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  1. Looking at a price of 390 to start. I may be able to go higher if it has a non-reference cooler. I'm only looking for reference PCB cards. Accepting offers nonetheless. I'm looking for someone who can help with RMA should the need ever arise. Which also means the card has to be registered for a warranty, such as in the case of EVGA.
  2. I'm planning on moving my current pair into it and getting new RAM, but at this point I may go with an Athlon II of some sort. Maybe hit my local microcenter and take them up on their discounted AMD combo or free mobo deal.
  3. I have a spare E6320 and I'm trying to get a few parts cheap so I can have a secondary PC, one to keep with the TV.
  4. Looking For a LGA 775 board. It needs to be able to support 1600, hopefully looking for one that's been used for a year or less though it's ok if it's been used a while longer too. Mainly looking at a price of 50USD but it is flexible
  5. Usually close to the 100 point people will tell you to go for a modded HD555 or AD700s. Depends on how much you're willing to spend tbh because with highend phones you might not notice the quality difference from slightly lower models unless you have a trained ear for it. IF you're worried about price/quality then I'd say go for the SR80i, they go for around 100 and they're supposed to be excellent. Don't own them myself though.
  6. Not sure on the documentation but... Have you checked out the Xonar D1 and Xonar D2? Or perhaps the HT Omega Claro (and the Omega Claro XT) Also worth looking at some Auzentech stuff (X-meridian) though I believe that their PCI-E cards are the most well known of the brand.
  7. They're having a 2 for one deal on their website for Christmas. $35 so 17.50 each Weckr got it, thanks!
  8. Aww, come on guys. We need a review with 10.12 more than anything
  9. Cowon J3 has a 32GB model but also features a SDHC slot supporting up to 32GB SDHC cards IIRC
  10. G9 G9x MX518 Roccat Kone Mionix 3200 Razer Deathadder Also, the MS Intellimouse 1.1a is good.
  11. Anand has xfire 5870s beating sli GTX 580s at Metro 2033 maxed at 2560x1600 with AA I'd also like to see what drivers he's using since some of the scores seem either inflated or lower than what I've seen.
  12. Uh no. Most of the cases showed a single 5870 was stronger than a 6870 (5 of 7 games) but xfire 6870s were stronger than xfire 5870s. As for saying the 6870 xfire is just SLIGHTLY stronger? That's completely wrong. Over half of those games show that even 6850s in xfire match or exceed the performance of 5870s in xfire much less 6870s.
  13. Well if the 6850 and 6870 are any indication the scaling is like 80-90% most of the time. So 180-190% of the performance of a single card. That's about the same degree of scaling as the GTX 460 SLI which was incredible. To be put it in example, the 6870 is weaker than a 5870 or GTX 470 individually but Crossfire 6870s easily beats Crossfire 5870 or Sli 470. In fact in a few cases it's even almost on the same level as GTX 480s in sli. http://www.guru3d.com/article/radeon-hd-6850-6870-crossfirex-review/1
  14. Apparently not. Do more research...it's been known for quite a while now. Also they were just delayed until the 2nd week of December. Antilles was pushed back to Q1 2011 most likely. Cayman, 6950 and 6970 are the high-end of the 6K series while Antilles, 6990 is the enthusiast's dual GPU card.
  15. The 6870 isn't for enthusiasts. It's a mid-range card to begin with. The 6950/6970 and 6990 (dual GPU) are the high end and enthusiast card respectively and are due November 29
  16. How'd you get your Archos 43 so fast? It just came out. Where do you live? Also, it has better video life than the iTouch 4th gen, 4hours short on music with 36H vs the iTouch's 40H Uhh, link? I haven't seen many reviews of the 43 as it just came out a few days ago for NA in fact and most impressions seem to take a liking to it. Not to mention it supports Android 2.2 Froyo, the only thing is doesn't support is marketplace as Google doesn't approve any non-3G devices (except the Samsung Galaxy Player) but apps can be sideloaded anyway.
  17. Wait for bulldozer. Srsly
  18. http://img820.imageshack.us/i/picture48d.jpg/ Reusing a pic I took for EVGA (it never got any catches). Used e6320 from a Retail HP tower. Used for 2.5 years or so and then I built my current PC but I decided to pull the thing out and keep it. I also have a Freezer 7 pro I never got to use (it is opened though..) that I am selling WITH it. It's been 4-6 months since I pulled it out but when I pulled it out it was working fine, no problems. Never had any issues with the HP while I was using it either so I don't anticipate it to have any problems. With the cooler I'm asking for 55 Shipped. Price isn't entirely firm so talk to me first if you need Also selling: EVGA 8800GTS 320MB with an aftermarket cooler - http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=54_196_688&products_id=24695 I lost the thermal pads for the RAM on the original cooler so I got a new one but never really used it as it was inconvenient and I upgraded. The 8800GTS was previously damaged but baked (reflowed) and works. The reason I didn't just RMA was because I forgot to register it when I got it >_> Asking 40 shipped PNY 8800GT 256mb, has a single slot cooler. Bought it as a OEM new, used for a few months. One of the thermal pads on the cooler for RAM seems to be the missing but if you want I have thermal adhesive though I don't know how well it'll fit between the gap. Asking 40 shipped. I'll probably be using USPS flat rate medium boxes. The E6320 is in a little plastic case thing that my 955 came in. The 8800GTS and 8800GT are sitting in Anti-static bags in boxes. Prices re-evaluated I'm also interested in trading my GTX 460 768mb MSI cyclone (+cash) for a 1GB 460 or a GTX 470
  19. Lol. TBH I'm on the fence about buying it. 25% is a good deal but then I was saving the money for something else >_>
  20. http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2346869 Have you guys seen this? 25% off on the pre-order on D2D
  21. The only thing holding me back from getting the Archos is the damn touch screen. It's resistive so no multi-touch and works best with styluses or objects rather than just fingers. Otherwise I think I'd hate itunes (is there anyway to avoid it?)
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