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  1. Hum...CM is better than the xigmatek balder? 30s isn't bad, my 1055t is 40's in idle.
  2. Hi! I have a 1055t (AMD) and a Crosshair IV Formula. Now that i know how to overclock i need a good cooler to push it. Xigmatek Balder, Xigmatek Gaia NoiseBlocker Twintec EVGA SuperClock What is the best? I like the Xigmatek Balder. Thanks!
  3. Hi, i need a case for put a gtx 480 or sli of two gtx 470's What the best case for this? (need a good temps) Air cooled.. HAF-X , Raven 2 it's good? A sexy case with quality 200$ +- Thanks!
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