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  1. Give it to me then - I only got 1 monitor so it will work fine
  2. Welcome to OCC mate! Hope you enjoy it here! Once you start building your new computer feel free to post it in the "System Builds" section of the forums and we'll be happy to help you out with it!
  3. Fixed! Na seriously it's a good read. They put it up from a free section of a book called "Upgrading and Repairing PCs" by Scott Mueller published this year.
  4. Huh, that's strange because I was at VideoEzy yesterday and they had a whole wall of PC games avaliable. Only in SA? Weird
  5. This overclocking guide is geared at dealing with both Gulftown (high end i7's like your 980) and Bloomfield (other "lower end" i7's like my 930). The same method can be used for both the 980x and 980 because they are basically the same chip. If you want information on voltages and temps look at page 3 of that above mentioned guide. i7s are hardy processors and Intel recommends not going over 100 C. I would probably not go above 90 C though personally. As long as your cooler can keep it under 90-100 C when CPU is under load (ie running prime95) then you are all good Hope you enjoy overclocking that beast!
  6. Do you guys have VideoEzy where you live? They allow you to rent games (and obviously Movies) here in Australia. I'm slightly surprised that you guys haven't come across this yet...
  7. Haha that is a sick paint job. When did you guys get this done?
  8. Jealous My main rig is Intel - love the core i7 processors.
  9. Thanks for the review Blue! Looks like a great mouse IMO
  10. Does that affect the performance of the drive considerably?
  11. While I am not the OP for those links! Learnt alot
  12. Hey mate, Just curious, but have you read the Screen Guide here at OCC? It can give you some good insight as to what you should look for in screens. Ill leave the recommendation for others as I am currently in a hurry to get somewhere
  13. Yeah was thinking about that before but they only have an IDE HDD Actually now that I think about it I *might* have a spare 500GB HDD if I can convince (ie $$) my dad to give it up...it will hopefully be cheaper than $130 bucks! Cheers. I'll check it out
  14. Haha that's one nice collection of music my friend. The more space we have the more we use eh? Mate, HDD prices are annoying to say the least atm! Hopefully if I stare at gumtree long enough ill find a good deal on there If we could just save a bit of money here and there - then we can get the better CPU
  15. Here's another good first gen i7 overclocking guide if you want That's a nice BSOD debugger at the end of the guide you gave boinker!
  16. Thanks for your reply Stonerboy I don't think switching to the Coolermaster PSU for the extra 70W will be the better option in the end. A few reasons: 1) Part of the extra 70W is distributed into the 3.3V and 5V rails rather than the 12 volt rails where it is needed more. 2) It's not 80+ certified and advertises >70% efficiency. 3) Hasn't got active PFC - a bit of a moot point from our perspective but what this really shows is that its an older design (the inclusion of a -5V rail gives a hint to this too). 4) The computer we are planning on getting will need a maximum of 200W to run (due to no graphics card) so 430W is plenty and leaves room for upgrade if need be. Not much room I agree but I doubt this computer will ever have a graphics card in it. As for the HDD - considering what this computer is getting used for and the fact that they have never used more than 120GB in their previous one, it looks like they won't be needing a 1TB HDD and if they will need more space, then it would be better to buy the extra storage later when the prices have dropped. Also we can get a 1TB for 129 bucks here locally which still turns out to be cheaper then $119 + Postage. Thanks for trying to squeeze out more bang for the buck but I don't think it will be worth it in the end given the tightness of the budget Peace
  17. Doesn't sound good. It looks like it might be a CPU power regulation capacitor. I wouldn't risk using the board as it might be allowing badly regulated voltages to your CPU which will cause damage. Sorry to be a bearer of bad news but it might be time for a new MOBO
  18. Ok guys. Here's an update on the process: I've looked at a few stores given above and Allneeds seem to provide the best price most of the time. Came up with the following components: CPU: Intel Pentium G620 Dual Core, LGA1155 @ 2.6 GHz with Integrated GPU = $72 OR Intel i3 2100 Dual Core with HT @3.1 GHz and Integrated GPU (look at other CPU for LINK) = $124 MOBO: Asus P8H61-M-LE USB3 microATX = $79 - Makes it upgradable for newer SB processors if needed in the future. RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X 2Gx2 DDR3 1333 = $31 DVD: Samsung DVD RW Dual Layer SATA = $19 PSU: Corsair CX430 V2 (or V1 - not sure need to ask them but V1 is still pretty decent) = $59 - Best deal for a good quality PSU IMO HDD: Samsung 500GB Spinpoint F3 7200rpm HDD = $110 - Expensive eh? Thank you floods CASE: Already got it a microATX one. OS: Windows Vista (already got it) thus we have +$100 to spend since he doesn't need a new OS -> Budget = $400 AUD TOTAL: $370 AUD OR $422 AUD with i3 2100 (slightly over ) NOTE: Still have to check stock availability A tight budget makes finding a good comp a pretty decent challenge. I like it! Let me know if the chosen components this looks alright. Thanks a tonne guys! Edit: Spelling
  19. Yes true but like it says this only applies if you put two disks of different sizes into a RAID 0 setup - because of the way it works (splits the data into two and puts one half into one drive and other half into the other drive) the maximum size of the array must be the size of the smallest drive in the array. In this case the OP is thinking of getting drives of the same size so this wont apply.
  20. I thought that was only for RAID 1. Raid 0 has no overhead according to OCC's RAID Guide
  21. OCC's Recommended Power Supply List is a good place to start looking (It might be a bit outdated in some parts though - but still good overall) What is your budget for a PSU? Money spent on getting a good PSU is money well spent. Don't try to cut too many costs here as the PSU is the most important part of your computer. Getting a bad one can decrease the life time of all of your other expensive components it powers.
  22. Not for me Eventually found it on the Australian website though only through google (2nd page) - not able to get to it by searching the site itself which probably means its discontinued. EDIT: The Thermaltake LitePower 700W PSU doesn't seem to have good efficiency levels (claims to have a min of 70%) so might be better to stay away from it.
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