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  1. Fair enough. If you buy that card you wont have to upgrade for a few years. Your CPU *might* become a bottle neck but its not too likely. None the less if you get a higher end CPU in the near future, like the Phenom II, you wont have anything to worry about. Question: What is your current screen size and native resolution?
  2. I wouldn't have any problems going for it with that price. What was the original price he got it for? A 6950 2GB is an awesome card! Almost top of the range. Btw I'm not quite sure what you are asking when you said: Elaborate a bit as to what you mean?
  3. Good to hear that you been reading up on things - here's a few good sources on PSUs if you and to read some more: Everything You Need to Know About Power Supplies and A Detailed Look Into PSUs Yeah that PSU is not too bad - it does have its cons though according to this review but overall look decent. How much they want for it?
  4. Getting a good PSU is important so make sure you find one which has good voltage regulation and build quality otherwise it might reduce the life of all your computer components plugged into it. This means you might have to pay a bit more for a decent PSU but it will be worth it. OCC's Recommended Power Supply List is a good place to start looking for decent PSUs. There are more good PSUs out there then what we have on that list but make sure you check for reviews on it to be sure. I would probably look for a PSU in the 550-650W range - gives you room to upgrade in the future.
  5. The X79 chipset itself doesn't support SRT according to the all knowing utterly reliable source we know as wiki. So it's not ASUS's fault - at least they have a solution of their own!
  6. What worries me is that I'm studying electrical/electronic engineering at uni and the first thing my lecturer said was: "Until you get shocked with 230V, you're not an electrical engineer" - Guess I'll have to work on that one.
  7. The first thing I would check is that the power supply is plugged in properly to every component. It sounds like your PSU is turning off due to some short circuit protection Make sure you haven't confused the PCI-E 6-pin + 8(6+2)-pin connectors with the 8(4+4)-pin ATX12V/EPS12V CPU power connector (Check your PSU manual for how they look). If you plugged those cables in the wrong place you will have your +12 volt rail shorted to ground which would cause your PSU to shut down immediated due to short circuit protection. Quoting the PSU manual: "Sometimes the PSU will “latch” into a protected state. You will need to power off the PSU and clear the fault before it will function again." - Page 2 under "System Protection" sub-heading. Hope you get this working for Christmas! EDIT: Tidied up the text
  8. Question: Has the firmware for TRIM support in a RAID 0 been released?
  9. Cool mate great to hear it worked out for you. Hope you enjoy your Christmas!
  10. Haha same I beat him on the 4th try too with 1 HP left I didn't realize you can run past monsters to the other rooms until the 4th try too. Gave my feedback - hopefully you find it useful
  11. ^^ Now that is just strange! As far as I can tell, I see no reason for the right CPU to have that much of a price increased - they are the same chip.
  12. Hi mate and welcome to OCC The world of computer building can seem a bit confusing at times, especially with how fast technology is changing these days, but it's not too bad once you understand the basics. Just a few questions: - What PSU do you have? - this will be a deciding factor as to how powerful your system can be and what graphics card you can get. - Where are you planning on buying your stuff from? Any websites? - this helps us know what prices you are looking at. - Do you have a 64 bit Operating System? Cheers!
  13. See Wiki article for comparison of features.
  14. I'll be going to church and celebrating the birth of Jesus with my friends and family! Can't wait
  15. Alexandre

    Hi y'all!

    Welcome to OCC mate! Hope you do enjoy yourself here. Just curious as to what is the specs on your rig might be?
  16. Yeah waiting till mid Jan will probably be a wise idea when all the new hardware like ivy bridge will most likely be launched. As for the nVidea vs. AMD - both provide great graphics performance so it would be wise to give both sides a good hearing. Go for which one gives best performances for your needs at the price point you are willing to spend - try not to let bias affect your answer too much.
  17. Thanks for the reply. For Windows 7 I would probably stick to Home Premium or Professional (ultimate is not really worth it). I've seen a few good deals for Windows 7 on gumtree going for about $100. You can also get it for around that price point if you are a full time tertiary student at It's Not Cheating (look at the bottom right hand corner). For 270 bucks you can get a 2GB 6950 from MSY which is a sweet graphics card. When do you need to have this computer finished? It might be worth waiting for the 22nd to see what AMD has got lined up in the 7xxx series but it's up to you. As for RAM you can get decent 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 memory for about $52 at MSY so you can save a bit of money there.
  18. Hello my friend and welcome to OCC! Good to see another Aussie join up! So far your build is looking good and with $1000-1500 to spend you can get a pretty decent computer. A 2500K is a fine choice for a CPU. Yes the Z68 is the chipset of choice and I would probably stick to the brands you mentioned - but that is a personal choice given my experience with these manufacturers. Don't be scared of checking out ASRock and MSI too. A few questions: 1) Where are you planning on buying your parts from? (Any websites you can point us to?) 2) What are the prices for your current component choices? 3) Have you got an operating system? 4) Are you planning on overclocking? The PSU wattage looks like it's in the right place and that PSU is excellent at what it does. EDIT: While the PSU you have is awesome, if you want to check out other PSUs you can purchase, see OCC's Recommended Power Supply List for a good range of PSUs which have proven to be reliable.
  19. Yeah it's a good idea to wait especially since the 7xxx AMD graphics card series is coming out soon (paper launch 22 Dec (this Thursday!) and full launch in Jan 2012 for the high end cards - lower end cards will surely follow soon after). While what you have is pretty decent, if you are looking for an upgrade - save up and get yourself some new tech and you'll be laughing
  20. Thanks for your suggestion DrDeath - I will look into a Bulldozer system but scanning the prices it doesn't look like 'll be able to get a system that cheap here in Australia. Unfortunately we don't have newegg nor it's prices here
  21. Are you sure the other graphics card that you tried works properly? Because if it does and you still have no signal, then it probably means the culprit is most likely your motherboard or your PSU. EDIT: Added PSU as a possibility. Do you have another PSU you can use to test your computer?
  22. Nope as in it's not worth it? If so, why not? @OP What's your upgrade budget like?
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