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  1. Hey I have a buncha things laying around that I am looking to sell: IBM optical mouse (blue) scroll lights up blue when hooked up (15 bucks shipped) Ut2k4- 12 bucks shipped HL2- 30 shipped 80 gig western digital 7200 rpm (45 bucks shipped) (2) 15inch CRT monitors (white) - 20 bucks you pay shipping or pick up (charlotte, n.c) Emachines prebuilt, 533 celeron, 64megs of ram, cd drive, no hd- 20 bucks you pay shipping or local pickup OKNYO home theatre amplifier/reciever- 100 shipping not included give zip code A bunch of mixed up barely used korean music cds ($4 each) Neon green lava lamp- 15 shipped heatware/ebay - viets7ylez email- [email protected] Thanks, bumps are appreaciated
  2. I have one stick of pc2700 ECC registered ram. Its a 1gb stick. Never been used and is in original box. Asking 120 [email protected] aim-viets7ylez
  3. i have an old emachines, its 533mhz celeron, 32megs of mem, with a 4gb hd.. small i know.. but id give it to u for prob the same price as the other guy .. its a lil heavy comes with the cae and everything
  4. i got unreal 2, diablo 2, bf1942, medal or honor
  5. the sp97 is sold guys, i bought it =P
  6. surely i wouldnt pull an alex fairclough if im a victim of his dang fraud still awaiting my money.....
  7. the hitatchi deskstar which used to be ibm's deathstar are extremely quiet no sound whatsoever, u dont even hear them power on.... there are 160gb's at newegg for 99 each and yes they are sata.
  8. 15'' crt monitor for 30 unreal 2 for 10 bucks diablo2/lod for 15 phillips 280watt stereo 100 48x cd rom for 12 neon green lava lamp for 10 gameboy color w/ assorted games 30 audigy 2 zs w/ 2 games and original box 70 shipped beige floppy- 2 bucks 9500pro unused brand new 110 shipped 480watt psu OKIA 20 bucks 1 gig stick of kingston pc2700 ECC registered ram. contact via pm or email at [email protected] heatware/ebay is viets7ylez aim is viets7ylez
  9. ahh and then now thursday no check.. emailed his dad already.. seems like me and simba have the worst like lol
  10. I have a 512 stick of pc4000 ocz gold el these sticks run 2.5/4/4/7 at stock speed but I've had them at 270fsb with 2.8 volts at 2.5/4/4/7 too great ram. asking 130 shipped heatware-viets7ylez ebay-viets7ylez [email protected] pm me or message me on aim at viets7ylez thanks all
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