560s got me thinking about setting one up as a dedicated Physx card. A little research seemed to indicate the majority felt this would be a bad idea. Some felt it couldn't hurt and a minority recommended it. I had to try for myself. Using FluidMark, I benchmarked three config settings using just the 980 in the system. Resolution was set to 2560 x 1440, AA to 4x and all other FM settings were left at the default. PhysX set to Auto: FPS = 70 SPS = 70 PhysX set to the 980 FPS = 70 SPS = 69 PhysX set to the CPU: FPS = 71 SPS = 71 A little bit better using just the CPU as the PhsyX processor but not enough of a difference to justify taking the nVidia setting off of Auto mode. I then installed one of the GTX 560's and changed the nVidia config to dedicate PhysX processing to the 560. Here's what happened: PhysX set to 560: FPS = 44 SPS = 44 The only benefit was about a 20 degree C lower temp on the 980 as it really wasn't doing anything except displaying the graphics from the particle generator. Lesson learned? I have two 560's to sell Back to the lone 980.
  11. Heh. heh, watch for the editor's comment in the conclusion
  12. Used to have a Kindle. Sold it and now I read Kindle books via the iPad and iPhone apps.
  13. While they're at it, they need to fix: Let us lock our vehicles so idiots can't jump in and reveal our position by ineffectually spraying the 50 cal at everything. Or, let us boot them from our vehicles if they're idiots Team votes for kicking players that do stupid things like sit in the vehicles at the main just to keep the team from using them. Get a life, sheesh. Fix the damage system so that when we know we are aiming properly and see splash damage, the unit actually experiences damage. Anyone firing tank rounds at the helicopters knows what I am talking about. Helicopters are too powerful and rule the game in the hands of a good pilot. One person should not be able to decimate another team entirely on a 32 player server. Let us Exit the damn game without having to wait for the Join screen to appear. Better squad management
  14. Tried the DDC server tonight that Mr. NiceGuy was trying to promote. It wasn't any fun . I was the top player while I was on but the other team was base raping the hell out of us and I suspect one player was hacking. None of the server owners did anything to improve the game. Appreciate your efforts Mr. NiceGuy but next time, have the courtesy to show up at your own invitational. I won't be taking any BFBC2 invitations from people I don't know in the future. Now to go keep the wife company
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