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  1. Alexandre

    Hello I'm new

    Welcome to OCC mate! Hope you enjoy your time here
  2. HI mate, Firstly I want to say welcome to OCC and I hope you find this place helpful. We are happy to have you on board. PSU info would be helpful to add. You tried updating BIOS? This thread and this thread might be of help - sounds like a similar problem. So it looks like "75 = Initialize Int-13 and prepare for IPL detection." from your manual means that this is the stage in the booting checklist that it gets to before dying. Going by what I've seen in the two above threads and elsewhere, I would look to the PSU and your HDD connections for problems. 1) First thing I would do is check everything in your computer. Is everything plugged in right? All things powered up? Everything seated right? Is your new SSD plugged in correctly? 2) If all that is good and it still fails try removing components and see if you can get it working at bare bones. 3) If it doesn't work at bare minimum hardware then you might need to try a different PSU if you have one handy. 3.1 - If it does work at bare minimum, then keep adding back your hardware components one by one until you get the error again and that might tell you what is to blame. 4) If it still doesn't work with a different PSU and you have latest bios then it might be that your board is in for another RMA unfortunately. See how you go.
  3. Didn't they say 2 GBs? Why are they making me download 4.2 Gb?
  4. Hey mate, What kind of monitor do you have? Generally that's the type of thing you can manually change by going into the monitor's settings (using the buttons on your screen). You can then adjust each main color intensity to your liking. Or have I misunderstood what you are wanting to achieve?
  5. Hope you win a few things mate!

    Yeah I'm on break and getting ready for a scorching summer here in Adelaide.

    Can't wait for Christmas actually! I'm heading up to Melbourne, Australia for a church conference this year - it's going to be awesome. So thankful to God for Jesus. What about you? Apart from your build project what are your plans for the Christmas brea...

  6. I like both. It really depends on how much I value the game/program/whatever is on there though: If it has a big significance to me then I would probably go with a physical disk otherwise I'll go with digital. It's akin to receiving a real hand written letter in the mail from someone who loves you (hopefully they went through all the trouble because they love you and not because they are sending you a death threat ) and an email from the same person - the way they transmitted their message in a letter just gives it that much more meaning to it. So it is with DVDs - those are the things I cherish more generally speaking. My $0.05.
  7. Alexandre

    hello everyone

    Welcome to OCC mate!
  8. Just for future references BlueScreenView can help you work out could possibly be causing the BSODs. This could be helpful even if you don't think it is the drivers. After building my friend's new computer it started BSODing randomly after putting windows 7 onto his SSD. I found this program to be really helpful in pointing to the driver causing the problem. Turned out to be a bad Marvel SATA3 driver in the end. In your case it is sounding like it could be a RAM fault but I'm not sure.
  9. Wait... Mariah Carey is 41 years old and Bieber is 17? Doesn't anyone else find this music video a bit disturbing? None the less... Welcome to OCC mate!
  10. Alexandre

    Hi all! :)

    Welcome to OCC mate! Glad to hear you are enjoying the forums. Hope you learn a lot and we learn a lot from you
  11. Alexandre

    n00b from MI

    Welcome to OCC mate. Engineering is the bomb lol
  12. Alexandre


    Welcome to OCC my friend!
  13. Alexandre


    Welcome to OCC!
  14. As always, a pleasure for us to be of help!
  15. Nothing better than a hands on project my friend! Sounds good. Make sure you enter the Christmas Contest and maybe you wont have to get a new graphics card after all ;)

  16. Thanks for the contest Bosco and Co! Missed you guys over the last half year I was inactive. Uni workload gets pretty hectic during the second half of year 2. Hopefull now that holidays are upon me I can return in activity. Love this community - hopefully it will continue to grow in knowledge and in numbers! If I do end up winning the grand prize I'll probably end up just giving it to my brother as I am content with my current rig (apart from my PSU which has a clicking fan - need to get that fixed asap) Have a great Christmas
  17. I have no love for the monopoly Microsoft is but it still doesnt make it right to not pay I'm afraid - its a cruel cruel world we live in
  18. Installing an illegal OS is wrong my friend. Help the world go round and pay for what you need to use.
  19. Sorry to bump such an old thread but I am curious as to what happened to the FAQ contest myself. Who were the winners?
  20. Alexandre

    Budget rig

    Hi mate, Do you have any particular website(s) which you are buying from or is this from a local store which does have one? If there is a website then giving us the link might help us a bit in determining which component is right to buy given your country's prices. Thanks
  21. Hi mate how's your computer fairing these days? Still holding up?

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