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  1. UT66

    Revised New Build

    am3 is a dead end.... i wdnt "upgrade " to that. stick to 1155 or wait for the new AMD stuff. ( or better yet, go cheap now and wait for the next gen consoles to arrive and then build yr newpc to whatever new crappy standard - OMG dx18!)
  2. nice case, to bad it tends t o overheat a bit the hdd @ gpu ....
  3. LIAN LI Lancool PC-K7B intake x2 exhaust x1 PSU x1 GPU x1 CPU x1 all s-flex all controlled 32c gpu temp after 2 hrs of crysis2 ( super ocd 4770) ah also quiet. i know my stuff
  4. "for demanding games like Crysis 2 " No (maybe the first one?) yes, th3 u3 is perfect, go for it and enjoy!
  5. > lots of "TSE NSE LSE RSE RTE" + random letters > pLSE ( please?) yLSE kLSE rLSE gLSE tLSE > lots of "E" > bold "R"
  6. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42348642/ns/technology_and_science-security/ larger images
  7. UT66

    Crysis 2 - Official

    xboxed or not, im finding this game waay more enjoyable that the first one. i fk hated the first one so thats not much. cool graphics 2.
  8. UT66

    RE4 WII

    yhea i tried that, mixed bag, great some games run even better! ( overkill) and then others games like silent hill run like arse , also yr forgetting that widout this silly thing...
  9. UT66

    ~$500 build

    didnt look at the rest, but that coolemaster case ( have 1) has a really super crap y power button that is just terrible ( Google) nice case if you can get past that.( it will bust) this is my humble recommendation ( just a few bucks more) im using it now and i love it ( best case evar) PC-K7B
  10. UT66

    RE4 WII

    3:40 AM here... fk u crysis 2 ( even with a trainer soooo fkn boring) another RE4 go nooowww! I just cant believe how good that game is... lol next gen, RE5 was such a fitly @ boring clone in comparison. .. raw horsepower means nothing without creativity !! ( also thank good i still have that old crt!) - i do own a few LCDs 2)
  11. UT66

    RE4 WII

    yes, yes we all know the wii is gey and not manly so anyway my girls enjoy this, ( 4 yr sis) rune factory frontier epic mickey endless ocean 1 2 another code R madworld -ups-
  12. UT66

    RE4 WII

    this made my lol warning This thread has become full of disappointment, going to smoke a bit
  13. UT66

    RE4 WII

    now that im quitting pc gaming this thread is about funny pics now
  14. UT66

    RE4 WII

    Ok, so i just played RE4 wii for 6 hours, ( standing) + a bit of RS2 and my mind is BLOWN, ( and i finished the game on my pc years ago) now i just cant go back to playing siting like a moron.... tried a bit of crysis 2 maxed and thats . just dsnt click,! i feel completely crippled and detached from the action, sitting like that just want to stand up... also the game ( crysis 2) is fkn boring so that dnst help at all. so yeah, 2$ OCd gamecube + wiimotion > 2000 pc and retro mouse @ gamepads LOL
  15. 3d wut? benchmarks are irrelevant to me . good job anyway panda
  16. rice flour + Maizena, and then made some gluten free cookies for my nephews ( yes im a man, no im not gay, yet)
  17. don't worry, dragon age 2 sucks.
  18. u2711. best monitor i have ever had. ( still love my crts)
  19. screw the rest, i voted for myself! edit, imagefail
  20. i think i did alright this time, ( that is, except of not choosing the right number - witch i had!!!!!1! )
  21. fuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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