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  1. Offensive =/= immoral btw So far I have claimed that stealing is immoral - which implicitly assumes that morals are objective. To clarify however I don't believe every moral code is object (ie definition of modesty would fall into the category of a subjective moral) but my belief is that there are objective morals (like stealing) which apply to all people under the same set of circumstances, at all times and in all locations. You have given a few examples of different moral codes across different cultures/times but that still isn't evidence to suggest that morals are merely subjective (based only on opinion). Just because there is a disagreement doesn't mean there is no right answer. Anyway I'll give my reasoning tomorrow when I can.
  2. Ah but it is irrelevent whether I can show you that it is not mere opinion because then we will still have no good reason to suggest either is the case. You still made a claim that needs evidence/reasons to believe just as much as I do for my implicit claim that morality is object which I made when I said "Stealing is immoral". I'll be happy to give reasons as to why I think morality is objective but not tonight (its almost 2:00 am here in Australia) - talk to you tomorrow.
  3. Hi mate and welcome to OCC. Download BlueScreenView and find out which file is actually causing the problem. Google the file name to see if anyone else has the problem. It is most likely a driver issue. My friend had a similar problem with his SSD at one point where the Marvell driver controlling a few of his SATA 3 ports wasn't functioning properly. All it took was to roll back his SATA driver to fix it although I don't know if this will be the issue for you.
  4. Lol Nyte - with all your upgrades you can start your own Christmas Contest next year
  5. Hmm I might have to look up with A Song Of Ice and Fire series....
  6. The 5870 is better than the 6870 and the 560ti + cheaper....it's a no brainer to me lol
  7. I can use the same argument in reverse. EDIT: The only reason I ask you these questions is because you said you believe morals are mere opinion and so my argument is invalid but if there is no sufficient reason to believe it's mere opinion then my argument stands.
  8. AWESOME - although putting out this trailer a year in advanced is a bit trollish....
  9. A 5870 will outperform a 560ti without overclocking my friend - it's still a good card. I think the 5850 is probably a bit better than/almost on par with the 560ti When you planning on getting this build done? The new 7XXX series has a paper launch tomorrow and an actual launch on the 9th of Jan 2012 - so it might cause prices to go down on the cards you are looking at. EDIT: Here you go Stonerboy: Phenom II X2 550 @ 3.6Ghz CM V8 Msi DKA790GX Platinum 4GB Corsair XMS2 [email protected] XFX GTX260 Core Edition+Modded Battle Axe VGA cooler WD Caviar Black 1TB Corsair CX400 CM HAF922 LG W2253TQ Windows 7 Pro 64Bit/XP home SP2 32Bit
  10. Sorry if my premise form argument put you off lol. I am actually treating this like a casual chat among friends. I honestly want to hear what you guys think and why you think it Well you just basically repeated your claim again and said "morality is mere opinion" in different words I hope you can see that it doesn't follow that there is no correct answer from your observations before. Do you have any other reasons why you believe it's mere opinion?
  11. You bring up 2 good points. Firstly coming up with "justifications" for you action doesn't necessarily mean that they actually justify you in reality. They may seem like good reasons for you but most of the time they are insufficient. For example and getting back on the topic at hand: someone might think that wanting to "test-drive" a game is a sufficient enough justification for pirating but this doesn't mean it's really a good reason in the end. They could be wrong and I believe they are wrong due to the argument I gave prior. The second point you made I will put in question form: Who ultimately gets to decide whether your justifications are adequate? EDIT: Removed a line
  12. Ok so people have different opinions about what it means to be moral - but does it then follow that they are merely opinions (your claim) - that there is no correct answer?
  13. You mean the CPU power connector? The power supply would still run fine even with that connector not plugged in so it cannot be an unplugged 4/8 pin connector. @OP How did it go? Did you get it working? If you still have a problem then have you checked whether the motherboard is shorting out with the case? Make sure you put the metal spacers between the motherboard and the side of the case before you screwed the motherboard on.
