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  1. l1o2l

    Makeshift wireless card...

    I doubt you can do that. The pci-e for your laptop is mini pci-e and that will not work in a desktop unless you buy an adapter board. You can just go to your local hardware shop and buy a USB dongle for <$20.
  2. l1o2l

    2011 OCC Christmas Contest

    Nope, thanks though. Happy with the extra ram.
  3. l1o2l

    Tjj226's Stuff For Sale

    Maybe its different with Windows 7, but on XP and earlier - BSOD.
  4. l1o2l

    2011 OCC Christmas Contest

    No, the package/memory is labeled CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9.
  5. One thing you can do is touch the water block to see if its hot. Touch it at idle. If its hot, then its actually 50 C. If not, faulty or reseat the waterblock.
  6. l1o2l

    Tjj226's Stuff For Sale

    For the laptop hard drive, simply having an operating system installed on there will not guarantee it will work on a different system.
  7. l1o2l

    2011 OCC Christmas Contest

    Just checked the memory. I got 1600 too, not 1866.
  8. l1o2l

    2011 OCC Christmas Contest

    Got my Cosair memory two days ago. At college at the moment, I'll take pictures when I get back this weekend.
  9. l1o2l

    2011 OCC Christmas Contest

    Yay! I can haz more memory . Congrats to all winners! And merry Christmas/happy holidays everybody!
  10. l1o2l

    Christmas system wont power up! HELP!

    I don't see any ram... lol Put the bare essentials - cpu, motherboard, 1 stick of ram, and graphics card. Try to power it on. If it doesn't power on, try clearing the bios via jumper on the motherboard.
  11. l1o2l

    2011 OCC Christmas Contest

    Holy mother lawd... Good luck everyone! Have a great holiday! Got finals :/
  12. l1o2l

    Starcraft II

    Carriers vs anything is a joke... Zerg: Get hydras out done deal or corrupters. If you let your enemy tech up to carriers... wtf have you been doing. Scout, scout, and scout some more. Intel is vital to winning the game.
  13. l1o2l


    Happy Birthday!
  14. Nope, both cards have 128 bit buses.
  15. l1o2l

    XFX Contest

    Put it in my current system(not sig), buy a couple XFX graphics card and CROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSFIRE!