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  1. @ UT66: Your help was appreciated my friend. Might end up still fixing up the old case a bit more for my brother with the other suggestions which were given here, when I have the time. All the mesh across the front of the case and below the case (for the power supply) have dust filters, so not much dust getting through there (there is still a small amount but no where near as much as before so ) You mean like a fan rpm meter and/or speed adjuster? Ill look into it! Although I don't really know what speeds I would want all my fans to be at for better cooling. Ok then if I do get a rpm controller: 1) What would be a good one to get? 2) What speeds should I set up my fans for optimal cooling and dust repelling? I have: two 140 mm exhaust fans at the top one 140 mm intake fan at the front one 120 mm exhaust fan at the back
  2. I haven't looked back since buying the case - it's pretty sick! Love all the tool-less technology and cable management Lian-Li put into it - made transferring my computer all the more enjoyable. I was so I'm a type of guy that enjoys seeing all that's going on inside the case so +100 for the side window Will definitely be recommending this case to my friends - especially with its decent price (Got it for about $144 AUD from MSY Australia).
  3. Very nice site mate. Wish you all the best in your new company
  4. Just bought (last Saturday) a Lian-Li Lancool K62 case with Thermaltake Contac 29 cpu cooler...
  5. And here I am studying to be an electrical/electronic engineer.....hmm let's just hope I dont have to do THAT in my job
  6. +1 for truthfulness Mate you'll be loving that 580 Im sure
  7. Alexandre

    Hello OCC.

    Welcome to OCC mate
  8. Alexandre

    Hello all...

    Welcome to OCC mate
  9. Got around to getting the Li-Lan Lancool k62 case and Thermaltake Contac 29 cpu cooler today! Loving it and thanks for your help again guys. Gave my old case to my brother. Good luck to him haha Heres a few pics of my new case:
  10. No worries mate. I scanned it before I tried it and it didn't pick anything up - only until I actually started the benchmark at 1024x768 fullscreen did it get flagged. It could be that AVG doesn't know what it is and is flagging it to be safe. We'll see if anyone else has it flagged
  11. Using AVG Free 2011 Edition It only flagged it when I started the benchmark Hopefully it wasn't my scanner overreacting....though it did make me restart my computer. Anyway always better to be safe than sorry.
  12. DONT DOWNLOAD THE NEW VERSION I downloaded it and ran the exe file and my virus scanner immediately flagged it as a serious lvl (highest level on my scanner) piece of malware... Make sure that it's the right link Nyt Ryda
  13. Thanks a tonne for your thoughts guys I thought so myself when I got the case (the case came with the fans orientated as they are now) so I had it swapped around but that made the computer really hot inside because there was no intake fan :S so I put it back to to how it was as a temporary solution. Ill mull over these suggestions and get back to you when I make my decision about which way I am going to go - new case or fix this case - because both options are reasonably easier to do. I don't want to spend more than $150 for this so that will slightly bottleneck my options if I go new case + cpu cooler - but it's still do-able Atm I'm leaning more towards buying a new case thats more manageable like the CM 690II advanced as you suggested dihartnell
  14. Hi guys. I was wondering if you could help me decide what to do about the airflow in my computer case. Ok so I have my computer (specs in my signature) which I bought about 6 months ago and being a bit ignorant at the time (still ignorant now but hopefully not as much as before ), I bought an el-cheapo case (~$50 AUD) which I thought looked half decent - not really thinking about the airflow. Now I realize that that was a bit of a mistake... Anyway this is what the case looks like: Sorry for the rotation, imageshack randomly rotates it this way no matter what I try As you can see the case has pretty limited ventilation. Here's a picture inside the case and one of the vent panel (has a cpu vent and grill). Also included some arrows to show airflow: Problem 1:Dusty It has only one chassis intake fan at the back and no outtake fan (excluding the power supply fan system). This means that it gets pretty dusty inside... This is a pic of the HD5850 underside - a bit too dusty for my liking. And here's a pic of part of the stock cpu fan which came with the i7 930 -You can see the dust build-up inside the heat sink. Problem 2:Not much air cooling the HD My hard-drive sits at the front of the case and has really no air getting to it. It gets pretty hot at times so thats a bit of a concern. There is a spot for a fan to sit near the HD but its not populated and is blocked by the front of the case: Problem 3:Its just plain old hot when graphics card and cpu goes under load Pretty much says it all - it gets to 80 degrees Celsius in there at times and the Aussie heat doesn't help So how would you guys suggest I could improve the airflow in my case to reduce or get rid of the above 3 problems? I was thinking of maybe moving the hd down a few slots, buying a 120 mm fan for the front of the case (near the hd where I can mount it - see pic above) and maybe removing the two floppy drive "slot blockers" at the front to let some air in through the front. What you guys think of this idea? I was also thinking of mounting one or two 120 mm fans to the side air outtake vent blowing air out so that there could be a bit more of a pressure balance within the case.I say maybe two because apparently I hear that its better to have a slightly lower pressure within the case to reduce dust. Also, I think it's time to get rid of that stock cpu fan (its got too much dust in it anyway ) and buy a decent cpu cooler in the $60 and below AUD range. Which ones would you guys suggest considering I'm not going to be doing much OC'ing but would still like to keep the cpu cooler than it is (right now ~ 50 degrees Celsius no load)) Or should I quit fretting with all this 'fan' business and just get a better case???? ~Btw if there are too many questions here for a single thread Ill be happy to split this thread up into smaller topics (ie ask about the cpu cooler in a more relevant section). Let me know ~ Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks for the contest guys! Don't have much experience with computer hardware yet so both favorite and least favorite manufacturers were hard to choose. Good luck to everyone who is participating!
  16. In reply to your question about the DRAM frequency only being around 800 MHz, from what limited knowledge I have I believe it's showing the correct value for 1600 MHz RAM. This is because as DDR stands for "Double Data Rate" which, in short, means the RAM frequency is in essence double that of the DRAM frequency shown (ie 800x2 = 1600 MHz). Maybe someone more knowledgeable can clear up why this is so...
  17. 400/900 isnt normal it should be 157/300 Have you got a youtube video open in a browser btw? Last time I had those speeds it was because of a youtube video (which is a sorta graphics application so it clocks your speed to what it needs to perform).
  18. Here you refer to a forum topic about a different card (4870x2) and an older catalyst driver (9.3). The bug you refer to seems to be only applicable to the the second gpu of the 4870x2 as apparently its clock runs at full speed as soon as your turn on your computer (not "when [you] start a game' as you state) when it should only run at the lower idle speed 507/500. This doesn't have much to do with your problem here. Yes the clocks are supposed to be set to maximum when you use a graphics application such as a game. Your gpu LOAD might be different according to what you do in game but your gpu and memory clock speeds should stay at their set maximums (725/1000 for stock) during game and go back to low levels (157/300) when idle (graphics application is turned off). These lower clocks should make your card idle at around 41 C (My gb5850 with 10.6 drivers idles at this temp) Check that your idle clock speeds with gpu-z.
  19. I got 7333 for my single 5850 @ stock speeds Is this a bit low? or about right? Link
  20. G'day to everyone in OCC! Yes another aussi has signed up on to your forums yet again. I discovered this site at the start of April this year and I havent looked back since. Your reviews (and links to other reviews) as well as great info on anything computer related helped me decide what to buy for my first build (Specs are in my signature below). So many thanks for your help. I've recommend you guys to a few of my mates who were looking to build their own computers and they too have said that they found your site very helpful. Ill be sure to direct others here in the future. Keep up the good work guys and see ya around!
  21. Alexandre

    FFXIV Benchmark

    Hey guys first time on these forums. The reviews on this site are top quality and this site helped me out quite a bit when I was looking to buy my new computer a few months ago. So cheers! My computer rig is my signature below. 5850 at stock speeds. On LOW: 5971 On HIGH: 4019
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