  14. Ok so your claim is that morals are nothing more than opinions. What reasons do you have for believing this?
  15. Been watching this thread for a while now and I like the discussion happening. Good to keep sharpening our moral compass by talking about these issues. However one thing I have noticed is the lack of precision in people's arguments - we jump all over the place from one argument to another and not really getting anywhere fast. So I want to offer you my thoughts and provide a simple argument which we can analyse and discuss. Here is my argument in premise form: 1) Stealing is taking someone else's property without their permission. 2) Stealing is immoral. 3) Software is the property of the people who produced it. 4) Pirating is the act of downloading/taking software without the permission of the owners. 5) Therefore every act of pirating is stealing. 6) Therefore piracy is immoral. Comment: I am ignoring laws set by the government and premise 4 is what I believe to be the definition of pirating. If you are downloading with the permission of owners then you are not pirating by definition. If the above argument holds (which I believe it does) then we have the following corollary: - Whether you like the terms of agreement for purchase/acquisition of property is irrelevant (ie if you think price is too high, the people selling a greedy capitalists etc). Taking it without the owner's permission is still stealing. It is not your property and you need permission - if you don't like the terms then you don't have a claim on it and therefore cannot take it morally. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few comments/responses based on the justifications provided in favour of pirating in this thread: a) If you own a product and you lost a disk or something similar, you will only be able to download that disk if it is allowable by the purchase agreement. Otherwise you do not have the permission of the owners and thus acting immorally. b) If the owners do not provide a demo to trial the game, then obtaining it behind their backs in order to trial it is still by definition stealing because you do not have permission. Whether you buy the game later or not is irrelevant because act of immorality lies in the prior method of acquisition for trialing not in the purchasing. c) Appealing to the fact that a person who condemns piracy (or any form of immorality) is himself immoral in some other cases is really the logical fallacy known as an ad hominem . You are attacking the person rather than the argument - it's simply illogical and useless for discussion as it doesn't bear any relevance to the question of whether piracy is moral or not. If you think the given argument and/or my thoughts afterwards are invalid please provide reasons as to why you believe they are invalid - I'll be happy to discuss it Thanks for taking the time out to read guys! I hope this will spark some more fruitful discussion
  16. Interesting to know! The only reason I would get a 120+ Hz screen/tv would be if I were needing to use 3D shutter glasses - which cut the viewed refresh rate in half (half the frames for one eye, the other half for the other eye). Otherwise I would leave it at 60Hz (Motion Flow/Clear Motion off)
  17. Na don't go for my PSU. I have had it for about 1.5 years now and it's already making strange noises. I bought it before I read up on PSUs and began to understand their importance - like a relic from my more ignorant years. The one you were looking at is better. If they are the same price then get the one with more VRAM (ie the 2GB version). It gives you an extra 1GB free.
  18. Open an application that you regularly use, click Ctr + Shift + Esc and check "Physical Memory Usage" under the "Performance" tab - assuming you are running windows that is. Check your other common applications too.
  19. The CM 690 II Advanced is an awesome case as well - if you can get then go for it.
  20. Ok assuming you will get that PSU for about $100 that gives you $100 to play around with for a case. Given this, I will highly recommend the case I have, which is the LianLi Lancool K62 case great size, completely tool-less, good cable management, air filters, and plenty of fans. I don't know whether you have any in stock - it's sometimes hard to find but if it's there and not over $100 then I would go for it.
  21. Why the hate for wireless? We have and plenty of my friends & family have had a good and fast systems for a few years now. It's still a valid option IMO.
  22. Ok so your screen resolution will probably be a bit lower - CPU does have a bigger impact at lower screen resolutions but I do not think it will be by much. The question of whether your CPU will be bottlenecking the graphics is a bit out of my league here so I'll let someone more knowledgeable give you are more definitive answer. "Fans not included" - seriously? They didn't give you at least one fan? You're right - cooling is pretty important to keep your computer running well over the years. How much you looking to spend on a case? Check out OCC's Recommended Case List for a good bunch of cases at most price points. EDIT: Added comment on screen resolution.
  23. One thing that is interesting is that high current shocks have a lower chance of killing you than that of shocks from 0.5-1A because they stop your heart completely (generally the heart is where an electric current usually passes through and this is the most common cause of death). Now you might be wondering why that is a good thing? If you heart stops completely your brain can adjust to restart the heart easily enough but when you have a lower current shock - it's not sufficient enough to stop their heart completely but rather just cause it to spasm out of control. And your brain can't really do much about that. This is why when you have a shock and get a heart attack as a result, the doctors zap you with a LARGER shock to resuscitate you. [/random-info-for-the-day]
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